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1Corporate Social Responsibility in India. Trends, Issues and...Sateesh Gouda M2017-02Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – the commitment of ...ISBN-13:3960671075
2Corporate Social Opportunity!David Grayson2017-12-04Don't be misled by the word social in the title. This is a b...ISBN-13:1351280864
3Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Ethical ...Donnalyn Pompper2017-11-20This book offers practical advice for building organizations...ISBN-13:9781787145863
4Management Culture and Corporate Social ResponsibilityPranas Žukauskas2018-04-18This monograph focuses on the level of management culture de...ISBN-13:178923008X
5Corporate Social Responsibility and Safety and Health at Wor...2004OCLC:1111235507
6Implementing Effective Corporate Social Responsibility and C...Rob Peddle2004Provides in-depth guidance and best practice on the applicat...ISBN-13:0580439542
7Corporate Social ResponsibilitySubhabrata Bobby Banerjee2009-01-01This book has many merits. It will make fascinating reading ...ISBN-13:184720855X
8Legal Regulation of Corporate Social ResponsibilityMia Mahmudur Rahim2013-11-27Even though Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become...ISBN-13:3642404006
9Theory and Practice of Corporate Social ResponsibilitySamuel O Idowu2011-01-06Modern businesses and organizations understand that corporat...ISBN-13:9783642164613
10Corporate Social Responsibility in AsiaKyoko Fukukawa2009-10-29This book examines the theory and practice of Corporate Soci...ISBN-13:1135192669
11Sustainability, Stakeholder Governance, and Corporate Social...Sinziana Dorobantu2018-08-10The chapters in this volume cover a wide range of theoretica...ISBN-13:1787563162
12Business Ethics and Social Responsibility' 2007 Ed.2007ISBN-13:9789712348662
13Investor Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility ReportingJane Thostrup Jagd2014-08-27Reporting organizations' corporate social responsibility act...ISBN-13:1317743547
14The 2020 WorkplaceJeanne C. Meister2010-05-11From well-respected human resources and corporate training e...ISBN-13:0061992356
15Learning about Corporate Social ResponsibilityJacqueline Cramer2003ISBN-13:9781586033644
16Corporate Social Responsibility in the Construction Industry...Michael Murray2013-01-11The construction process, right through from planning and de...ISBN-13:1134232993
17Corporate Social Responsibility and the Welfare StateMs Jeanette Brejning2013-01-28Over the past four decades many European welfare states have...ISBN-13:1409495019
18Strategic Corporate Social ResponsibilityDebbie Haski-Leventhal2018-03-12With the changing expectations of consumers, employees and r...ISBN-13:1526448351
19Corporate Social Responsibility and SustainabilityGabriel Eweje2014-09-15There is growing interest regarding the sustainability of co...ISBN-13:1784411515
20The End of Corporate Social ResponsibilityPeter Fleming2012-12-14Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here Pr...ISBN-13:1446290115
21Board Directors and Corporate Social ResponsibilityS. Boubaker2012-11-14This volume introduces readers to recent developments in the...ISBN-13:0230389309
22Corporate Social ResponsibilityJerry W. Anderson1989-01-01This volume, intended for corporate managers and communicato...ISBN-13:0899302726
23International Corporate Social ResponsibilityRamon Mullerat2010-01-01"At present, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for some ...ISBN-13:9041125906
24Corporate Social Responsibility in the 21st CenturyBryan Horrigan2010-01-01As corporate states join the universe of nation states, the ...ISBN-13:184980527X
25A Handbook of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility...Professor Güler Aras2012-08-28Written by experts from all over the world, A Handbook of Co...ISBN-13:1409459918
26Perception of scientific knowledge in social workAnna Žilová2014-11-04ISBN-13:8867806645
27Corporate Social ResponsibilityMark S. Schwartz2011-03-22The term corporate social responsibility (CSR) is often used...ISBN-13:9781770481084
28Corporate Social Responsibility Overload? Intention, Abuse, ...Thomas Demmerling2014-02More recent incidents and scandals such as Sweatshops by dif...ISBN-13:3954892235
29The ICCA Handbook on Corporate Social ResponsibilityJudith Hennigfeld2006-10-02The world's leading companies have realized that success in ...ISBN-13:0470057874
30Corporate Social Responsibility Across EuropeAndré Habisch2004-10-25Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an increasi...ISBN-13:9783540232513
31Managing Corporate Social ResponsibilityW. Timothy Coombs2011-09-07Managing Corporate Social Responsibility offers a strategic,...ISBN-13:1118106660
32Spirituality and Corporate Social ResponsibilityDavid Bubna-Litic2012-08-28Religion and spirituality have often been treated with a sec...ISBN-13:1409459993
33Corporate Social ResponsibilityOliver F. Williams2013-11-26Over the last 30 years, corporate social responsibility (CSR...ISBN-13:1135011575
34Corporate Social Responsibility Partners for ProgressOECD2001-10-10This book provides a comprehensive overview of Corporate Soc...ISBN-13:9264194851
35Humanitarian Work PsychologyS. C Carr2012-04-11Contextualizing Humanitarian work in history, justice, metho...ISBN-13:1137015225
36Corporate Social Responsibility in EuropeSamuel O. Idowu2015-02-12This book explores the current state of Corporate Social Res...ISBN-13:331913566X
37The A to Z of Corporate Social ResponsibilityWayne Visser2009-08-27This is the world’s first complete reference on CSR, compi...ISBN-13:9780470687536
38Global Perspectives of Occupational Social WorkPaul Maiden2013-04-03Explore the history and practice of social work around the w...ISBN-13:1136395873
39Corporate Social Responsibility and the StateJane Lister2011-05-23Public concern about worsening global environmental and soci...ISBN-13:0774820357
40Corporate Social ResponsibilityDavid Chandler2014-11-15The goal of this project is to detail the core, defining pri...ISBN-13:1606499157

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