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1Documentation of Nordic Art / Documentation de l'art des pay...Charlotte Hanner1993-01-01The International Federation of Library Associations and Ins...ISBN-13:3110975572
2Ekonomisk uppslagsbokSven Igglund1968NWU:35556015848567
3Between the home and the institutionsKerstin Sundman1999STANFORD:36105028974199
4Quarterly progress and status reportKungl. Tekniska högskolan. Speech Transmission Laboratory1998STANFORD:36105022250505
5Social Research MethodsAlan Bryman2015-12-01This best-selling introduction to research methods provides ...ISBN-13:0199689458
6Causing Death and Saving LivesJonathan Glover1990-06-28The moral problems of abortion, infanticide, suicide, euthan...ISBN-13:0141949732
7Care and CommitmentJeffrey Blustein1991Offering a detailed exploration of human c̀are' in its vari...ISBN-13:0195067991
8Leadership Gender And Culture In EducationCollard, John2004-10-01The book shows how early research has over-emphasized gender...ISBN-13:033522458X
9Medical ethicsTom L. Beauchamp1984UOM:39015007144770
10Our Children and Other AnimalsMatthew Cole2016-05-23Focusing on the socialization of the human use of other anim...ISBN-13:1317084721
11Thinking About Play: Developing A Reflective ApproachMoyles, Janet2010-09-01Education.ISBN-13:0335241085
12Affect and CreativitySandra Walker Russ2013-02-01Much work has been done on cognitive processes and creativit...ISBN-13:1134765738
13Collaborative Research in OrganizationsNiclas Adler2004Collaborative Research in Organizations: Foundations for Lea...ISBN-13:0761928634
14The Harmony of the SoulNeal O. Weiner1993The Harmony of the Soul creates a naturalistic grounding for...ISBN-13:9780791417317
15Addiction and Life CoursePia Rosenqvist2006-07Publikationen handler om sammenhængen mellem livsforløb og...ISBN-13:9789515326249
16The Theory and Practice of AutonomyGerald Dworkin1988-08-26This important new book develops a new concept of autonomy. ...ISBN-13:1316583376
17Interracial FamiliesGeorge Alan Yancey2009-01-07A unique book offering both a research overview and practica...ISBN-13:1135854785
18Vuxnas lekvärldAnette Sandberg2003-01ISBN-13:9789173464529
19Early Childhood EducationPetr G. Grotewell2008"This book focuses on early childhood education which spans ...ISBN-13:9781604563795
20Supporting Children's LearningLyn Overall2007-01-24Are you looking for a book that explains all the key ideas o...ISBN-13:1848604874
21Loss and anticipatory griefTherese A. Rando1986ISBN-13:9780669111446
22New Directions in Psychological AnthropologyTheodore Schwartz1992The contributors to this state-of-the-art collection are pro...ISBN-13:9780521426091
23Working with GenderLisa A. Lindsay2003This book provides a view of modernization from a Nigerian, ...ISBN-13:9780325001883
24Bioethics and Secular HumanismH. Tristram Engelhardt2011-04-01Bioethics is vitally important in our day because it represe...ISBN-13:1620320711
25Symbolic InteractionismJoel M. Charon2007Using a unique step-by-step, integrated approach, Symbolic I...ISBN-13:9780132276917
26Men in the NurseryClaire Cameron1999-11-10Highly Commended (Third prize) in the Standing Conference on...ISBN-13:1446265277
27Insider/outsider team researchJean Bartunek1996-05-14The joint relationships between outside researchers and the ...ISBN-13:9780803971585
28Scandinavian ValuesThorleif Pettersson1994ISBN-13:9789155434113
29Women and School LeadershipCecilia Reynolds2012-02-01International in scope, this is an unprecedented compilation...ISBN-13:0791488918
30Gender Matters in Educational Administration and PolicyJill Blackmore2017-05-18Originally published in 1993. This introductory text brings ...ISBN-13:1351705695
31Answering BackJill Blackmore2004-01-14Answering Back exposes the volatility of gender reform in ma...ISBN-13:1134675534
32First Nations Education in CanadaMarie Battiste2011-11-01Written mainly by First Nations and Metis people, this book ...ISBN-13:0774844388
33Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and HeritageMarie Battiste2000-04-01Whether in Canada, the United States, Australia, India, Peru...ISBN-13:1895830575
34Principles of PowerC. Cryss Brunner2012-02-01Shares perspectives from twelve successful women school supe...ISBN-13:0791492664
35Sacred DreamsC. Cryss Brunner1999Offers practical advice and research results on women school...ISBN-13:9780791441596
36Troubling womenJill Blackmore1999ISBN-13:9780335194803
37The ladies and the mammiesSelma James1983STANFORD:36105039528042
38Theory in educational administrationFenwick W. English1994UOM:39015032899364
39Bodies of MeaningDavid McNally2001Challenges postmodernist theories of language and politics w...ISBN-13:9780791447352
40The Economics of Communication and InformationDonald McLean Lamberton1996-01-01This collection, which contains 32 articles dating from 1965...ISBN-13:9781858982946

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