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1Storyline i praktiken : grunder och variationerEva Gustafsson Marsh2006ISBN-13:9789188298881
2God of WarMatthew Stover2010-05-25Offering deeper insights into the critically acclaimed God o...ISBN-13:9780345516961
3CES LetterJeremy Runnells2017-04-17CES Letter is one Latter-Day Saint's honest quest to get off...ISBN-13:9780998869902
4A Faraway IslandAnnika Thor2011-09In 1939 Sweden, two Jewish sisters wait for their parents to...ISBN-13:0375844953
5Reformulating RussiaKåre Johan Mjør2011-05-06Reformulating Russia provides a thorough narratological and ...ISBN-13:9004192867
6Creating Worlds, Constructing MeaningJeff Creswell1997-01-01The first U.S. book on Storyline, a revolutionary method for...UVA:X004210846
7StorylineSteve Bell2007ISBN-13:9780947649166
8Understanding Student Participation and Choice in Science an...Ellen Karoline Henriksen2014-09-17Drawing on data generated by the EU’s Interests and Recrui...ISBN-13:9400777930
9StorylineSharon Ahlquist2013-01-01What do you do when someone dumps rubbish in your street? Ho...ISBN-13:9789144081632
10The Literary Theory ToolkitHerman Rapaport2011-05-04The Literary Theory Toolkit offers readers a rich compendium...ISBN-13:1444395688
11Computer-Based Diagnostics and Systematic Analysis of Knowle...Dirk Ifenthaler2010-01-29What is knowledge? How can it be successfully assessed? How ...ISBN-13:9781441956620
12A History of Old Norse Poetry and PoeticsMargaret Clunies Ross2011Accessible guide to and description of the medieval poetic t...ISBN-13:1843842793
13In Search of PedagogyBruner Jerome2006-04-30Jerome Bruner is one of the best-known and most influential ...ISBN-13:9780415480543
14A Cultural-Historical Study of Children Learning ScienceMarilyn Fleer2014-10-01This book moves beyond the traditional constructivist and so...ISBN-13:9401793700
15The aesthetics of playGunilla Lindqvist1995ISBN-13:9789155435066
16The Diamond MysteryISBN-13:9789790150072
17New Strategies in Social ResearchDerek Layder1993-08-20This book provides a new and innovative introduction to the ...ISBN-13:9780745608815
18How Picturebooks WorkMaria Nikolajeva2013-02-01How Picturebooks Work is an innovative and engaging look at ...ISBN-13:1136771514
19Writing and Script: A Very Short IntroductionAndrew Robinson2009-08-27Writing is a defining marker of civilisation; without it the...ISBN-13:0199567786
20Famines During the ʻLittle Ice Ageʼ (1300-1800)Dominik Collet2017-08-01This highly interdisciplinary book studies historical famine...ISBN-13:3319543377
21From Sky and Earth to MetaphysicsAnna-Teresa Tymieniecka2014-10-13This is an exceptional volume which expands upon the World P...ISBN-13:9401790639
22The SAGE Handbook of Intercultural CompetenceDarla K. Deardorff2009-08-31Bringing together leading experts and scholars from around t...ISBN-13:1412960452
23THE BOY WHO WOULD BE A HELICOPTERVivian Gussin PALEY2009-06-30ISBN-13:0674041860
24Does anybody care?Helene Brodin2005ISBN-13:9789173058100
25The Politics of ProfessionalismGary McCulloch2000-05-01Many commentators feared that the Education Reform Act of 19...ISBN-13:9780826447982
26The Tragic Sense of LifeRobert J. Richards2008-11-15Prior to the First World War, more people learned of evoluti...ISBN-13:9780226712192
27KrautrocksamplerJulian Cope1996ISBN-13:9780952671916
28Multiculturalism and Learning StyleRita Stafford Dunn1995-01-01Analyzes and synthesizes the research revealing the similari...ISBN-13:9780275947620
29DiversityPhilomena Essed1996This collection of essays examines problems of race, gender ...ISBN-13:9781558490260
30Neo-avant-gardeDavid Hopkins2006The neo-avant-garde of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, is due for a ...ISBN-13:904202125X
31Elementary Woodwork for Use in Manual Training ClassesFrank Henry Seldon1906NYPL:33433066407283
32The Teacher's Hand-book of SlöjdOtto Aron Salomon1904NYPL:33433066419932
33Mikhail BakhtinTzvetan Todorov1984ISBN-13:9780719014673
34FreedomIan Carter2007-01-08Edited by leading contributors to the literature, Freedom: A...ISBN-13:1405145048
35Research in Teacher EducationR. P. Tisher1990-01ISBN-13:9781850007821
36Teaching ScienceRalph Levinson2005-08-05Science education has undergone far-reaching changes in the ...ISBN-13:1134851650
37The Changing Nervous SystemSarah H. Broman1999-07-15This book provides an integrated review of current research ...ISBN-13:0195121937
38The Lily PondAnnika Thor2012-11-13Having left Nazi-occupied Vienna a year ago, thirteen-year-o...ISBN-13:0385740409
39Environmental Science in the Primary CurriculumJos Elstgeest1990-06-28The importance of helping children to understand the environ...ISBN-13:9781446227589
40QuestionnaireMax Frisch2017-03-06ISBN-13:9783458194354
1Storyline i praktikenGustafsson Marsh, Eva, 1971-2006Storyline i praktiken
2Storyline i praktiken [Elektronisk resurs]Gustafsson Marsh, Eva2015Storyline i praktiken [Elektronisk resurs]

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