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1Visual Public RelationsSimon Collister2018-03-28This book brings together a broad and diverse range of new a...ISBN-13:1351662058
2Advances in Human Factors, Business Management and Leadershi...Jussi Ilari Kantola2017-06-30This book reports on practical approaches for facilitating t...ISBN-13:3319603728
3Loss and Damage from Climate ChangeReinhard Mechler2018-06-11This book provides an authoritative insight on the Loss and ...ISBN-13:3319720260
4Svensk juristtidningErik Alexanderson1969STANFORD:36105063081009
5Business Research MethodsAlan Bryman2015-03-26A complete introduction to doing business research, Business...ISBN-13:0199668647
6Intersected IdentitiesErica Segre2007There has always been an important visual element to the con...ISBN-13:9781845452919
7Strategic CommunicationJesper Falkheimer2018-01-19Strategic communication comprises different forms of goal-or...ISBN-13:1317220293
8Political Public RelationsJesper Stromback2011-05-20Political Public Relations maps and defines this emerging fi...ISBN-13:1135194130
9Imagining HinduismSharada Sugirtharajah2004-02-24Imagining Hinduism examines how Hinduism has been defined, i...ISBN-13:1134517203
10Strategic Communication, Social Media and DemocracyW. Timothy Coombs2015-08-11Today almost everyone in the developed world spends time onl...ISBN-13:1317554914
11Technologies of InSecurityKatja Franko Aas2008-08-21Technologies of Insecurity examines how general social and p...ISBN-13:1134040369
12Agaton Sax and the Big RigNils Olof Franzén1981Agaton Sax suspects that an expert in an almost extinct lang...ISBN-13:9780233967547
13The Routledge Handbook of Strategic CommunicationDerina Holtzhausen2014-11-20The Routledge Handbook of Strategic Communication provides a...ISBN-13:1136207120
14Interpreting InterviewsMats Alvesson2010-10-15Researchers conducting interviews in the social sciences qui...ISBN-13:1446248070
15The Human LegacyLeon Festinger1983Segal analyzes Asian immigration to the U.S., including immi...ISBN-13:9780231056731
16The Triumph of EmptinessMats Alvesson2013-05-30The book views the contemporary economy as an economy of per...ISBN-13:0199660948
17Rethinking Place BrandingMihalis Kavaratzis2014-11-25As Place Branding has become a widely established but contes...ISBN-13:3319124242
18Creating Signature StoriesDavid Aaker2018-01-02Stories are orders of magnitude which are more effective tha...ISBN-13:168350612X
19Responding to CrisisDan Pyle Millar2003-12-08In recent years, researchers and practitioners have explored...ISBN-13:1135640238
20Communication Yearbook 24William Gudykunst2012-03-22Communication Yearbook 24, originally published in 2001 comp...ISBN-13:1135152934
21Doing the Right Things RightLaura Stack2016-01-18A How-To Guide for the Modern Leader Inspired by Peter Druck...ISBN-13:1626565686
22Spring is a New BeginningJoan Walsh Anglund1963Here are the signs of an end to winter and a fresh beginning...ISBN-13:9780152781613
23The Language of War MonumentsDavid Machin2013-10-10This book analyses war monuments by developing a multimodal ...ISBN-13:162356896X
24The Steel SpringPer Wahloo2013-02-26Chief Inspector Jensen is a policeman in an unnamed European...ISBN-13:0307744485
25Cowboy and His FriendJoan Walsh Anglund2002-03-01A cowboy's bear is a very special friend who is always with ...ISBN-13:9780740722110
26Principles of Cyberbullying ResearchSheri Bauman2012-12-20In 2010, the International Cyberbullying Think Tank was held...ISBN-13:1136192743
27Organizational Communication in an Age of GlobalizationGeorge Cheney2010-06-02The thought-provoking, timely second edition continues to of...ISBN-13:1478608331
28Crisis Management in a Complex WorldDawn R. Gilpin2008-07-31Today's managers, business owners, and public relations prac...ISBN-13:019971648X
