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1Engelsk språkdidaktikBo Lundahl2009Forlagets beskrivelse: I skolans engelskundervisning ställs...ISBN-13:9789144021300
2SpråkdidaktikUlrika Tornberg2009Forlagets beskrivelse: Språkdidaktik belyser språkundervis...ISBN-13:9789140668318
3AICLE – CLIL – EMILE: Educació plurilingüe. Experienci...Cristina Escobar Urmeneta2011-04-29El present volum és el resultat de la selecció de les mill...ISBN-13:8449026784
4Current Issues in Second/Foreign Language Teaching and Teach...Christina Gitsaki2016-01-14Current Issues in Second/Foreign Language Teaching and Teach...ISBN-13:1443887366
5StorylinePeter J. Mitchell2016-05-11This book is based on the premise that story making and stor...ISBN-13:1443894273
6Möten med meningKarin L. Eriksson2016-09-30I Möten med mening belyser en grupp forskare ämnesdidaktis...ISBN-13:9188168336
7Språkdidaktiska perspektivUlrika Tornberg2009Forlagets beskrivelse: Språkdidaktiska perspektiv är en an...ISBN-13:9789147093359
8Creative Writing for Critical ThinkingHélène Edberg2018-02-08This book explores narrative imagination and emotion as reso...ISBN-13:3319654918
9First PeoplesJeffrey Sissons2005-05-30First Peoplesargues, controversially, that far from disappea...ISBN-13:9781861892416
10Speaking for YourselfRobert Barrass2006-09-27As a student, and in any profession based on your studies, y...ISBN-13:1134182597
11Early Language LearningDr. Janet Enever2017-07-06This is the first collection of research studies to explore ...ISBN-13:1783098333
12Researching Language Teaching and LearningTatsuhiro Yoshida2009Never in the recent history of foreign language education ha...ISBN-13:9783039115341
13Andraspråkstalare i arbeteMarie Nelson2010With a summary: Second language speakers at work. A sociolin...STANFORD:36105132515680
14Destiny the Pop Star FairyDaisy Meadows2014-08-07Kirsty and Rachel are going to see their favourite pop group...ISBN-13:1408333120
15Multilingual EuropeGuus Extra2008-12-10This book offers an inclusive perspective on the constellati...ISBN-13:3110208350
16Network-based Language TeachingMark Warschauer2000-01-13This text provides a critical collection of recent research ...ISBN-13:9780521667425
17Envisioning KnowledgeJudith A. Langer2015-04-17This book by Judith Langer—internationally known scholar i...ISBN-13:9780807770740
18The Culture of Reading and the Teaching of EnglishKathleen McCormick1994ISBN-13:9780719032202
19The Acquisition of French as a Second LanguageChristina Lindqvist2014-05-15Within the field of second language acquisition, interest in...ISBN-13:9027270074
20Introduction to the philosophy of educationGeorge Frederick Kneller1964UOM:39015026974538
21High-Level Language Proficiency in Second Language and Multi...Kenneth Hyltenstam2018-06-30An encompassing picture of what high-level competence in sec...ISBN-13:1107175925
22Texts, Topics and Tasks: Teaching English in Years 4-6Bo Lundahl2014-05-05The title of this book identifies three concepts that are ce...ISBN-13:9789144080536
23Young Learner English Language Policy and ImplementationJanet Enever2009Young Learner English Language Policy and Implementation: In...ISBN-13:9781901095234
24How to Read World LiteratureDavid Damrosch2017-07-10The new edition of this highly popular guide, How to Read Wo...ISBN-13:1119009243
25English Medium InstructionErnesto Macaro,2018-02-19Ernesto Macaro brings together a wealth of research on the r...ISBN-13:019440398X
26Talking About Global MigrationTheresa Catalano2016-05-03How do migrants describe themselves and their experiences? A...ISBN-13:1783095563
27Scientific Methods for the HumanitiesWillie van Peer2012-05-30Here is a much needed introductory textbook on empirical res...ISBN-13:9027274673
28Extramural English in Teaching and LearningPia Sundqvist2016-11-09This book is unique in bringing together theory, research, a...ISBN-13:1137460482
