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1Pedagogiska miljöer och barns subjektskapandeElisabeth Nordin-Hultman2005ISBN-13:9789147051960
2Values in Early Childhood EducationEva Johansson2017-12-14Dr Eva Johansson is Professor of Education at the Department...ISBN-13:1315316986
3Narratives of Doctoral Studies in Science EducationShirley Simon2015-08-20This book explores the ways in which small scale research st...ISBN-13:1317495101
4The Palgrave Handbook of Childhood StudiesJ. Qvortrup2016-04-30A landmark publication in the field, this state of the art r...ISBN-13:0230274684
5Ethics and Politics in Early Childhood EducationGunilla Dahlberg2004-11-10The early childhood services of Reggio Emilia in Northern It...ISBN-13:1134464274
6Bångstyriga barnKlara Dolk2013-08-21"Bångstyriga barn" är en avhandling, skriven på ett lätt...ISBN-13:9174414267
7Barns skriftspråkandeKarin Gustafsson2005ISBN-13:9789173465267
8Present absencesLinnea Bodén2016-08-23The aim of the study is to explore how school absenteeism as...ISBN-13:9176857220
9Lärandets skiftande innebörder, uttryckta av förskollära...Ann-Charlotte Mårdsjö2005ISBN-13:9789173465229
10The Role of the TeacherMandla Makhanya1997
11Förskolan och mångfaldenJohannes Lunneblad2006STANFORD:36105114844330
12MontessoriAngeline Stoll Lillard2016-10-14Traditional American schooling is in constant crisis because...ISBN-13:0199981523
13Diary Of A BabyDaniel N. Stern2008-08-01Every new parent desperately wants to know what goes on in t...ISBN-13:0786723076
14Movement and Experimentation in Young Children's LearningLiselott Mariett Olsson2009-02-27In contemporary educational contexts young children and lear...ISBN-13:1134032447
15Design for Environment, Second EditionJoseph Fiksel2011-08-30Proven methods for achieving environmental excellence while ...ISBN-13:0071776230
16Colors for Your Every MoodLeatrice Eiseman2000Offers advice on choosing color combinations for decorating ...ISBN-13:9781892123381
17Creating a Learning SchoolDavid Middlewood2005-08-16'Improving the quality of learning and teaching is the most ...ISBN-13:9781412910422
18Early Childhood MattersKathy Sylva2010-01-04This book documents the rapid development of the importance ...ISBN-13:1135189862
19Very tricky, Alfie AtkinsGunilla Bergström2005-04-14Alfie's father is too busy to play, so Alfie borrows his too...PSU:000056014204
20Good Education in an Age of MeasurementGert J. J. Biesta2015-11-17The widespread use of the measurement of educational outcome...ISBN-13:1317258665
21International Research on Education for Sustainable Developm...John Siraj-Blatchford2016-11-15This book offers a perspective on Education for Sustainable ...ISBN-13:3319422081
22Will Grayson, Will GraysonJohn Green2012-05-31The New York Times bestselling novel from John Green, the au...ISBN-13:0141346124
23Working Mothers in EuropeUte Gerhard2005-01-01In order to illustrate cross-country variations in mothers' ...ISBN-13:9781781956762
24Young children's close relationshipsJudy Dunn1993Through a careful examination of current research work inclu...ISBN-13:9780803944909
25Play and Learning in Early Childhood SettingsIngrid Pramling Samuelsson2008-11-14This book represents the outcome of the joint activities of ...ISBN-13:1402084986
26Social Communication Development and DisordersDeborah A. Hwa-Froelich2014-11-20This new standout volume is the first to describe developmen...ISBN-13:1317564529
27ChildhoodCourtney L. Meehan2016-05-01This collection is the first to specifically address our cur...ISBN-13:0826357016
28Learning and AwarenessFerence Marton2013-02-01This book stems from more than 25 years of systematic resear...ISBN-13:1136495835
29Feminist StudiesNina Lykke2010-04-05In this book, feminist scholar Nina Lykke highlights current...ISBN-13:1136978984
30Childhood's SecretsMax Van Manen1996-01This wonderful exploration of the meaning and significance o...ISBN-13:9780807735053
31Playing Outdoors: Spaces And Places, Risk And ChallengeTovey, Helen2007-11-01Young children seek adventure and challenge in their outdoor...ISBN-13:0335216412
32The Global Assault on Teaching, Teachers, and their UnionsL. Weiner2008-03-31Public education's character is increasingly under assault a...ISBN-13:0230611702
33Understanding Interactions at Science Centers and MuseumsEva Davidsson2012-03-24There is an increasing interest in understanding learning an...ISBN-13:9460917259
34Nomadic TheoryRosi Braidotti2012-01-24Rosi Braidotti's nomadic theory outlines a sustainable moder...ISBN-13:0231525427
35Adieu to Emmanuel LevinasJacques Derrida1999This volume contains the speech given by Derrida at Emmanuel...ISBN-13:9780804732758
36Pantone's Guide to Communicating with ColorLeatrice Eisemann2000Explains the emotional response to color and covers the late...ISBN-13:9780966638325
37BlushElspeth Probyn2005Exposes shame as a valuable emotion essential to our humanit...ISBN-13:0816627207
38Semblance and EventBrian Massumi2011-09-30Events are always passing; to experience an event is to expe...ISBN-13:0262297256
39The Education of ManFriedrich Fröbel1887HARVARD:32044038458667
40Learning to LearnIngrid Pramling2012-12-06For eight years, since I began my research, my main concern ...ISBN-13:1461233186
1Pedagogiska miljöer och barns subjektskapande [Ljudupptagni...Nordin-Hultman, Elisabeth2005Pedagogiska miljöer och barns subjektskapande [Ljudupptagni...
2Pedagogiska miljöer och barns subjektskapande [Elektronisk ...Nordin-Hultman, Elisabeth2008Pedagogiska miljöer och barns subjektskapande [Elektronisk ...
3Pedagogiska miljöer och barns subjektskapandeNordin-Hultman, Elisabeth, 1941-2004Pedagogiska miljöer och barns subjektskapande
1Pedagogiska miljöer och barns subjektskapandeNordin-Hultman, Elisabeth, 1941-,2004Pedagogiska miljöer och barns subjektskapande

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