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1Vetenskapsteori för nybörjareTorsten Thurén2007ISBN-13:9789147086511
2Corporate Social Responsibility in India. Trends, Issues and...Sateesh Gouda M2017-02Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – the commitment of ...ISBN-13:3960671075
3Women and Agriculture - A case study of a rural village in M...Martin Schwartz2007-04-02Bachelor Thesis from the year 2006 in the subject African St...ISBN-13:3638617734
4Metod för digitalt omdefinierat lärandeAnders SkanetofthDen tekniska utvecklingen i allmänhet och teknifieringen av...ISBN-13:9792930000
5Medicinsk Motbok2009ISBN-13:9163314185
6Arkeologiska texterPer Cornell1998UOM:39015058152151
7Eolus & HerakleitosLars Ekstrand1993-01-01Filosofiske funderinger over postmodernismenISBN-13:9789173746168
8Automated Solution of Differential Equations by the Finite E...Anders Logg2012-02-24This book is a tutorial written by researchers and developer...ISBN-13:3642230997
9How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing CarsTony Pashley2008-07-15This book takes the reader from the conception of a budget r...ISBN-13:1845841239
10The Book of the Mazda MX-5 MiataBrian Long2015-04-15Researched and written in Japan, with the full co-operation ...ISBN-13:9781845847784
11Ship-Shaped Offshore InstallationsJeom Kee Paik2007-01-15Ship-shaped offshore units are some of the more economical s...ISBN-13:1139462482
12An Introduction to the Sun and StarsSimon F. Green2004-02-26Compiled by a team of experts, this textbook has been design...ISBN-13:9780521546225
13Complete Biology for Cambridge Secondary 1 Student BookPam Large2013-08-08Making the leap to Cambridge IGCSE can be a challenge - this...ISBN-13:9780198390213
14The Real Numbers and Real AnalysisEthan D. Bloch2011-05-27This rigorous, detailed introduction to real analysis presen...ISBN-13:0387721762
15Applied Thematic AnalysisGreg Guest2011-11-09This book provides step-by-step instructions on how to analy...ISBN-13:1412971675
16The Mathematical Coloring BookAlexander Soifer2008-10-13This book provides an exciting history of the discovery of R...ISBN-13:0387746420
17A History of AerodynamicsJohn David Anderson1998From the Foreword: 'John Anderson's book represents a milest...ISBN-13:9780521669559
18The Illustrated History of Natural DisastersJan Kozák2010-03-14This book tells the story of the Earth itself, explaining th...ISBN-13:9789048133253
19What Makes Biology Unique?Ernst Mayr2007-04-16This book, a collection of essays written by the most eminen...ISBN-13:9780521700344
2018 Unconventional Essays on the Nature of MathematicsReuben Hersh2006-01-16Collection of the most interesting recent writings on the ph...ISBN-13:0387298312
21Experimental Design and Data Analysis for BiologistsGerry P. Quinn2002-03-21Regression, analysis of variance, correlation, graphical.ISBN-13:9780521009768
22IB English A Literature Course BookHannah Tyson2012-08-16Packed full of support straight from the IB, this comprehens...ISBN-13:9780198390084
23Handbook of Capture-Recapture AnalysisSteven C. Amstrup2010-12-16Every day, biologists in parkas, raincoats, and rubber boots...ISBN-13:1400837715
24Remote Sensing of Forest EnvironmentsMichael Wulder2003-04-30Successful remote sensing methods and applications are roote...ISBN-13:9781402074059
25Bok og samfunn1994MINN:31951P00332472P
26A Course in Modern Mathematical PhysicsPeter Szekeres2004-12-16This book provides an introduction to the mathematics of mod...ISBN-13:9780521829601
27The Diatom WorldJoseph Seckbach2011-07-23Diatom biology, genomics and ecology are becoming more relev...ISBN-13:9789400713277
28The Kingdom of FungiJens H. Petersen2013-04-21ISBN-13:1400846870
29Information and the Internal Structure of the UniverseTom Stonier2012-12-06Not so if the book has been translated into Arabic. Now the ...ISBN-13:1447132653
