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1Research Methods for Business StudentsMark Saunders2009Using real-life case studies and written with a student-cent...ISBN-13:9780273716860
2Research Methods for Business StudentsMark Saunders2006-10-26Addresses what are perhaps the two biggest problems in teach...ISBN-13:9781405854429
3Research Methods for Business StudentsMark Saunders2015-07-23Revised edition of Research methods for business students, 2...ISBN-13:9781292016627
4Research Methods for Business StudentsM. N. K. Saunders2019"This accessible and clearly written textbook provides a com...ISBN-13:9781292208787
5Research Methods For BusinessUma Sekaran2016-06-27Research Methods for Business: A Skill-Building Approach is ...ISBN-13:1119165555
6Research Methods for Business and Social Science StudentsJohn Adams2014-03-04Research Methods for Business and Social Science Students ai...ISBN-13:8132119819
7Business Research Methods for Chinese StudentsHuiping Xian2018-03-19Written by Chinese authors who having both successfully comp...ISBN-13:1526448971
8Business Research MethodsAlan Bryman2015-03-26A complete introduction to doing business research, Business...ISBN-13:0199668647
9Research Methods for Business Students / Researching and Wri...Mark N. K. Saunders2007-09-06This Value Pack consists of Research Methods for Business St...ISBN-13:9781405886130
10Research Methods for Graduate Business and Social Science St...John Adams2007-09-18Research Methods for Graduate Business and Social Science St...ISBN-13:8178299763
11Research Methods For Business StudentsDirk Damsma2012ISBN-13:9781780862354
12Conducting Case Study Research for Business and Management S...Bill Lee2017-10-23In Case Study Research, Bill Lee and Mark Saunders describe ...ISBN-13:1473934397
13Research Methods for BusinessJoseph F. Hair2007-01Business Research is a truth-seeking function that gathers, ...ISBN-13:9780470034040
14Doing Research in Business and ManagementMark N. K. Saunders2017-09-26La 4e de couverture indique : "If you need any help with you...ISBN-13:9781292133522
15Conducting Research Interviews for Business and Management S...Catherine Cassell2015-02-12Part of SAGE’s Mastering Business Research Methods Series,...ISBN-13:147391745X
16Research Methods for Tourism StudentsRamesh Durbarry2017-12-12This introductory guide offers innovative ideas and strategi...ISBN-13:1351336185
17Business ResearchJill Collis2013-11-29A practical, concise, straightforward guide. Covering the en...ISBN-13:1137037482
18Organizational Research MethodsPaul M Brewerton2001-04-06`This text provides a timely and comprehensive introduction ...ISBN-13:1446223817
19Template Analysis for Business and Management StudentsNigel King2016-11-10Part of SAGE’s Mastering Business Research Methods, concei...ISBN-13:1473952867
20Essentials of Business ResearchJonathan Wilson2014-01-20Written specifically for business students, this best-sellin...ISBN-13:1446293475
21Designing Research Questionnaires for Business and Managemen...Yuksel Ekinci2015-02-12Part of SAGE’s Mastering Business Research Methods Series,...ISBN-13:1473917395
22Research Methods and Statistics for BusinessRobert N. Lussier2011Summary: "Research Methods and Statistics for Business ... i...ISBN-13:9781577666585
23RESEARCH METHODS FOR BUSINESS : A SKILL BUILDING APPROACH, 5...Uma Sekran2011-06-01Market_Desc: The book is intended for all business and marke...ISBN-13:9788126531318
24Business Research MethodsWilliam G. Zikmund2013-06-25This best-selling text continues in its ninth edition to pro...ISBN-13:1111826927
25Business Research Methods and Statistics Using SPSSRobert P Burns2008-11-20Ideal for those with a minimum of mathematical and statistic...ISBN-13:1446204766
26Business Research MethodsDr. Sue Greener2008ISBN-13:8776814211
27Qualitative Methods in Business ResearchPäivi Eriksson2008-03-17`Comprehensive, current and compelling, a winning combinatio...ISBN-13:9781446259597
28Analysing Quantitative Data for Business and Management Stud...Charles Scherbaum2015-02-12Part of SAGE’s Mastering Business Research Methods Series,...ISBN-13:1473917425
29Research Methods in Tourism, Hospitality and Events Manageme...Paul Brunt2017-09-27A step-by-step approach to guide students through the whole ...ISBN-13:1526422247
30Doing Research in the Business WorldDavid E Gray2016-11-16Get 12 months FREE access to an interactive eBook* when you ...ISBN-13:1473987180
31Case Study Research for BusinessJillian Dawes Farquhar2012-02-21Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here Th...ISBN-13:1446281205
32Doing Your Dissertation in Business and ManagementReva Berman Brown2006-02-15e question of how to choose a research project is answered.ISBN-13:9781412903516
33Doing Business ResearchNick Lee2008-03-26`It's not often that you'll find an article or book that exp...ISBN-13:1446259617
34A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book a...Emma Bell2013-09-18Conceived by Chris Grey and written to get you thinking, the...ISBN-13:1446292622
35Research Methods For Business: A Skill Building Approach, 4T...Uma Sekaran2006-08-14Known for its clear and practical approach, this book offers...ISBN-13:9788126509287
36Management Research MethodsMandy Van Der Velde2008-02-01This textbook shows business students how to conduct reliabl...ISBN-13:9788126515912
37Management and Business ResearchMark Easterby-Smith2018-04-28Get 12 months FREE access to an interactive eBook when purch...ISBN-13:1526450976
38Doing Your Business Research ProjectJohn Beech2014-11-10Available as an E-Inspection Copy! Go here to order Taking t...ISBN-13:1473906288
39Research Methods in Business StudiesPervez N. Ghauri2002This concise but comprehensive text explains the importance ...PSU:000050458097
40Research Methods in ManagementGeoff Lancaster2007-06-01Written specifically for the Research Methods aspect of an M...ISBN-13:1136368531

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