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1Vårdvetenskap i klinisk praxisLena Wiklund2003ISBN-13:9789127094574
2Well-being and Quality of LifeMukadder Mollaoglu2017-09-06The chapters in this book focus on the physical, social, and...ISBN-13:9535135139
3Rowing Without OarsUlla-Carin Lindquist2007-03-27More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming ti...ISBN-13:9781440678639
4As If Struck by a HurricaneMaud Söderlund2004English summary: Struck by a hurricane : relatives' experien...ISBN-13:9789517651875
5Postoperative PainOliver Wilder-Smith2015-02-02Postoperative Pain: Science and Clinical Practice compiles t...ISBN-13:149632031X
6The Suffering Human BeingKatie Eriksson2006ISBN-13:9780977271405
7Reflective Lifeworld ResearchKarin Dahlberg2008-01-01This book explicates a reflective lifeworld research approac...ISBN-13:9789144049250
8Gadamer's Hermeneutics and the Art of ConversationAndrzej Wiercinski2011Gadamer's Hermeneutics and the Art of Conversation covers th...ISBN-13:364311172X
9Doing Action Research in Your Own OrganizationDavid Coghlan2014-03-20The fourth edition of this bestselling book is packed full o...ISBN-13:1473904099
10Nursing ResearchDenise F. Polit2012"Thoroughly updated and revised to emphasize the link betwee...ISBN-13:9781451109146
11Human Growth and DevelopmentJohn Sudbery2009-12-04Social workers work with people at all stages of life, tackl...ISBN-13:113527553X
12Health PromotionJ. R. Kemm1995-11-11This book on health promotion is ideal for nurses, midwives ...ISBN-13:1349129712
13Subjectivity and TranscendenceSøren Overgaard2007-01-01"The book has its origins in a conference entitled "Subjecti...ISBN-13:9783161492600
14International Perspectives on Public Health and Palliative C...Libby Sallnow2013-07-03Public health approaches to palliative care have been growin...ISBN-13:1136631992
15Communication in NursingJulia Balzer Riley2015-12-26Immerse yourself in the topic of communication in the workpl...ISBN-13:0323354114
16Complexity, Difference and IdentityPaul Cilliers2010-06-29"Complexity" has been part of the academic discourse for a d...ISBN-13:9789048191871
17Our Necessary Shadow: The Nature and Meaning of PsychiatryTom Burns2014-06-15The first attempt in forty years to explain the full subject...ISBN-13:1605986003
18On GadamerPatricia Altenbernd Johnson2000This brief text assists students in understanding Gadamer's ...ISBN-13:9780534575984
19Movement and Action in Learning and DevelopmentIda J. Stockman2004This book presents theories and clinical practices for deali...ISBN-13:9780126718607
20Letting Everything Become Your TeacherJon Kabat-Zinn2010-06-30Yes, there actually is a way to let everything become your t...ISBN-13:9780307755629
21Higher Education PedagogiesWalker, Melanie2005-11-01This book sets out to generate new ways of reflecting ethica...ISBN-13:0335228208
22Meaning and MethodAnders Nygren2009-05-18A distinguished Scandinavian scholar has undertaken a fresh ...ISBN-13:1606087703
23The SAGE Handbook of Social GerontologyDale Dannefer2010-09-14This volume reflects the emergence of ageing as a global con...ISBN-13:1412934648
24The Psychology of AgeingIan Stuart-Hamilton2012-05-15This well-established and accessible text has been completel...ISBN-13:9780857005779
25Analysis and Evaluation of Conceptual Models of NursingJacqueline Fawcett1995Covers the development of nursing knowledge for nurses and n...UOM:39015032449582
26Caring for the SuicidalJohn Eldrid1988UVA:X001585539
27Mechanical Properties, Performance, and Failure Modes of Coa...Mechanical Failures Prevention Group. Meeting1984-08-31The use of coatings in industry is growing and will continue...ISBN-13:9780521264204
28Nursing Theorists and Their WorkMartha Raile Alligood2013-12-27The most comprehensive of its kind, Nursing Theorists and Th...ISBN-13:0323292917
29The Tidal ModelPhilip J. Barker2005The Tidal Model represents a significant alternative to main...ISBN-13:9781583918005
30Caring and uncaring encounters in nursing and health care : ...Sigríður Halldórsdóttir1996ISBN-13:9789178713479