30Seabed Fluid FlowAlan Judd2009-06-18Seabed fluid flow involves the flow of gases and liquids thr...ISBN-13:1139461605
31Understanding Markov ChainsNicolas Privault2013-08-13This book provides an undergraduate introduction to discrete...ISBN-13:9814451517
32Geochemical and Biogeochemical Reaction ModelingCraig M. Bethke2007-12-06This book provides a comprehensive overview of reaction proc...ISBN-13:1139468324
33Making Sense of Factor AnalysisMarjorie A. Pett2003-03-21Making Sense of Factor Analysis: The Use of Factor Analysis ...ISBN-13:0761919503
34Birds of East AfricaTerry Stevenson2004-12-01This is the first comprehensive field guide dealing exclusiv...ISBN-13:0713673478
35Stochastic OrdersMoshe Shaked2007-04-03This reference text presents comprehensive coverage of the v...ISBN-13:0387346759
36The Science of the MindErnest Holmes2007-06-01ISBN-13:1602066868
37The New Quantum UniverseAnthony J. G. Hey2003-10-23Introduction to quantum physics for the general reader.ISBN-13:9780521564571
38Solving Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations with Maple ...Inna Shingareva2011-07-24The emphasis of the book is given in how to construct differ...ISBN-13:370910517X
39Data-Driven Modeling & Scientific ComputationJ. Nathan Kutz2013-08-08Combining scientific computing methods and algorithms with m...ISBN-13:0199660336
40From Calculus to ChaosDavid Acheson1997What is calculus really for? This book is a highly readable ...ISBN-13:9780198500773
1Vetenskapsteori för nybörjareThurén, Torsten, 1937-1991Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare
2Vetenskapsteori för nybörjareThurén, Torsten, 1937-1996Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare
3Vetenskapsteori för nybörjareThurén, Torsten, 1937-2007Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare
4Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Elektronisk resurs]Thurén, Torsten2008Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Elektronisk resurs]
5Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Elektronisk resurs]Thurén, Torsten2003Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Elektronisk resurs]
6Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Elektronisk resurs]Thurén, Torsten2014Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Elektronisk resurs]
7Kulturstudier : nyckelbegrepp för nybörjareBerger, Arthur Asa, 1933-1999Kulturstudier : nyckelbegrepp för nybörjare
8Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Ljudupptagning]Thurén, Torsten, 1937-2004Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Ljudupptagning]
9Kulturstudier [Ljudupptagning] : nyckelbegrepp för nybörja...Berger, Arthur Asa2001Kulturstudier [Ljudupptagning] : nyckelbegrepp för nybörja...
10Logik, vetenskapsteori, argumentationsanalys [Ljudupptagning...Marc-Wogau, Konrad2004Logik, vetenskapsteori, argumentationsanalys [Ljudupptagning...
11Fallstudier [Elektronisk resurs] : design och genomförandeYin, Robert K.2008Fallstudier [Elektronisk resurs] : design och genomförande
12Statistikens bilder [Ljudupptagning] : att skapa diagram2007Statistikens bilder [Ljudupptagning] : att skapa diagram
13Videnskabsteori for begyndereThurén, Torsten, 1937-1992Videnskabsteori for begyndere
14Videnskabsteori for begyndereThurén, Torsten, 1937-1999Videnskabsteori for begyndere
15Vitenskapsteori for nybegynnereThurén, Torsten, 1937-cop. 1993Vitenskapsteori for nybegynnere
16Vitenskapsteori for nybegynnereThurén, Torsten, 1937-2009Vitenskapsteori for nybegynnere
17Videnskabsteori for begyndereThurén, Torsten, 1937-2002Videnskabsteori for begyndere
1Idéhistorikern som nybörjare?Dahlberg, Helena, 1980-,Idéhistorikern som nybörjare?
2Idéhistorikern som nybörjare? I skuggan av samtiden : en v...Kärnfelt, Johan, 1963-,2006Idéhistorikern som nybörjare? I skuggan av samtiden : en v...

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