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1Pedagogisk filosofiChrister Stensmo2007ISBN-13:9789144018904
2Menschlichkeit als ästhetische, pädagogische und politisch...David Fopp2016-08-31Was zeichnet die Idee der Menschlichkeit aus? Kann man sie k...ISBN-13:3839435803
3Foundations of Augmented Cognition. Neuroergonomics and Oper...Dylan D. Schmorrow2009-07-15The 13th International Conference on Human–Computer Intera...ISBN-13:3642028128
4Brain-Computer InterfacingRajesh P. N. Rao2013-09-30The idea of interfacing minds with machines has long capture...ISBN-13:0521769418
5Foundations of Augmented CognitionDylan D. Schmorrow2007-08-24This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third ...ISBN-13:3540732160
6Science and Spiritual QuestSubhash C. Mishra2007UOM:39015081849476
7Foundations of Augmented CognitionDylan D. Schmorrow2015-07-07This book constitutes the proceedings of the 9th Internation...ISBN-13:3319208160
8tutor's manual1996ISBN-13:9780636022935
9Learning Science in Informal EnvironmentsNational Research Council2009-05-27Informal science is a burgeoning field that operates across ...ISBN-13:0309141133
10Foundations of Augmented Cognition: Neuroergonomics and Oper...Dylan D. Schmorrow2016-07-04This volume constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 10th...ISBN-13:3319399551
11Family, School, Youth CultureHeinz-Hermann Krüger2008This volume is a collection of contributions from an interna...ISBN-13:9783631552667
12FractalsDinesh Kumar2017-02-03The book provides an insight into the advantages and limitat...ISBN-13:1351678388
13Occupational Safety and HygienePedro Arezes2013-04-04Occupational Safety and Hygiene presents selected papers fro...ISBN-13:1138000477
14Collaborative Learner AutonomySoufiane Blidi2016-09-20The book investigates interest groups and various learning c...ISBN-13:9811020485
15Constructivism and the Technology of InstructionThomas M. Duffy2013-01-11This book is about the implications of constructivism for in...ISBN-13:1136612270
16When Cultures Collide, Third EditionRichard Lewis2010-11-26The classic work that revolutionized the way business is con...ISBN-13:1423774582
17Values Education in Early Childhood SettingsEva Johansson2018-05-07This book is about values education in early years settings ...ISBN-13:3319755595
18Toward Brain-computer InterfacingGuido Dornhege2007The latest research in the development of technologies that ...ISBN-13:0262042444
19Methodological Challenges and Advances in Managerial and Org...Robert J. Galavan2017-12-05Managerial and organizational cognition has sustained and ga...ISBN-13:1787436764
20Quantitative BiologyBrian Munsky2018-07-27An introduction to the quantitative modeling of biological p...ISBN-13:0262347113
21Inquiry and the National Science Education StandardsNational Research Council2000-05-03Humans, especially children, are naturally curious. Yet, peo...ISBN-13:0309064767
22Brain-Computer Interface ResearchChristoph Guger2014-11-01This book provides a cutting-edge overview of the latest dev...ISBN-13:3319099795
23The art of heraldryCarl-Alexander von Volborth1991-11A study of the customs governing heraldic design examines ho...UOM:39015050017253
24Augmented Cognition. Neurocognition and Machine LearningDylan D. Schmorrow2017-06-28This volume constitutes the proceedings of the 11th Internat...ISBN-13:3319586289
25The Biomedical Engineering Handbook 1Joseph D. Bronzino2000-02-15ISBN-13:9783540663515
26The Index for InclusionTony Booth2016ISBN-13:9780993512209
27NeuroergonomicsRaja Parasuraman2008-02-13Neuroergonomics can be defined as the study of brain and beh...ISBN-13:0199709416
28Sapira's Art & Science of Bedside DiagnosisJane Orient2018-03-08Essential reading for beginning and experienced clinicians a...ISBN-13:197510918X
29APA Handbook of Human Systems IntegrationDeborah Ann Boehm-Davis2015-04ISBN-13:9781433818288
30Culturally and Linguistically Diverse ClassroomsDr. Jennifer Miller2009-10-20A critical reality of contemporary education in a globalised...ISBN-13:9781847693792
31Brain-Computer InterfacesDesney S. Tan2010-06-10For generations, humans have fantasized about the ability to...ISBN-13:9781849962728
32Instrumental TeachingSusan Hallam1998Providing teaching advice as well as current knowledge and t...ISBN-13:9780435811464
332019 Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologie...IEEE Staff2019-03-22i PACT 2019 intends to provide a platform for the exchange o...ISBN-13:9781538681916
34HCI International 2011 Posters' Extended AbstractsConstantine Stephanidis2011-06-24This two-volume set CCIS 173 and CCIS 174 constitutes the ex...ISBN-13:3642220940
35Bullying and Young ChildrenChristine Macintyre2012-09-10What is it that makes some children bully and some become vi...ISBN-13:1136612629
36Brain-Computer InterfacesJonathan Wolpaw2012-01-24A recognizable surge in the field of Brain Computer Interfac...ISBN-13:0199921482
37The EEG of DrowsinessJoan Santamaria1987-01-01This description and classification of the electrophysiologi...ISBN-13:9780939957095
38Creating a Learning SchoolDavid Middlewood2005-08-16'Improving the quality of learning and teaching is the most ...ISBN-13:9781412910422
39Central Auditory Processing and Neural ModelingPaul F. Poon2012-12-06The full power of combining experiment and theory has yet to...ISBN-13:1461553512
40Advances in Large Margin ClassifiersAlexander J. Smola2000The book provides an overview of recent developments in larg...ISBN-13:9780262194488
1Pedagogisk filosofi : en introduktionStensmo, Christer, 1941-2007Pedagogisk filosofi : en introduktion
2Ledarskap i klassrummet [Elektronisk resurs]Stensmo, Christer2007Ledarskap i klassrummet [Elektronisk resurs]
3Ledarstilar i klassrummet [Elektronisk resurs]Stensmo, Christer2007Ledarstilar i klassrummet [Elektronisk resurs]
4Pedagogisk filosofi : en introduktionStensmo, Christer, 1941-1994Pedagogisk filosofi : en introduktion
5SocialpedagogikStensmo, Christer, 1941-1991Socialpedagogik
6Ledarstilar i klassrummetStensmo, Christer, 1941-2000Ledarstilar i klassrummet
7Pedagogisk filosofi [Elektronisk resurs] en introduktionStensmo, Christer2009Pedagogisk filosofi [Elektronisk resurs] en introduktion
8Den gode universitetsläraren [Elektronisk resurs] Bilder om...Manderstedt, Lena 1966- NU2014, Högskolepedagogisk konferens, Umeå universitet 8-10 okt, 2014 2014Den gode universitetsläraren [Elektronisk resurs] Bilder om...
1Den gode universitetsläraren bilder om och av universitetsl...Manderstedt, Lena, 1966-,Den gode universitetsläraren bilder om och av universitetsl...

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