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1LärandeSäljö Roger2015ISBN-13:9789140688262
2Vygotsky’s Theory in Early Childhood Education and Researc...Nikolay Veraksa2018-02-21Drawing upon in-depth analyses of Lev Vygotsky’s theories ...ISBN-13:1351579401
3The Routledge International Handbook of Early Childhood Play...Tina Bruce2017-06-14Historical changes in play are taking place in childhood all...ISBN-13:1317563530
4Lärarens återkomst : från förvirring till upprättelseJonas Linderoth2017-10-12I debattboken Lärarens återkomst ger pedagogikprofessorn o...ISBN-13:9127823296
5Mind in SocietyL.S. Vygotsky1980-10-15The great Russian psychologist L. S. Vygotsky has long been ...ISBN-13:0674076680
6A concise Swedish grammarÅke Viberg2005ISBN-13:9789127502529
7Seven Sprays and a Golden PoppyJuliana Townsend2017-11-24Excerpt from Seven Sprays and a Golden Poppy: Poems, a Song ...ISBN-13:9780331823837
8Apps, Technology and Younger LearnersNatalia Kucirkova2016-11-10This book provides an in-depth analysis of the challenges, p...ISBN-13:1317402472
9Scientific American Reader for Psychology: A Concise Introdu...Richard A. Griggs2007-02-15These 10 articles were selected by Richard Griggs to support...ISBN-13:9781429205917
10PsychologyRichard A. Griggs2010-10-15The most affordable introductory psychology textbook in the ...ISBN-13:1429261552
11Learning and DiscourseRoger Säljö1997ISBN-13:9781854332592
12Child and Adolescent DevelopmentAnita Woolfolk2014-03-03Note: This is the loose-leaf version of Child and Adolescent...ISBN-13:0133550494
13Child Perspectives and Children’s Perspectives in Theory a...Dion Sommer2009-12-24Recent decades have seen a growing emphasis, in a number of ...ISBN-13:9789048133161
14A Journey through the Content and Language Integrated Learni...Carmel Mary Coonan2017-11-06Interest in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL),...ISBN-13:1527504190
15The Child and the CurriculumJohn Dewey1920ISBN-13:1465558101
16International Guide to Student AchievementJohn Hattie2013-01-17The International Guide to Student Achievement brings togeth...ISBN-13:1136962042
17Multilingual Education in PracticeSandra R. Schecter2003The editors provide some answers from school-based practitio...ISBN-13:9780325004303
18Teaching for Understanding at UniversityNoel Entwistle (Professor)2009-01-01ISBN-13:1137091061
19Memory Practices, and LearningÅsa Mäkitalo2017-01-01ISBN-13:9781681236209
20Creative Writing for Critical ThinkingHélène Edberg2018-02-08This book explores narrative imagination and emotion as reso...ISBN-13:3319654918
21The Montessori MethodMaria Montessori2013-10-01Maria Montessori's method of educating children, which she d...ISBN-13:141285282X
22GenderRaewyn W. Connell2014-12-10How can we understand gender in the contemporary world? What...ISBN-13:0745687326
23Discourses in InteractionSanna-Kaisa Tanskanen2010-12-22The fourteen contributions in this collection come from diff...ISBN-13:902728749X
24Children Reading PicturebooksEvelyn Arizpe2015-11-27Children Reading Pictures has made a huge impact on teachers...ISBN-13:1317407601
25Piaget VygotskyANASTASIA TRYPHON2013-11-12This book is the outcome of a long and passionate debate amo...ISBN-13:1317775163
26Learning, Working and LivingElena Antonacopoulou2006-01-13Debate about organization and workplace learning has now mov...ISBN-13:9781403947673
27The Routledge International Handbook of Young Children’s T...Sue Robson2014-11-13This ground-breaking handbook provides a much-needed, contem...ISBN-13:131759715X
28Theory of Didactical Situations in MathematicsGuy Brousseau2006-04-11This book is unique. It gathers texts which give the best pr...ISBN-13:0306472112
29What Really Works in Special and Inclusive EducationDavid Mitchell2014-01-10As teachers around the world deal with the challenges of inc...ISBN-13:1136253440
30The Quest for MeaningMarcel Danesi2007"The Quest for Meaning" is designed as a guide to basic semi...ISBN-13:0802095143
31Identity Revisited and ReimaginedSangeeta Bagga-Gupta2017-07-06In contrast to other studies on identity, this book takes it...ISBN-13:3319580566
32Handicapping the HandicappedHugh Mehan1986ISBN-13:9780804713047
33Living in a Learning SocietyAri Antikainen1996-01-01This text discusses the meaning of education through an exam...ISBN-13:0750704977
34The Lily PondAnnika Thor2011-10-11A Mildred L. Batchelder Honor Book and an ALA-ALSC Notable C...ISBN-13:0375899146
35The Glitter SceneMonika Fagerholm2011-08-09Teenage Johanna lives with her aunt Solveig in a small house...ISBN-13:1590514203
36Understanding Cross-cultural ManagementBrowaeysISBN-13:9788131727973
37Theories of ReadingKarin Littau2006-12-04Why do literary theorists see reading as an act of dispassio...ISBN-13:0745616593
38The University of LearningJohn Bowden2003-12-18Universities are rarely structured to facilitate learning an...ISBN-13:1134312024
39The Learning BrainSarah-Jayne Blakemore2005-06-24In this groundbreaking book, two leading authorities in the ...ISBN-13:1405124016
40Women's LanguageEva Haettner Aurelius2012-01-01Is there a special niche reserved for womens language? This ...ISBN-13:9187121875

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