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1Law and Spatial PlanningStefan Larsson2014-08-20This PhD thesis in Spatial Planning argues for the importanc...ISBN-13:9172952865
2Scandalous!Sigurd Allern2012-01-01Den journalistiske behandling af politiske skandaler i de no...ISBN-13:9789186523275
3The Terms of Political Discourse.William E. Connolly1993-09-12William Connolly presents a lucid and concise defense of the...ISBN-13:0691022232
4Pluralism at YaleRichard M. Merelman2003Pluralism at Yale: The Culture of Political Science in Ameri...ISBN-13:9780299184148
5The PrinceNiccolò Machiavelli1940CORNELL:31924032471454
6Governing the Embedded StateBengt Jacobsson2015Governing the Embedded State integrates governance theory wi...ISBN-13:0199684162
7Propaganda and Rhetoric in DemocracyGae Lyn Henderson2016-10-20The study of propaganda’s uses in modern democracy highlig...ISBN-13:0809335077
8A Journey into Women's StudiesR. Pande2014-07-22The present book is a journey of many women across the world...ISBN-13:1137395745
9the yacoubian buildingAla Aswani2004The Yacoubian Building holds all that Egypt was and has beco...ISBN-13:9789774248627
10The Jewish WritingsHannah Arendt2009-03-12Although Hannah Arendt is not primarily known as a Jewish th...ISBN-13:9780307496287
11A Grammar of Modern Indo-EuropeanCarlos Quiles2012A Grammar of Modern Indo-European is a complete reference gu...ISBN-13:1461022134
12The Disordered Police StateAndre Wakefield2009-08-01Probing the relationship between German political economy an...ISBN-13:0226870227
13Undoing PrivilegeProfessor Bob Pease2013-04-04For every group that is oppressed, another group is privileg...ISBN-13:1848139047
14The Breakdown of Class PoliticsTerry Nichols Clark2001-05-22Class and its linkage to politics became a controversial and...ISBN-13:9780801865763
15Bureaucratic DynamicsB. Dan Wood1994The authors of this volume seek to dispel two powerful "myth...UOM:39015032586623
16Recent Developments in Job AnalysisKurt Landau2017-06-26The analysis of the various components of human work is the ...ISBN-13:1351819410
17Thinking in Dark TimesRoger Berkowitz2010Hannah Arendt is one of the most important political theoris...ISBN-13:0823230759
18Human Rights in the U.N. DeclarationHelle Kanger1984UOM:39015016195318
19Matching Economic Migration with Labour Market NeedsOECD2014-09-18This publication gathers the papers presented at the “OECD...ISBN-13:9264216502
20Sveriges Offentliga Bibliotek1925Annual accession lists of foreign books received in the prin...UOM:39015076065583
21Qualitative Data AnalysisGraham Gibbs2002-01-01"A welcome step in the advance of qualitative methods, this ...ISBN-13:9780335200849
22International Migration and Ethnic RelationsMagnus Dahlstedt2015-05-22Each day, in so many aspects of daily life, we are reminded ...ISBN-13:1317655893
23Language Ideologies and Media DiscourseSally Johnson2009-12-24The study of language ideologies has become a key theme in s...ISBN-13:144118273X
24Civil service systems in comparative perspectiveJames L. Perry1996UOM:39015037337923
25Essentials of Information SystemsJonas Floden2013This book gives a condensed introduction to information syst...ISBN-13:9789144077093
26PrayerPhilip Yancey2010-04-13Explores the concept of prayer, examining what a prayer is, ...ISBN-13:0310328888
27The Oxford Handbook of Swedish PoliticsJon Pierre2016Series titles from the publisher's website.ISBN-13:0199665672
28What Did You Ask At School Today : A Handbook Of Child Learn...Kamal V. Mukunda2015-08-01'This is a beautiful work, extremely well written, almost an...ISBN-13:9351360385
29Politics on the NetsWayne Rash1997-01-01An in-depth analysis of the increasingly important role of c...ISBN-13:9780716783244
30OmdurmanJohn Meredith1990-12-31Personal accounts of a legendary battle seen through the eye...ISBN-13:0850529948
31Developing intercultural competence through education (Pesta...2014-01-01This is the third book in the Pestalozzi series. The first, ...ISBN-13:9287179344
32The Complete Infidel's Guide to ISISRobert Spencer2015-08-24A book to challenge the status quo, spark a debate, and get ...ISBN-13:1621574644
33Factual PersuasionBill Warner2011-08When you realize the true nature of Islam, you may want to p...ISBN-13:9781936659142
34Crucifixion in AntiquityGunnar Samuelsson2013Gunnar Samuelsson questions our textual basis for our knowle...ISBN-13:9783161525087
35Understanding UnderstandingHeinz von Foerster2007-05-08In these ground-breaking essays, Heinz von Foerster discusse...ISBN-13:0387217223
36Sharia Versus FreedomAndrew G. Bostom2012-11-06Author Andrew G. Bostom expands upon his two previous ground...ISBN-13:1616146672
37The Legacy of Islamic AntisemitismAndrew G. BostomISBN-13:1615920110
38Modern Islamic WarfareHarold Rhode2017-06-13Knowing that Western civilization has been for many centurie...ISBN-13:9781548095697
39Catastrophic FailureStephen Coughlin2015-05-04After the events of September 11, 2001, Stephen Coughlin was...ISBN-13:9781511617505
40International Colony Kurdistanİsmail Beşikçi2004Ismail Besikci is a renown Turkish sociologist who specializ...ISBN-13:9781903656310

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