31Nursing Research, 9th Ed. + Statistical Methods for Health C...Denise F. Polit, Ph.D.2012-05-21ISBN-13:9781469806631
32Understanding UnderstandingRichard Mason2012-02-01A study of the scope and limits of understanding. How is und...ISBN-13:0791486125
33Matrix TheoryAnders Holst2014-08-20A good understanding of matrices and their properties is a n...ISBN-13:9789144100968
34ADHD and Its Many Associated ProblemsChristopher Gillberg2014ADHD and Its Many Associated Problems is a clinical handbook...ISBN-13:9780199937905
35Multivariate Analysis of QualityHarald Martens2001-02-08Data analysis is a vital part of science today, and in asses...ISBN-13:9780471974284
36Heterosexism in Health and Social CareJ. Fish2006-10-31This interdisciplinary text develops a theory of heterosexis...ISBN-13:0230800734
37Creating a Caring Science CurriculumJean Watson, PhD, RN, HNC, FAAN2011-04-15The hallmark text for nursing faculty seeking to promote the...ISBN-13:0826105904
38Tiger's ChildTorey Hayden1995-03-06Special-education teacher Torey Hayden's first book, One Chi...ISBN-13:1439107181
39Hope in HellDan Bortolotti2004A look at the Nobel Peace Prize-winning independent medical ...ISBN-13:9781552978658
40Nursing ResearchPeggy-Anne Field1985-01-01ISBN-13:9780709910466
1Vårdvetenskap i klinisk praxisWiklund Gustin, Lena, 1960-Vårdvetenskap i klinisk praxis
2Vårdvetenskap i klinisk praxis [Ljudupptagning]Wiklund, LenaVårdvetenskap i klinisk praxis [Ljudupptagning]
3Omsorgsvidenskab i klinisk praksisWiklund Gustin, Lena, 1960-2005Omsorgsvidenskab i klinisk praksis
1Vårdvetenskap i klinisk praxisWiklund, Lena,2003Vårdvetenskap i klinisk praxis
2Omvårdnadsteori i klinisk praxisWiklund Gustin, Gunilla Lindwall, Lillemor, 1951-, Wiklund Gustin, Lena, 1960-, 2012Omvårdnadsteori i klinisk praxis
3Clinical praxis for assessment of dry weight in Sweden and D...Stenberg, Jenny, Lindberg, Magnus, Furuland, Hans, Clinical praxis for assessment of dry weight in Sweden and D...
4Development of a tool to evaluate fetal movements in full-te...Malm, Mari-Cristin Lindgren, Helena Rubertsson, Christine Hildingsson, Ingegerd Development of a tool to evaluate fetal movements in full-te...
5Några metodologiska ställningstaganden av betydelse för e...Söderlund, Maud,Några metodologiska ställningstaganden av betydelse för e...
6Riktlinjer för primär hjärt-kärlprevention efterlevs int...Perk, Joep, 1945-,Riktlinjer för primär hjärt-kärlprevention efterlevs int...
7[Ambulatory surgery in Sweden is structured and follows unif...Brattwall, Metha, 1952- Warrén Stomberg, Margareta, Jakobsson, Jan G Stomberg, MW [Ambulatory surgery in Sweden is structured and follows unif...
8Dagkirurgin i Sverige sker strukturerat och med enhetliga ru...Brattwall, Metha, 1952- Warrén Stomberg, Margareta, Jakobsson, J. Dagkirurgin i Sverige sker strukturerat och med enhetliga ru...
9Kliniska examinationer : Ett pilotprojektJohansson, Ann, 1955-,2005Kliniska examinationer : Ett pilotprojekt
10Effects of a computerized decision support system on pressur...Fossum, Mariann Alexander, Gregory Ehnfors, Margareta Ehrenberg, Anna, Effects of a computerized decision support system on pressur...
11Nya europeiska riktlinjer för kardiovaskulär preventionPerk, Joep, 1945-,Nya europeiska riktlinjer för kardiovaskulär prevention
12Reflektioner över etik och prioriteringar i vården intervj...Höglund, Anna T, 1960-,2003Reflektioner över etik och prioriteringar i vården intervj...
13Content and completeness of care plans after implementation ...Thoroddsen, Asta Ehnfors, Margareta Ehrenberg, Anna, Content and completeness of care plans after implementation ...
14Nationella medicinska indikationer. Nyckeln till evidensbase...Hanning, Marianne, Bergqvist, Christer Kärvinge, Christina Moa, Gunnar Nationella medicinska indikationer. Nyckeln till evidensbase...
15Äldre patienter och den perioperativa dialogenLindwall, Lillemor, 1951-, von Post, Iréne 2009Äldre patienter och den perioperativa dialogen

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