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1Vetenskapsteori för nybörjareTorsten Thurén2007ISBN-13:9789147086511
2Women and Agriculture - A case study of a rural village in M...Martin Schwartz2007-04-02This bachelor thesis is based on a field study performed in ...ISBN-13:3638617734
3Metod för digitalt omdefinierat lärandeAnders SkanetofthDen tekniska utvecklingen i allmänhet och teknifieringen av...ISBN-13:9792930000
4Medicinsk MotbokUlf Brånell2009ISBN-13:9789163314186
5A Very Short Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book Ab...Brad Jackson2011-05-12The first edition of this popular and acclaimed book quickly...ISBN-13:1446259943
6Arkeologiska texterPer Cornell1998UOM:39015058152151
7InterViewsSteinar Kvale2009Provides students and professionals in a wide variety of dis...ISBN-13:0761925422
8Eolus & HerakleitosLars Ekstrand1993-01-01Filosofiske funderinger over postmodernismenISBN-13:9789173746168
9Book of DataHendrina Ellis1985OCLC:233671925
10Smart ChoicesJohn Hammond2015-07-21Where should I live? Is it time to get a new job? Which job ...ISBN-13:1633691055
11Thinking about developmentBjörn Hettne2009-09-15This book is a concise and accessible introduction to develo...ISBN-13:9781848132467
12Image on the EdgeMichael Camille1992What do they all mean – the lascivious ape, autophagic dra...ISBN-13:9780948462283
13Common Swedish VerbsDavid Hensleigh2001ISBN-13:9789197422000
14Social and Cultural Anthropology: A Very Short IntroductionJohn Monaghan2000-02-24If you want to know what anthropology is, look at what anthr...ISBN-13:0191578290
15Video Production HandbookGerald Millerson2012-11-12Techniques matter! Great ideas don't automatically translate...ISBN-13:1136045538
16Essential Guide to Marketing PlanningMarian Burk Wood2007This book provides practical guidance in how to research, pr...ISBN-13:9780273713234
17Perception and ImagingRichard D. Zakia2013When you look at an image, what do you see and feel? What do...ISBN-13:0240824539
18After KinshipJanet Carsten2004What is the impact on anthropology of recent studies of repr...ISBN-13:9780521665704
19Linguistics for Everyone: An IntroductionKristin Denham2012-01-01LINGUISTICS FOR EVERYONE: AN INTRODUCTION, Second Edition, w...ISBN-13:1111344388
20An Introduction to Global StudiesPatricia J. Campbell2011-09-13Taking an interdisciplinary approach, An Introduction to Glo...ISBN-13:1444329588
21Fashion Brand MerchandisingGordon T. Kendall2008-11-26Fashion Brand Merchandising introduces the concepts and prac...ISBN-13:9781563675614
22An Introduction to the European Convention on Human RightsIain Cameron2002The exploration of the origins, structure and functioning of...ISBN-13:9789176785072
23Introduction to the finite element methodNiels Saabye Ottosen1992Providing a systematic approach and simple introduction ot t...UOM:39015039065399
24Understanding Sports CoachingTania Cassidy2004Successful sports coaching is as dependent on utilising good...ISBN-13:9780415307390
25Criminological TheoryJ. Robert Lilly2010-11-17Offering a rich introduction to how scholars analyze crime, ...ISBN-13:141298145X
26Case Study Research for BusinessJillian Dawes Farquhar2012-02-21Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here Th...ISBN-13:1446258769
27Essential Theory for Social Work PracticeChris Beckett2006-03-21`I can say without equivocation this text is without doubt t...ISBN-13:9781446223437
28SPSS for PsychologistsNicola Brace2006-01-01The new edition of this best-selling guide carefully leads t...ISBN-13:9780805860856
29Not for ProfitMartha Craven Nussbaum2012Argues for the importance of the liberal arts at all levels ...ISBN-13:0691154481
30English Grammar in UseRaymond Murphy2011A grammar reference and practice book for intermediate learn...ISBN-13:9783125343368
31Introduction to the Practice of StatisticsDavid S. Moore2010-11-19ISBN-13:9781429240321
32Feeling UnrealDaphne Simeon2006Depersonalization is the third most common psychiatric sympt...ISBN-13:9780195170221
33Progress Gold AEva Hedencrona2003ISBN-13:9789144030043
34Social Work in a Globalizing WorldLena Dominelli2010-12-28Written by a leading social work academic whose work is inte...ISBN-13:0745640893
35Political Theories of International RelationsDavid Boucher1998Boucher uses ideas of Western philosophy's most significant ...ISBN-13:9780198780540
36Media theories and approachesMark Balnaves2009-01-06This is a manageable introduction to all the theories and ap...ISBN-13:9780230551619
37Cultural Theory and Popular CultureJohn Storey2006In this new edition of his widely adopted Cultural Theory an...ISBN-13:0820328391
38Waging Nonviolent StruggleGene Sharp2005-01-01"Instructs how to strategically plan nonviolent action, a te...ISBN-13:9780875581620
39Essential Cell Biology, Fourth EditionBruce Alberts2013-10-15Essential Cell Biology provides a readily accessible introdu...ISBN-13:1317806271
40Designing Interactive SystemsDavid Benyon2013Designing Interactive Systems is the definitive companion to...ISBN-13:9781447920113
1Vetenskapsteori för nybörjareThurén, Torsten, 1937-1991Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare
2Vetenskapsteori för nybörjareThurén, Torsten, 1937-1996Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare
3Vetenskapsteori för nybörjareThurén, Torsten, 1937-2007Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare
4Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Elektronisk resurs]Thurén, Torsten.2008Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Elektronisk resurs]
5Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Elektronisk resurs]Thurén, Torsten.2014Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Elektronisk resurs]
6Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Elektronisk resurs]Thurén, Torsten.2003Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Elektronisk resurs]
7Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Ljudupptagning]Thurén, Torsten, 1937-2004Vetenskapsteori för nybörjare [Ljudupptagning]
8Kulturstudier : nyckelbegrepp för nybörjareBerger, Arthur Asa, 1933-1999Kulturstudier : nyckelbegrepp för nybörjare
9Kulturstudier [Ljudupptagning] : nyckelbegrepp för nybörja...Berger, Arthur Asa.2001Kulturstudier [Ljudupptagning] : nyckelbegrepp för nybörja...
10Videnskabsteori for begyndereThurén, Torsten, 1937-1992Videnskabsteori for begyndere
11Videnskabsteori for begyndereThurén, Torsten, 1937-1999Videnskabsteori for begyndere
12Vitenskapsteori for nybegynnereThurén, Torsten, 1937-cop. 1993Vitenskapsteori for nybegynnere
13Vitenskapsteori for nybegynnereThurén, Torsten, 1937-2009Vitenskapsteori for nybegynnere
14Videnskabsteori for begyndereThurén, Torsten, 1937-2002Videnskabsteori for begyndere
1Idéhistorikern som nybörjare?Kärnfelt, Johan, 1963-,2006Idéhistorikern som nybörjare?

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