29EIL, ELF, Global EnglishCesare Gagliardi2010-01-01How can you teach the English language to global English spe...ISBN-13:9783034300100
30Envisioning LiteratureJudith A. Langer1995OCLC:640314539
31The Saami languagesPekka Sammallahti1998STANFORD:36105024925492
32Going GraphicStephen Cary2004Offers teachers a comprehensive guide to effectively using c...UOM:39015060670372
33Against World LiteratureEmily Apter2014-06-17Against World Literature: On the Politics of Untranslatabili...ISBN-13:1784780022
34Literature in the Language ClassroomJoanne Collie1987-12-17A variety of imaginative techniques for integrating literatu...ISBN-13:9780521312240
35Learners, Learning & AssessmentPatricia Murphy1999-03-23`A wealth of material for educators in schools, universities...ISBN-13:9781853964251
36Task-Based Language TeachingDavid Nunan2004-12-09While Designing Tasks underpins this new title, the material...ISBN-13:0521840171
37Dimensions of L2 Performance and ProficiencyAlex Housen2012Research into complexity, accuracy and fluency (CAF) as basi...ISBN-13:9027213054
38Language Teaching Research and Language PedagogyRod Ellis2012-03-20This book examines current research centered on the second l...ISBN-13:1444336118
39The OrmulumRobert Holt1878UOM:39015002598129
40Motivating Language LearnersGary N. Chambers1999-01-01This book is informed by pupils' perceptions of the foreign ...ISBN-13:9781853594489
1SpråkdidaktikTornberg, Ulrika, 1940-Språkdidaktik
2Engelsk språkdidaktik [Ljudupptagning] : texter, kommunikat...Lundahl, Bo2009Engelsk språkdidaktik [Ljudupptagning] : texter, kommunikat...
3Engelsk språkdidaktik : texter, kommunikation, språkutveck...Lundahl, Bo, 1955-Engelsk språkdidaktik : texter, kommunikation, språkutveck...
4Språk och lärande. Language and Learning [Elektronisk resu...ASLA:s höstsymposium, Stockholm, Sverige, 7-8 november 20082009Språk och lärande. Language and Learning [Elektronisk resu...
5Språk och lärande : Rapport från ASLA:s höstsymposium, S...ASLA:s höstsymposium, Stockholm, Sverige, 7-8 november 2008Språk och lärande : Rapport från ASLA:s höstsymposium, S...
6Linguistic theory and good practice [Elektronisk resurs] how...Johansson Falck, Marlene 1967-2015Linguistic theory and good practice [Elektronisk resurs] how...
7Common denominator [Elektronisk resurs] CLIL-teachers’ bel...Sandberg, Ylva 1968- 7th Junior Researchers Meeting in Applied Linguistics, Winterthur, Switzerland, September 10-12, 2015 2015Common denominator [Elektronisk resurs] CLIL-teachers’ bel...
1VV.AA. "Comentario de Texto, Lengua Catalana y Lengua Castel...Miro Marti, Oriol,2009VV.AA. "Comentario de Texto, Lengua Catalana y Lengua Castel...
2Engelsk språkdidaktik : texter, kommunikation, språkutveck...Lundahl, Bo,2009Engelsk språkdidaktik : texter, kommunikation, språkutveck...
3Språk och lärande : Rapport från ASLA:s höstsymposium, S...Juvonen, Päivi, 1958-,2009Språk och lärande : Rapport från ASLA:s höstsymposium, S...
4Kunskap och språk - meningsskapande i naturvetenskapAxelsson, Monica, Jakobson, Britt, 2009Kunskap och språk - meningsskapande i naturvetenskap
5Lärande och bedömning - ett språklärarperspektivApelgren, Britt Marie, 1956-, Molander Beyer, Marianne, 1942-, Lärande och bedömning - ett språklärarperspektiv
6Common denominator CLIL-teachers’ beliefs and practices in...Sandberg, Ylva, 1968-,Common denominator CLIL-teachers’ beliefs and practices in...
7Begegnungen : Beiträge des VIII. Nordisch-Baltischen German...Wåghäll Nivre, Elisabeth, 1961-, Andersson, Bo, Kaute, Brigitte, 2011Begegnungen : Beiträge des VIII. Nordisch-Baltischen German...
8The role of L1 explicit metalinguistic knowledge in L3 oral ...Falk, Ylva Lindqvist, Christina, Bardel, Camilla The role of L1 explicit metalinguistic knowledge in L3 oral ...
9Vilket kemiinnehåll görs tillgängligt i finlandssvenska o...Eriksson, Inger, Berg, Astrid, Danielsson, Kristina, Ekvall, Ulla, 1946-, Vilket kemiinnehåll görs tillgängligt i finlandssvenska o...

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