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1RegeringsformenThomas Bull2013ISBN-13:9789144091907
2Reconsidering Religion, Law, and DemocracyAnna-Sara Lind2016-03-01How are Western, mostly secular, societies handling religion...ISBN-13:9188168239
3The Oxford Handbook of Swedish PoliticsJon Pierre2016Series titles from the publisher's website.ISBN-13:0199665672
4Criminal Law and the Authority of the StateAntje du Bois-Pedain2017-05-04How does the state, as a public authority, relate to those u...ISBN-13:1509905154
5EU SanctionsIain Cameron2013For the European Union, the famous "Kadi" cases have generat...ISBN-13:9781780681412
6The Future of Civil LitigationLaura Ervo2014-07-05This book offers an analysis of the current trends and devel...ISBN-13:3319044656
7An Introduction to the European Convention on Human RightsIain Cameron2011-01-01ISBN-13:9789176787779
8Qualitative Data AnalysisGraham Gibbs2002-01-01"A welcome step in the advance of qualitative methods, this ...ISBN-13:9780335200849
9Profiles in CourageJohn F. Kennedy2006-04-11Written in 1955 by the then junior senator from the state of...ISBN-13:0060854936
10Making Sense of the Alt-RightGeorge Hawley2017-09-19During the 2016 election, a new term entered the mainstream ...ISBN-13:0231546009
11Speech Rights in AmericaLaura Lynn Stein2006Why the First Amendment fails to protect speech rights and w...ISBN-13:0252030753
12Nya förvaltningslagenTrygve Hellners1995ISBN-13:9789138924716
13Indigenous Rights in ScandinaviaChristina Allard2016-05-23This book contributes to the international debate on Indigen...ISBN-13:1317117271
14The International Law of Human TraffickingAnne T. Gallagher2010-09-30Although human trafficking has a long and ignoble history, i...ISBN-13:1139492071
15Governing the Embedded StateBengt Jacobsson2015Governing the Embedded State integrates governance theory wi...ISBN-13:0199684162
16The Constitution of SwedenMagnus Isberg2012ISBN-13:9789186673253
17Dark Beyond the StarsBlair Babylon2015-08-04Eleven of today's bestselling authors join forces to bring y...ISBN-13:9781515308386
18Professionalism RebornEliot Freidson2013-04-25This book is an original interpretation of the professions a...ISBN-13:0745666329
19Death of the GuildsElliott A. Krause1999In a uniquely wide-ranging analysis of modern professional g...ISBN-13:9780300078664
20Cool BritanniaAdam Watson2010-12Cool BritanniaSnowier times in 1580-1930 than sinceGlobal wa...ISBN-13:1907611460
21Swedish lawHugo Tiberg1994ISBN-13:9789175986692
22In an Age of ExpertsSteven Brint1996-06-02Since the 1960s the number of highly educated professionals ...ISBN-13:9780691026077
23The EU Competition RulesF. O. W. Vogelaar2010This book aims at providing the Legal Masters student throug...ISBN-13:9789089520913
24The New Public ManagementMichael Barzelay2001-02-15How policymakers should guide, manage, and oversee public bu...ISBN-13:0520224434
25The Tolerant SocietyLee C. Bollinger1988Bollinger provides a masterful critique of the major theorie...ISBN-13:019505430X
26The Fundamentals of Swedish Law (2nd Edition)Laura Carlson2013-05This book offers a foreign reader an overview and understand...ISBN-13:9789144078724
27Introduction to Comparative Public AdministrationSabine KuhlmannThis introduction into comparative public administration pro...ISBN-13:178643671X
28The European Convention on Human RightsWilliam A. Schabas2015-09-24The European Convention on Human Rights: A Commentary is the...ISBN-13:0191066761
29Governance Of ScienceFuller, Steve1999-12-01This ground-breaking text offers a fresh perspective on the ...ISBN-13:0335202349
30Free SpeechTimothy Garton Ash2016-05-24One of the great political writers of our time offers a mani...ISBN-13:0300161166
31Public Administration Reforms in EuropeGerhard Hammerschmid2016-06-24Based on a survey of more than 6700 top civil servants in 17...ISBN-13:1783475404
32Professionals and New ManagerialismMark Exworthy1998-12-01This book explores the relationship between professionals (a...ISBN-13:0335231527
33Legality and LegitimacyDavid Dyzenhaus1997The relationship between law and legitimacy is investigated ...UOM:39015040612569
34The Responsible JudgeJohn Thomas Noonan1993-01-01This highly informed selection of readings on judicial ethic...ISBN-13:9780275940232
35European Non-discrimination LawSarah Haverkort-Speekenbrink2012In Europe, contemporary multicultural issues raise the quest...ISBN-13:9781780681269
36European State Aid Law and PolicyConor Quigley2009-05-13This new edition of Conor Quigley's book (originally 'EC Sta...ISBN-13:1847317987
37Litigating the Rights of the ChildTon Liefaard2014-09-29This book examines the impact of the UN Convention on the Ri...ISBN-13:9401794456
38A Critical Appraisal of Karl Olivecrona's Legal PhilosophyTorben Spaak2014-06-17This book offers a critical appraisal of Karl Olivecrona’s...ISBN-13:3319061674
39Ratio and VoluntasKaarlo Tuori2016-04-08From the ancient beginnings of Western legal tradition, law ...ISBN-13:1317071476
40A Concise History of EuthanasiaIan Dowbiggin2007-01-01Traces the controversial history of euthanasia, examining ev...ISBN-13:9780742531116

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