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1Skolutveckling som gemensamt projektPetter Wiklander2019-02-05Boken belyser olika aspekter av ett framgångsrikt skolutvec...ISBN-13:917785568X
2Organizational Communication and Sustainable Development: IC...Hallin, Anette2009-10-31Covering advantages as well as disadvantages, explores how m...ISBN-13:1605668230
3Forum för inredning, design & arkitektur1998UOM:39015047897734
4Method for Engineering StudentsAnette Hallin2015-04-02ISBN-13:9789144095554
6Project managementBo Tonnquist2009ISBN-13:9788776757281
7Beyond Project ManagementKerstin Sahlin-Andersson2002"While many scholarly writings have just echoed practical ma...ISBN-13:9788763001076
8EMPOWEREDMarty Cagan2020-12-03What is it about the top tech product companies such as Amaz...ISBN-13:111969132X
9Size MattersAnette Hallin2009ISBN-13:9789174154757
10Innovation for the FatiguedAlf Rehn2019-03-03How many presentations on innovation have there been recentl...ISBN-13:0749484098
11Organization TheoryJesper Blomberg2020-07-06In Organization Theory: Management and Leadership Analysis, ...ISBN-13:1529730260
12Effective Time ManagementHolger Woeltje2011-09-26Take charge—and create an effective balance between your w...ISBN-13:0735665176
13Concurrent Engineering in the 21st CenturyJosip Stjepandić2015-01-30Presenting the gradual evolution of the concept of Concurren...ISBN-13:331913776X
14Making Projects CriticalDamian Hodgson2006-04-21Making Projects Critical is an edited collection contributed...ISBN-13:0230209297
15What is Theory?Hervé Corvellec2013There is no consensus in the social and cultural sciences on...ISBN-13:9788763002509
16ASP.NET Core 3 and ReactCarl Rippon2019-12-27Build modern, scalable, and cloud-ready single-page applicat...ISBN-13:1789959241
17Project RecoveryHarold Kerzner2014-02-07Best practices for picking up the pieces when projects fail ...ISBN-13:1118809173
18Modeling of Dynamic SystemsLennart Ljung1994Written by a recognized authority in the field of identifica...ISBN-13:9780135970973
19Project Management ToolBoxRuss J. Martinelli2016-01-05Boost your performance with improved project management tact...ISBN-13:1118973208
20Let Us Not ForgetVurlee A. Toomey2002-07-01Over 70 authors and veterans share the sacrifices so many of...ISBN-13:0595238238
21HerthaFredrika Bremer2019-02-23This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally ...ISBN-13:9780469453173
22Creating Effective TeamsSusan A. Wheelan1999-06-28`Creating Effective Teams takes readers by the hand through ...PSU:000047062825
23Communication in ConstructionAndrew Dainty2007-01-24Communication within project-based environments presents spe...ISBN-13:113433799X
24Neo-Industrial OrganisingEskil Ekstedt2003-09-02Neo-Industrial Organising explores an emerging area of impor...ISBN-13:1134630247
25Understanding Organization as ProcessTor Hernes2007-10-01Organization takes place in a tangled world, intermeshed by ...ISBN-13:1134081375
26EvaluationsKrister Ståhlberg2001ISBN-13:9789289306898
27Library Services PlatformsMarshall Breeding2015-05-26The genre of library services platforms helps libraries mana...ISBN-13:9780838959619
28Project ManagementHarvey Maylor2003Considering the context of modern projects at strategic, sys...ISBN-13:9780273655411
29Reflective Communication ScrumBetteke Van Ruler2014-10-31This concise book on agile and Scrum offers an alternative m...ISBN-13:9789462364615
30Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry 2nd EdWilly Legrand2013-02-11Sustainability is one of the single most important global is...ISBN-13:1136298142
31Sustainability HandbookKarl-Henrik Robert2019-07-31Todays society is faced with a multitude of compounding and ...ISBN-13:9789144115955
32Research Methods for EngineersDavid V. Thiel2014-09-11Learn how to plan for success with this hands-on guide to co...ISBN-13:1316061051
33Thesis ProjectsMikael Berndtsson2007-10-25You’re a computing or information student with a huge moun...ISBN-13:1848000081
34Moving MaterialsValerie Horton2010Moving Materials is the guide to contemporary logistics mana...ISBN-13:0838910017
35BillieAnna Gavalda2015-03-03Two Parisians recount the story of their friendship while tr...ISBN-13:1609452593
36New Movements in EntrepreneurshipChris Steyaert2003-01-01"At last, a book that focuses on trendsetting thinking and r...ISBN-13:1781951209
37Corona, Climate, Chronic EmergencyAndreas Malm2020-09-22What does the COVID 19 tell us about the climate breakdown, ...ISBN-13:1839762179
38Dangerous IdeasAlf Rehn2011Creativity has been turned into an uncreative, pale imitatio...ISBN-13:9789814328043
39Control TheoryTorkel Glad2018-10-08This is a textbook designed for an advanced course in contro...ISBN-13:1482268167
40Social Capital and Lifelong LearningJohn Field2005-06The British government and powerful international agencies p...ISBN-13:1861346557
1ProjektledningHallin, Anette, 1969-2015Projektledning
2ProjektledningHallin, Anette, 1969-ArrayProjektledning
3Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]Hallin, Anette2015Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]
4ProjektledningHallin, Anette, 1969-2012Projektledning
5Project managementHallin, Anette, 1969-2012Project management
6Caresam [Elektronisk resurs] åldrande och utmaningar i Öre...Magnússon, Finnur2013Caresam [Elektronisk resurs] åldrande och utmaningar i Öre...
1ProjektledningHallin, Anette Karrbom Gustavsson, Tina Projektledning
2ProjektledningHallin, Anette Karrbom Gustavsson, Tina Projektledning

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