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1Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktikIngegerd Bergbom2012ISBN-13:9789144071046
2Postoperative PainOliver Wilder-Smith2015-02-02Postoperative Pain: Science and Clinical Practice compiles t...ISBN-13:149632031X
3The Suffering Human BeingKatie Eriksson2006ISBN-13:9780977271405
4Allvarligt psykiskt störda människors vardagliga tillvaroMaria Nyström1999ISBN-13:9789173463690
5How to Do a Systematic Literature Review in NursingJosette Bettany-Saltikov2012-05-01A step-by-step guide to doing a literature review in nursing...ISBN-13:0335242286
6Enchanted ObjectsDavid Rose2015-04-28We are now standing at the precipice of the next transformat...ISBN-13:1476725640
7Traces of hopeEva Benzein1999ISBN-13:9789171917386
8En mänsklig atmosfärMaud Söderlund1998Enthält engl. Zusammenf.ISBN-13:9789155443108
9Basic Steps in Planning Nursing ResearchPamela J. Brink2001This text explores the theory, rationale, and literature beh...ISBN-13:9780763715717
10Epidemiology and Disease PreventionJohn Yarnell2013-05-23This second edition of Epidemiology and Disease Prevention s...ISBN-13:0199660530
11Quality and Safety in NursingGwen Sherwood2017-04-17Drawing on the universal values in health care, the second e...ISBN-13:1119151678
12Introduction to Health Research MethodsKathryn H. Jacobsen2016-07-29A step-by-step guide to conducting research in medicine, pub...ISBN-13:1284094383
13Second Generation QSEN, An Issue of Nursing ClinicsJane Barnsteiner2012-09-16This issue of Nursing Clinics of North America, Guest Edited...ISBN-13:1455747270
14Common Swedish VerbsDavid Hensleigh2001ISBN-13:9789197422000
15Exploring EntrepreneurshipRichard Blundel2017-10-28A detailed and critical analysis of the multiple types of en...ISBN-13:1526418576
16Rowing Without OarsUlla-Carin Lindquist2007-03-27More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming ti...ISBN-13:9781440678639
17Pediatric Oncology NursingDeborah Tomlinson2006-03-30This comprehensive clinical handbook for nurses in pediatric...ISBN-13:3540267840
18A Good Death: On The Value Of Death And DyingSandman, Lars2004-09-01·Is there such a thing as a good death? ·Should we be able...ISBN-13:0335227740
19Reflective Lifeworld ResearchKarin Dahlberg2008-01-01This book explicates a reflective lifeworld research approac...ISBN-13:9789144049250
20The Designer's Atlas of SustainabilityAnn Thorpe2007-06-20Designing for sustainability is an innovation shaping both t...ISBN-13:9781610910606
21Meanings of PainSimon van Rysewyk2017-02-07Although pain is widely recognized by clinicians and researc...ISBN-13:3319490222
22Perioperative Care of the ChildLinda Shields2009-10-23Edited by well-known and highly-regarded children’s nurse ...ISBN-13:9781444314632
23Overcoming Student Learning BottlenecksJoan Middendorf2017-12-31Decoding the Disciplines is a widely-used and proven methodo...ISBN-13:1620366673
24Interpersonal Relations In NursingHildegard E. Peplau, RN1991-06-20Originally published in 1952 by a towering figure in nursing...ISBN-13:9780826197863
25Live Better, Live LongerPhilip Selby2014-03-20The first edition of this book, entitled "A Guide to Success...ISBN-13:1456601199
26The Correlates of Loneliness Ami Rokach2016-06-27Loneliness has been described by modern psychologists as a 2...ISBN-13:1681080702
27Fieldwork, Participation and PracticeMarlene de Laine2000-12-19This timely and topical look at the role of ethics in fieldw...ISBN-13:9780761954873
28Patient Care and ProfessionalismCatherine D. DeAngelis, MD, MPH2013-07-17The chapters in Patient Care and Professionalism are ordered...ISBN-13:0199926263
29Expertise in Nursing Practice, Second EditionPatricia Benner RN, PhD, FAAN2009-03-16Named a 2013 Doody's Core Title! Nursing practice is a compl...ISBN-13:9780826187031
30NursingDorothea Elizabeth Orem1985-01NURSING: CONCEPTS OF PRACTICE presents a thorough descriptio...UOM:39015007092086
31The Brain's Sense of MovementAlain Berthoz2000This interpretation of perception and action allows Alain Be...ISBN-13:9780674009806
32MLA international bibliography : [of books and articles on t...1992Indexes critical materials on literature, languages, linguis...OCLC:1014104261
33The Tidal ModelPhilip J. Barker2005The Tidal Model represents a significant alternative to main...ISBN-13:9781583918012
34The Body Bears the BurdenRobert C. Scaer2001Measure the neurophysiological changes associated with PTSD ...ISBN-13:9780789012456
35Meaning and MethodAnders Nygren2009-05-18A distinguished Scandinavian scholar has undertaken a fresh ...ISBN-13:1606087703
36The Essential Concepts of NursingJohn R. Cutcliffe2005For the first time, leading authorities come together to off...ISBN-13:0443073724
37The Complete Recovery Room BookAnthea Hatfield2014-02-27The care that a patient receives in the first hours after su...ISBN-13:0191644145
38Grant's Anatomy Coloring BookNicole R. Herring2018-02-16Grant’s Anatomy Coloring Book uses an interactive approach...ISBN-13:1496351274
39Encyclopedic World DictionaryPatrick Hanks1971ISBN-13:9780600000075
40Health Professions EducationInstitute of Medicine2003-07-01The Institute of Medicine study Crossing the Quality Chasm (...ISBN-13:9780309133197
1Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktikVårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktik
2Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktikVårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktik
3Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktik [Elektronisk ...Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktik [Elektronisk ...
4Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktik [Elektronisk ...2012Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktik [Elektronisk ...
5Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktik2012Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktik
1Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktikWiklund Gustin, Lena, 1960-, Bergbom, Ingegerd, Gustin, Lena Wiklund 2012Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktik
2Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktikWiklund, Lena, 1960-, Bergbom, Ingegerd, 2017Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktik
3Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktikWiklund Gustin, Lena Bergbom, Ingegerd, Ekebergh, Margaretha, 2012Vårdvetenskapliga begrepp i teori och praktik

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