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1The Machine That Changed the WorldJames P. Womack2007-03-13The classic, nationally bestselling book that first articula...ISBN-13:9781416554523
2Lean WorkSteve Babson1995Examines the controversial Japanese model of lean production...ISBN-13:9780814325353
3Handbook of Research on Design and Management of Lean Produc...Modrák, Vladimír2014-01-31"This book explores the recent advancements in the areas of ...ISBN-13:1466650400
4Machine that Changed the WorldJames P. Womack1990Examines Japan's innovative, highly successful production me...ISBN-13:0892563508
5Lean Manufacturing
6Handbook of Research on Applied Optimization Methodologies i...Faruk Y?lmaz, Ömer2017-11-30Today’s manufacturing systems are undergoing significant ch...ISBN-13:1522529454
7Leveraging Lean in Outpatient ClinicsCharles Protzman2014-12-03This book is part of a series of titles that are a spin-off ...ISBN-13:1482234246
8Leveraging Lean in Surgical ServicesJoyce Kerpchar2014-12-03This book is part of a series of titles that are a spin-off ...ISBN-13:1482234505
9Leveraging Lean in Medical LaboratoriesCharles Protzman2014-12-03This book is part of a series of titles that are a spin-off ...ISBN-13:1482234483
10Leveraging Lean in the Emergency DepartmentJoyce Kerpchar2014-12-03This book is part of a series of titles that are a spin-off ...ISBN-13:1482237326
11Leveraging Lean in Ancillary Hospital ServicesCharles Protzman2014-12-03This book is part of a series of titles that are a spin-off ...ISBN-13:148223730X
12Healthcare KaizenMark Graban2012-06-21Healthcare Kaizen focuses on the principles and methods of d...ISBN-13:1439872961
13Lean Management Beyond ManufacturingSanjay Bhasin2015-04-20Exploring Lean manufacturing in a holistic manner, this book...ISBN-13:331917410X
14Stream AnalysisJerry I. Porras1987-01A member of the AWL OD Series! This book presents a conceptu...UOM:39015015290383
15Toyota Production SystemY. Monden1993-09-12ISBN-13:9781461597155
16Learning to SeeMike Rother2003Value-stream maps are the blueprints for lean transformation...ISBN-13:0966784308
17Worldwide trends in production system managementJohn Paul MacDuffie1989UCSD:31822006544191
18National Diversity and Global CapitalismSuzanne Berger1996How does globalization change national economies and politic...ISBN-13:9780801483196
19Lean ThinkingJames P. Womack1996ISBN-13:9780684819761
20Implementing Six Sigma and LeanRon Basu2009This is a comprehensive, user-friendly and hands-on book tha...ISBN-13:1856175200
21Factors Predicting Employees' Acceptance of Lean ProductionMark A. Shadur1994CORNELL:31924069097677
22Scaling Lean & Agile Development: Thinking and Organizationa...ISBN-13:9788131758168
23Better Thinking, Better ResultsBob Emiliani2007BETTER THINKING, BETTER RESULTS answers the question: "How d...ISBN-13:9780972259125
24A Multi-Methodological Study of the Effects of Lean Manufact...Sarah K. Womack2007UOM:39015070902534
25Historical Studies in Industrial Relations1996-03NWU:35556030686893
26Better Thinking, Better ResultsBob Emiliani2003-01-01This is the first book to document an actual company's Lean ...UCLA:L0089652523
27"Faster, Better, Cheaper" in the History of ManufacturingChristoph Roser2016-08-18The industrial revolution, mechanization, water and steam po...ISBN-13:1315350912
28The Harada Method the Spirit of Self-RelianceTakashi Harada2012-11-01A step-by-step process for setting and achieving personal an...ISBN-13:9780971243606
29Advances in production management systemsIoannis A. Pappas1993Well-designed and well-run systems for the management of pro...UOM:39015034247828
30Enriching ProductionÅke Sandberg1995This text aims to present and discuss the innovative Volvo U...NWU:35556023524697
31Lean ThinkingJames P. Womack2013-09-26Lean Thinking was launched in the fall of 1996, just in time...ISBN-13:1471111008
32Journey to LeanJ. Drew2016-01-18In the current climate attention has refocused on lean produ...ISBN-13:1403948410
33A Revolution in ManufacturingShigeo Shingo1985-04-01"Dr. Shingo, inventor of the Single-Minute Exchange of Die (...ISBN-13:9780915299034
34The IEBM Handbook of International BusinessRosalie Lam Tung1999This handbook provides accessible reference information on a...UCSD:31822026389163
35The Toyota Way FieldbookLiker2005-11-01Jeffrey Liker first revealed the management principles Toyot...ISBN-13:9780070610880
36The Lean Management Systems HandbookRich Charron2014-07-11Performance management, the primary focus of a Lean organiza...ISBN-13:1498705294
37The Good Jobs StrategyZeynep Ton2014Explains how today's workers are a company's greatest asset ...ISBN-13:0544114442
38The Hitchhiker's Guide to LeanJamie Flinchbaugh2006Hitchhikers do not travel a fixed path. They intentionally w...ISBN-13:0872638316
39The Executive Guide to Healthcare KaizenMark Graban2013-08-21Hospitals and health systems are facing many challenges, inc...ISBN-13:1466586419
40Lean Product and Process Development, 2nd EditionAllen C. Ward2014-03-05"The P-51 Mustang—perhaps the finest piston engine fighter...ISBN-13:1934109444

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