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1Commitment to Work and Job SatisfactionBengt Furåker2011-12-15People’s work orientations and attitudes to paid work are ...ISBN-13:1136485228
2Communication in Humans and Other AnimalsGisela Håkansson2013-06-27Communication is a basic behaviour, found across animal spec...ISBN-13:9027272018
3Flexibility and Stability in Working LifeB. Furaker2007-03-14Flexibility is an ambiguous concept. This book contributes t...ISBN-13:0230235387
4Greenspan Social-emotional Growth ChartStanley I. Greenspan2004-01-01ISBN-13:9780158280233
5Hail Mary, Full of GraceNicola Salameh Nur2016-04-26This book is not a book of historical-critical exegesis. It ...ISBN-13:9781634983471
6Understanding Developmental Language DisordersCourtenay Frazier Norbury2008-11-19Developmental language disorders (DLD) occur when a child fa...ISBN-13:1135419469
7Language Disorders in Bilingual Children and AdultsKathryn Kohnert2013-03-01ISBN-13:1597566764
8Manual de Fonética Y Fonología EspañolasJ. Halvor Clegg2014-01-05ISBN-13:9781611650174
9Working with Spoken DiscourseDeborah Cameron2001-03-22"An exemplary textbook. Making even the most complex ideas f...ISBN-13:1446224058
10Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Children with Speech...Barbara Dodd2013-05-30Paediatric speech and language therapists are challenged by ...ISBN-13:1118713338
11Uncommon UnderstandingDorothy V.M. Bishop2014-02-04A great deal has been written on how children learn to speak...ISBN-13:1317775317
12The Acquisition of Swedish GrammarGunlög Josefsson2003This book provides a number of studies of different aspects ...ISBN-13:9789027252920
13First Language AcquisitionEve V. Clark2016-03-17Fully updated throughout, this new edition provides a compre...ISBN-13:1107143004
14Assessing Multilingual ChildrenJan de Jong2015-04This book presents a comprehensive set of tools for assessin...ISBN-13:1783093129
15Children with Specific Language ImpairmentLaurence B. Leonard2014-06-20The landmark reference in the field, completely updated: a c...ISBN-13:0262027062
16Treatment of Language Disorders in ChildrenRebecca Joan McCauley2016-10Thoroughly updated to meet the needs of today's students in ...ISBN-13:9781598579796
17Clinical Child NeuropsychiatryChristopher Gillberg2003-10-16The first comprehensive reference resource for all those pro...ISBN-13:9780521543354
18Teckenspråk och teckenspråkiga : översyn av teckenspråke...2006ISBN-13:9789138225813
19Language Disorders in Children and AdolescentsJoseph H. Beitchman2013-10-31Language impairment in childhood and adolescence: presentati...ISBN-13:1613343388
20Dyslexia in the Foreign Language ClassroomJoanna Nijakowska2010-06-23This book addresses specific learning difficulties in readin...ISBN-13:9781847694003
21The Psycholinguistics of BilingualismFrancois Grosjean2012-10-25The Psycholinguistics of Bilingualism presents a comprehensi...ISBN-13:1118349733
23Encyclopedia of Language DevelopmentPatricia J. Brooks2014-03-28The progression from newborn to sophisticated language user ...ISBN-13:1483389774
24Language Intervention in the ClassroomDonna DiSegna Merritt1998The national trend emphasized collaborative intervention wit...UOM:39015043808180
25Argumentation and EducationNathalie Muller Mirza2009-06-19During the last decade, argumentation has attracted growing ...ISBN-13:038798125X
26The Family and Individual DevelopmentD. W. Winnicott2012-12-06Winnicott chronicles the complex inner lives of human beings...ISBN-13:1135070776
27Cleft Lip and PalateSamuel Berkowitz2013-02-26Cleft Lip and Palate: Diagnosis and Management is an unparal...ISBN-13:3642307701
28Test for Reception of GrammarDorothy V. M. Bishop2003ISBN-13:9780749121310
29Analysing Interactions in ChildhoodHilary Gardner2009-12-01Offers a fresh perspective on how conversation analysis can ...ISBN-13:0470687096
30Research Methods in Communication DisordersTim Pring2005Many communication disorders are poorly understood and many ...UVA:X004810908
31The Bill of Fare, O'Thello & Other Early WorksCharles Dickens2012ISBN-13:9780733429941
32Signs for Developing ReadingEmil Holmer2016-05-23Reading development is supported by strong language skills, ...ISBN-13:9176857670
33Hegde's Pocketguide to Treatment in Speech-Language Patholog...M. N. Hegde2018Now in its fourth edition, Hegde's PocketGuide to Treatment ...ISBN-13:9781944883126
34The Geometry of MeaningPeter Gärdenfors2014-01-17A novel cognitive theory of semantics that proposes that the...ISBN-13:0262026783
35The Circus Mystery #3Martin Widmark2015-01-22Jerry and Maya, classmates and best friends, are on the case...ISBN-13:0698197526
36Issues in the Assessment of BilingualsDr. Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole2013-10-07With growing mass migration across the globe, researchers, p...ISBN-13:1783090111
37Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive ThoughtsSally M. Winston2017-03-01You are not your thoughts! In this powerful book, two anxiet...ISBN-13:1626254362
38Infants, Children, and AdolescentsLaura E. Berk2015-09-14This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include an...ISBN-13:0134256964
39Schwedens UrgeschichteErik Gustav Geijer2015-08-13This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally ...ISBN-13:9781298864055
40The Growth of Word MeaningJeremy M. Anglin1961-04-01Somewhere between birth and maturity the highly structured l...ISBN-13:9780262511643

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