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1The International status of education about the HolocaustCarrier, Peter2015-01-14How do schools worldwide treat the Holocaust as a subject? A...ISBN-13:9231000330
2SupernovaDewi LestariSupernova: The Knight, The Princess and the Falling Star pre...ISBN-13:9881516463
3Introduction to Particle TechnologyMartin J. Rhodes2013-03-25Particle technology is a term used to refer to the science a...ISBN-13:1118681541
4Holocaust education in a global contextFracapane, Karel2014-01-24"International interest in Holocaust education has reached n...ISBN-13:923100042X
5Children of AbrahamFrancis E. Peters1984Compares and contrasts Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in r...ISBN-13:9780691020303
6Virtual CultureSteve Jones1997-05-20Virtual Culture marks a significant intervention in the curr...ISBN-13:9780761955269
7The Pursuit of Quantum GravityCécile DeWitt-Morette2011-02-151946 is the year Bryce DeWitt entered Harvard graduate schoo...ISBN-13:9783642142703
8Atatürk in the Nazi ImaginationStefan Ihrig2014-11-20Early in his career, Hitler took inspiration from Mussolini...ISBN-13:0674368371
9Dictionary of PsychologyJ. P. Chaplin1985-01-01Compiles statistical formulas, Greek letter symbols, and abb...ISBN-13:9780808591863
10Back to the CottageJohn Sipple2012In my life journey I have come to believe it is possible for...ISBN-13:1619962004
11Holocaust Images and Picturing CatastropheAngi Buettner2016-12-05Holocaust Images and Picturing Catastrophe explores the phen...ISBN-13:1351930524
12Words to Rhyme withWillard R. Espy2001Lists more than 80,000 rhyming words, including single, doub...ISBN-13:9780816043132
13Answerable StyleArnold Stein1953-01-01Answerable Style was first published in 1953. Minnesota Arch...ISBN-13:9780816658725
14The Wild Swans – I cigni selvatici (English – Italian)Ulrich Renz2019-11-01Bilingual children's picture book (English – Italian), wit...ISBN-13:3739953756
15The Leatherback TurtleEng Heng Chan1989UCSD:31822020603270
16A Glimpse of IraqIbrahim Al-Shawi2006A book written by an Iraqi about Iraq and Iraqis to make the...ISBN-13:1411695186
17The Killing DollRuth Rendell2010-12-28A girl experiments with the occult to keep her family togeth...ISBN-13:1453210830
18American Image in TurkeyGiray Sadik2009American Image in Turkey examines the effect of American for...ISBN-13:9780739133804
19Poetry and ImaginationAnon.2008-06Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back t...ISBN-13:1409764400
20Key Ideas in SociologyMartin Slattery2003Key Ideas in Sociology provides a tour d'horizon of the grea...ISBN-13:9780748765652
21The Essential Jazz RecordingsRoss Porter2008-11-19A guide to the all-time must-have jazz recordings by a maven...ISBN-13:1551992477
22Unended QuestKarl Popper2005-09-29At the age of eight, Karl Popper was puzzling over the idea ...ISBN-13:1134449720
23The Legend of Romeo and JulietOlin Harris Moore1950STANFORD:36105027527527
24The Origins of Islamic Reformism in Southeast AsiaAzyumardi Azra2004Professor Azra's meticulous study, using sources from the Mi...ISBN-13:9780824828486
25In Search of Alberto GuerreroJohn Beckwith2015-04-09In Search of Alberto Guerrero is the first full biography of...ISBN-13:1554580714
26Sarattha-ppakāsinī: On Nidāna-vagga, Khanda-vagga, Saḷ...Buddhaghosa1977UVA:X030223012
27Encyclopedia of Urban Legends, 2nd Edition [2 volumes]Jan Harold Brunvand2012-07-16This revised edition of the original reference standard for ...ISBN-13:159884721X
28Wild YearsJay S Jacobs2010-11-16Legend. Bum. Genius. Con Man. Devoted husband and father. My...ISBN-13:1554902614
29Philosophy of MusicR.A. Sharpe2015-01-30This lively and lucid introduction to the philosophy of musi...ISBN-13:1317494539
30How was it Humanly Possible?Irena Steinfeldt2002An educational guide for high school or college students, as...STANFORD:36105121966183
31Practical Laboratory MycologyElmer W. Koneman1978UOM:39015003214155
32Encyclopedia of the OperaDavid Ewen1963STANFORD:36105038255654
33Time-saver Standards for Building TypesJoseph De Chiara1990This book is the basic reference source for design criteria ...UOM:39015040324660
34The Pink Floyd EncyclopediaVernon Fitch2005Self-proclaimed rock historians will delight in the scope an...UCSC:32106018205648
35AA Women in Architecture, 1917-2017Elizabeth Darling2017Introduction / Elizabeth Darling & Lynne Walker ; Chapter 1:...ISBN-13:9781907896910
36Modern JurisprudenceHari Chand1994ISBN-13:9789678906487
37Business PlanningMax Coulthard1996A resource book outlining each step required for the constru...ISBN-13:9780732930622
38The BirthmarkA. A. M. Djelantik1997"From the jungles of Sulawesi to the streets of pre-war Amst...ISBN-13:9789625931654
39My Favorite RecipesBeryga2018-10Whether you have recipes from Grandma or recipes from family...ISBN-13:9781726604574
40History of Eastern ChristianityAziz Suryal Atiya2010OCLC:768133182

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