29Contemporary Destination GovernanceHarald Pechlaner2015-04-09This book approaches the issue of contemporary destination g...ISBN-13:1783501138
30Public RelationsShirley Harrison2000This text is the ideal introduction for anyone who wants to ...ISBN-13:9781861525475
31Crisis ManagementJeffry William Glenn1999-04-01One only has to recall a few well-documented incidents such ...ISBN-13:9781423545873
32Design That CaresJanet R. Carpman2016-06-20Design That Cares: Planning Health Facilities for Patients a...ISBN-13:0787988111
33Mediatization and Mobile LivesAndré Jansson2017-07-28Mediatization and Mobile Lives: A Critical Approach contribu...ISBN-13:1351756389
34Reliability and Validity in Qualitative ResearchJerome Kirk1986Kirk and Miller define what is -- and what is not -- qualita...ISBN-13:9780803924703
35Crafting Qualitative Research: Working in the Postpositivist...Pushkala Prasad2015-02-24Courses in management research have traditionally focused on...ISBN-13:1317473698
36LightTorgny Lindgren1992After the plague sweeps through the town of Kadis in norther...UCSC:32106010207691
37Encyclopedia of Public RelationsRobert L. Heath2013-08-20When initially published in 2005, the two-volume Encyclopedi...ISBN-13:1452276226
38Under the SnowKerstin Ekman1999-01-15From the author of Blackwater comes this atmospheric and chi...ISBN-13:9780312200381
39The Language of ColourTheo Van Leeuwen2011The Language of Colour provides a fresh approach to the stud...ISBN-13:9780415495387
40LeetocracyNils Gustafsson2013ISBN-13:9789174734928
1Kvalitativa metoder i strategisk kommunikationKvalitativa metoder i strategisk kommunikation
2Kvalitativa metoder i strategisk kommunikation [Elektronisk ...Kvalitativa metoder i strategisk kommunikation [Elektronisk ...
1Kvalitativ analys inom strategisk kommunikationEksell, Jörgen, Thelander, Åsa, Eksell, Jörgen Thelander, Åsa Kvalitativ analys inom strategisk kommunikation
2InledningThelander, Åsa, Eksell, Jörgen, Eksell, Jörgen Thelander, Åsa Inledning
3Att kombinera intervju med observationEksell, Jörgen, Magnusson, Susanna, Eksell, Jörgen Thelander, Åsa Att kombinera intervju med observation
4Visuella metoder i kvalitativa intervjuerThelander, Åsa, Eksell, Jörgen Thelander, Åsa Visuella metoder i kvalitativa intervjuer
5Att utgå från ett historiskt perspektiv i strategisk kommu...Rosén, Maria, Eksell, Jörgen, Eksell, Jörgen Thelander, Åsa Att utgå från ett historiskt perspektiv i strategisk kommu...
6Netnografi - en metod för att studera internetbaserad kommu...Bertilsson, Jon, Eksell, Jörgen Thelander, Åsa Netnografi - en metod för att studera internetbaserad kommu...
7Tvärkulturella intervjuer - översättningens problematikCassinger, Cecilia, Eksell, Jörgen Thelander, Åsa Tvärkulturella intervjuer - översättningens problematik
8Att blanda metoder utan att blanda äpplen och päronFalkheimer, Jesper, Jörgen, Eksell Åsa, Thelander Att blanda metoder utan att blanda äpplen och päron
9Traditionella och virtuella fokusgrupperGustafsson, Nils, Jörgen, Eksell Åsa, Thelander Traditionella och virtuella fokusgrupper
10Kvalitet och kunskap i fallstudierHeide, Mats, Simonsson, Charlotte, Eksell, Jörgen Thelander, Åsa Kvalitet och kunskap i fallstudier
11Kvalitativa metoder i strategisk kommunikationEksell, Jörgen, Thelander, Åsa, 2014Kvalitativa metoder i strategisk kommunikation
12Diskursanalys som metod inom strategisk kommunikationStenberg, Jacob, Möllerström, Veselinka, Eksell, Jörgen Thelander, Åsa Diskursanalys som metod inom strategisk kommunikation
13Att intervjua chefer med kommunikationsansvarvon Platen, Sara, Young, Philip, Eksell, Jörgen Thelander, Åsa Att intervjua chefer med kommunikationsansvar
14Olika vetenskapsteoretiska perspektiv ger olika kunskap: Lea...Åkerström, Marja, Eksell, Jörgen Thelander, Åsa Olika vetenskapsteoretiska perspektiv ger olika kunskap: Lea...

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