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1Self-Injury, Medicine and SocietyAmy Chandler2016-09-23This book provides an appreciative, sociological engagement ...ISBN-13:1137405287
2The Paradoxes of PlanningSara Westin2016-03-03Why is it that modern architects and planners - these benevo...ISBN-13:1317021762
3Nordisk psykologi1983UOM:39015078278531
4Mastering FearRikke Schubart2018-07-12Mastering Fear analyzes horror as play and examines what fun...ISBN-13:1501336738
5Transportation and Children's Well-BeingOwen Waygood2019-10Transportation and Children's Well-Being applies an ecologic...ISBN-13:012814694X
6Intrusion DetectionRebecca Gurley Bace2000On computer securityISBN-13:9781578701858
7Family Group Conference from a child perspectiveTarja Heino2009ISBN-13:9789522450395
8Open Space: People SpaceCatharine Ward Thompson2007-09-07Highly visual and containing contributions from leading name...ISBN-13:1134120087
9Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Uppsala studies in education...Mia Marie F. Sternudd2000ISBN-13:9789155447502
10Cycling FuturesJennifer Bonham2015-12-04The focus of the first half of the book is largely on the cu...ISBN-13:1925261174
11Vibrant and Healthy KidsNational Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine2019-12-27Children are the foundation of the United States, and suppor...ISBN-13:0309493382
12Development of Water Resources in IndiaVikas Garg2017-06-10This proceedings volume, with more than 30 chapters, is base...ISBN-13:3319551256
13The Aesthetics of Self-HarmZoe Alderton2018-05-11The Aesthetics of Self-Harm presents a new approach to under...ISBN-13:1317269276
14Handbook of Arts-Based ResearchPatricia Leavy2019-02-27Bringing together interdisciplinary leaders in methodology a...ISBN-13:1462540384
15La kartidningen1979UCLA:31158006948177
16Pressens tidning1938MINN:319510012426469
17Designing Cities with Children and Young PeopleKate Bishop2017-05-25Designing Cities with Children and Young People focuses on p...ISBN-13:1317487761
18Urban Heritage Along the Silk RoadsFatemeh Farnaz Arefian2019-09-10This book examines examples of contemporary situation of his...ISBN-13:3030227626
19Landscape Architectural ResearchM. Elen Deming2011-03-11A practical, single-source guide tosuccessful strategies for...ISBN-13:9781118057094
20Elderly People and the EnvironmentIrwin Altman2013-06-29The present volume in our series follows the format of the i...ISBN-13:1489921710
21Entropy Theory and its Application in Environmental and Wate...Vijay P. Singh2013-01-10Entropy Theory and its Application in Environmental and Wate...ISBN-13:1118428609
22Performance Art in ChinaThomas J. Berghuis2006Performance Art in Chinatakes as its subject one of the most...ISBN-13:9789889926595
23Wildness and WellbeingZoë Myers2019-10-24Wildness and Wellbeing explores the dynamic relationships be...ISBN-13:9813299231
24Picturing AlgeriaPierre Bourdieu2014-07-01As a soldier in the French army, Pierre Bourdieu took thousa...ISBN-13:0231148437
25Handbook of Applied Hydrology, Second EditionVijay P. Singh2016-03-07Fully Updated Hydrology Principles, Methods, and Application...ISBN-13:0071835105
26Psychology and Climate ChangeSusan Clayton2018-06-05Psychology and Climate Change: Human Perceptions, Impacts, a...ISBN-13:0128131314
27Sociology Looks at the ArtsJulia Rothenberg2014-02-05Sociology Looks at the Arts is intended as a concise yet nua...ISBN-13:1317913280
28Successful Adaptation to Climate ChangeSusanne C. Moser2013-07-18What does successful adaptation look like? This is a questio...ISBN-13:1135071306
29Environment, Cognition, and ActionTommy Garling1992-01-16How do human beings comprehend, evaluate, and utilize the ph...ISBN-13:9780195362824
30The New Spatial PlanningGraham Haughton2009-12-04Spatial planning, strongly advocated by government and the p...ISBN-13:1135210780
31TransmediationsNiklas Salmose2019-12-10This collection offers a multi-faceted exploration of transm...ISBN-13:1000761304
32Wetland SystemsMiklas Scholz2010-11-01Wetland Systems covers broad water and environmental enginee...ISBN-13:1849964599
33Guide to cultural anthropologyCynthia A. Cone1967STANFORD:36105041764148
34Art RulesMichael Grenfell2007-03-15Pierre Bourdieu is now recognized as one of the key contempo...ISBN-13:1845202341
35BluePatricia Leavy2015-12-17Blue follows three roommates as they navigate life and love ...ISBN-13:946300355X
36Model-Based Systems Engineering with OPM and SysMLDov Dori2016-06-01Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), which tackles archit...ISBN-13:1493932950
37The Time at Darwin's ReefIvan A. Brady2003The Time at Darwin's Reef is primarily a book of storytellin...ISBN-13:9780759103368
38Child Perspectives and Children’s Perspectives in Theory a...Dion Sommer2009-12-24Recent decades have seen a growing emphasis, in a number of ...ISBN-13:9789048133161
39Sustainability SciencePer Becker2014-07-23A new, holistic transdisciplinary endeavour born in the 21st...ISBN-13:0444627294
40Trajectories of LearningHelen Melander2009ISBN-13:9789155475253

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