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1Smittet av voldPer Isdal2017ISBN-13:9788245022025
2Meningen med voldenPer Isdal2018OCLC:1090565059
3Medkänslans prisPer Isdal2017ISBN-13:9789177410515
4Towards New Masculinities1995On cover: Equal opportunities.ISBN-13:9789291207107
5Men's Experiences of Violence in Intimate RelationshipsMarianne Inéz Lien2019-01-04This open access book draws on a broad study on violence aga...ISBN-13:3030039943
6Men and Gender EqualityNordic Council of Ministers1998ISBN-13:9789289302197
7Walking the Way of the HorseLeif Hallberg2008-10Since time eternal horses have walked beside us, helping to ...ISBN-13:0595479081
8Decolonizing FeminismMargaret A. McLaren2017-09-13In a time of globalization, what does an inclusive feminist ...ISBN-13:1786602601
9Male Roles, Masculinities and ViolenceExpert Group Meeting on Male Roles and M2000This book is based on an expert group meeting entitled 'Male...STANFORD:36105110666471
10The International Journal of Group Psychotherapy1989UOM:39015081540992
11Acta Obstetricia Et Gynecologica Scandinavica1996UCLA:L0076244748
12Violence and Aggression Around the GlobePatricia M. Verrity2007Domestic violence is control by one partner over another in ...IND:30000116145263
13New Literature on Women1998MINN:31951P00718788O
14Editor & Publisher International Year Book1962The encyclopedia of the newspaper industry.STANFORD:36105012241647
15Nordens män – en skiftande skara1995ISBN-13:9789291207428
16Anger, Guilt and Shame - Reclaiming Power and ChoiceLiv Larsson2012-09This book can help you make shame, guilt and anger your alli...ISBN-13:9197944289
17A Humanitarian PastAdele Änggård2014-11-03This book opens a window on our historical past. We find ant...ISBN-13:1496993349
18bybeles, etc. (Naujasis Testamentas ... isz Naujo perweizdē...1869BL:A0017100861
19Psychological Gender and ModernityHarriet Bjerrum Nielsen1994The aim of this book is to describe the 'psychological story...STANFORD:36105010477516
20Skogns historie: Ytre Skogn1926WISC:89061890760
21Norsk bokfortegnelse1999UCAL:B5098126
22The English Reports1912CORNELL:31924064794484
23The Christian Science Journal1946-07STANFORD:36105013867036
24Skogns historieArne Vestrum1926MINN:31951D02757918E
26ForelesalngerUniversitetet i Oslo1977UOM:39015062313534
27Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern AfricaEntomological Society of Southern Africa1965STANFORD:36105012610544
28Biblia sacra novi testamenti ... in Slavo - Carniolicum idio...Biblia slovenice1784ONB:+Z136431705
29Bollettino Della Unione Matematica ItalianaUnione matematica italiana1984UOM:39015039028918
30Norske tidsskriftartikler1996UCAL:B5182464
31A Treatise on the Law of ContractsJoseph Chitty1904HARVARD:32044032352221
32New Commentaries on the Laws of EnglandHenry John Stephen1853UOM:35112104595758
33Fairplay's Annual Summary of British Shipping Finance1949UCAL:B3091119
34Electric Traction1913IOWA:31858029639642
35County Basic Data Sheet1946UOM:39015022645553
36Farmer's Advocate and Home Journal1920WISC:89098936081
37Review and New Perspectives2004STANFORD:36105114990992
38The Congressional GlobeUnited States. Congress1870UOM:39015082458731
39Intelligenz-Blatt der freien Stadt Frankfurt1858PRNC:32101080461740
40Giornale della Reale società italiana d'igiene1880NYPL:33433075972400
1Medkänslans pris : om sekundärtraumatisering, compassion f...Isdal, PerArrayMedkänslans pris : om sekundärtraumatisering, compassion f...
2Meningen med våldIsdal, Per2001Meningen med våld
3"Jeg har bare rørt kona to ganger" : en manns smertefulle s...Isdal, Per"Jeg har bare rørt kona to ganger" : en manns smertefulle s...
4Meningen med våldIsdal, PerArrayMeningen med våld
5Håndbok for samtalegrupper for volds- og sedlighetsdømteIsdal, Per1998Håndbok for samtalegrupper for volds- og sedlighetsdømte
6Medkänslans pris [Elektronisk resurs] om sekundärtraumatis...Isdal, Per2019Medkänslans pris [Elektronisk resurs] om sekundärtraumatis...
7Medkänslans pris [Elektronisk resurs] om sekundärtraumatis...Isdal, Per2020Medkänslans pris [Elektronisk resurs] om sekundärtraumatis...
8Meningen med våld [Ljudupptagning]Isdal, Per2008Meningen med våld [Ljudupptagning]
9Vold i skolenIsdal, Per2003Vold i skolen
10Enkel och effektiv aggressionskontroll : 4 övningarIsdal, Per[2018?]Enkel och effektiv aggressionskontroll : 4 övningar

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