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1Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals1998PSU:000068751647
2Meaningful TextsGeoff Barnbrook2006-11-01This book reflects the growing influence of corpus linguisti...ISBN-13:9780826491817
3Patterns in Language and LinguisticsBeatrix Busse2019-12-16Despite its importance for language and cognition, the theor...ISBN-13:3110596652
4Lexical Bundles in Native and Non-native Scientific WritingDanica Salazar2014-11-15This book presents an investigation of lexical bundles in na...ISBN-13:9027269521
5Managing FinanceGeoffrey Grant Meredith1998A rework of Geoffrey Meredith's very successful Accounting a...ISBN-13:9780074705094
6Fragile HeritageJ. David Lewis-Williams1998-01-01Designed as a handy fieldguide for rock art enthusiasts, thi...ISBN-13:9781868143320
7Managing FinanceGeoffrey Grant Meredith1998A rework of Geoffrey Meredith's very successful Accounting a...ISBN-13:9780074705094
8Dinosaur WorldGeoffrey T. Williams1985In this, the first volume in the Dinosaur World Series, Mary...ISBN-13:9780977138104
9Children's Books in Print, 1998: Awards, authors, illustrato...1997ISBN-13:9780835239530
10In Other WordsBarbara Williams1998-01-01Sixteen of Australia's foremost poets are featured in this v...ISBN-13:9789042002777
11What are Universities For?Geoffrey J. Williams1998OCLC:1114825296
12Library Update1990UIUC:30112065624774
13The Legacy of William Carlos WilliamsIan D. Copestake2007These essays collectively examine the reasons for Williams' ...STANFORD:36105123321411
14Two Centuries of Railway SignallingGeoffrey Kichenside2016-09-22ISBN-13:9780860936725
15America, History and LifeEric H. Boehm1999Provides historical coverage of the United States and Canada...UOM:39015065458252
16Self-Determination Theory in the ClinicKennon M. Sheldon2008-10-01Self-determination theory is grounded in the belief that peo...ISBN-13:9780300128666
17International Who's Who in Popular Music 2008Routledge2008ISBN-13:9781857434545
18MelodramaJohn Mercer2013-09-06Melodrama: Genre, Style and Sensibility is designed as an ac...ISBN-13:0231503067
19Responding to Environmental Conflicts: Implications for Theo...Eileen Petzold-Bradley2012-12-06A comprehensive tour d'horizon of the debate on the environm...ISBN-13:9401003955
20Who's who in AustraliaLeanne Sullivan2009A biographic reference to notable people in Australia. Entra...STANFORD:36105132409405
21The Writer's Directory, 1998-2000Miranda H. Ferrara1995Information on more than 17,500 living authors from English ...ISBN-13:9781558623286
22PhraseologySylviane Granger2008Long regarded as a peripheral issue, phraseology is now taki...ISBN-13:9789027232465
23Shirley WilliamsMark Peel2013-09-17For fifty years Shirley Williams has been one of Britain's b...ISBN-13:1849546479
24Hegel's Ethics of RecognitionRobert R. Williams1998-02-10In this significant contribution to Hegel scholarship, Rober...ISBN-13:9780520925533
25Losing an Empire and Finding a RoleK. Stoddart2012-04-11This book sheds fresh light on developments in British nucle...ISBN-13:0230369251
26Anglicanism: A Very Short IntroductionMark Chapman2006-06-22What is Anglicanism? How is it different from other forms of...ISBN-13:0191578193
27Who's who in AustraliaSuzannah Pearce2007ISBN-13:9781740951302
28Popper, Objectivity and the Growth of KnowledgeJohn H. Sceski2007-02-21John H. Sceski argues that Karl Popper's philosophy offers a...ISBN-13:1441144374
29International Who's Who in Popular Music 2009Routledge2009-03The International Who's Who in Popular Music 2009provides bi...ISBN-13:9781857435146
30The Biopsychosocial ApproachRichard M. Frankel2003The biopsychosocial perspective involves an appreciation tha...ISBN-13:9781580461023
31Mathematical Reviews2002UVA:X006180723
32Forthcoming BooksRose Arny1999UOM:39015046789072
33New Religions in Global PerspectivePeter B. Clarke2004-06-01Peter B. Clarke’s in-depth account explores the innovative...ISBN-13:113451705X
34On Global JusticeMathias Risse2012-09-16Debates about global justice have traditionally fallen into ...ISBN-13:1400845505
35Lost in Dinosaur WorldGeoffrey T. Williams1987Timothy McDunn learns about dinosaurs when he and his family...ISBN-13:9780843118780
36Murder and the Reasonable ManCynthia Lee2007-10-01A man murders his wife after she has admitted her infidelity...ISBN-13:0814765149
37Architectural Publications Index1999UOM:39015048146719
38C. S. Lewis and a Problem of EvilJerry Root2009-01-01C. S. Lewis was concerned about an aspect of the problem of ...ISBN-13:1630878391
39The Big Fat SurpriseNina Teicholz2014-05-13A New York Times bestseller Named one of The Economist’s B...ISBN-13:1451624441
40Plastics AdditivesG. Pritchard2012-12-06Although plastics are extremely successful commercially, the...ISBN-13:9401158622
1Fragile heritage : a rock art field guideLewis-Williams, J. David1998Fragile heritage : a rock art field guide
2Halleluja! Sjung om Jesus [Musiktryck] : SvPs/PoS 15Prichard, Rowland Hugh1994Halleluja! Sjung om Jesus [Musiktryck] : SvPs/PoS 15
3Washed away : how the great llood of 1913, America's most wi...Williams, GeoffreyWashed away : how the great llood of 1913, America's most wi...
4Ronald Johnson's modernist collage poetry [Elektronisk resur...Hair, Ross.Ronald Johnson's modernist collage poetry [Elektronisk resur...
5The economics of recession [Elektronisk resurs]The economics of recession [Elektronisk resurs]
6Procedure and private international law [Elektronisk resurs]...2017Procedure and private international law [Elektronisk resurs]...

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