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1Present absencesLinnea Bodén2016-08-23The aim of the study is to explore how school absenteeism as...ISBN-13:9176857220
2Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public HealthHoward Frumkin2018-01-04Human beings have always been affected by their surroundings...ISBN-13:019103875X
3Diary Of A BabyDaniel N. Stern2008-08-01Every new parent desperately wants to know what goes on in t...ISBN-13:0786723076
4Child Development and LearningWilliam C. Johnson1973ISBN-13:9780842202947
5Movement and Experimentation in Young Children's LearningLiselott Mariett Olsson2009-02-27In contemporary educational contexts young children and lear...ISBN-13:1134032447
6Vygotsky and CreativityM. Cathrene Connery2010This text presents a Vygotskian perspective on children’s ...ISBN-13:9781433107054
7The Beginnings of Social UnderstandingJudy Dunn1988Explains how children develop an understanding of the social...ISBN-13:9780674064539
8Making Learning VisibleClaudia Giudici2011ISBN-13:9788887960679
9Young Children and the EnvironmentJulie Davis2014-11-07This is an essential text for students, teachers and practit...ISBN-13:1107636345
10Pedagogical quality in preschoolSonja Sheridan2001STANFORD:36105110488645
11The Imaginary SignifierChristian Metz1982"... less about film than about the psychology of the viewin...ISBN-13:9780253203809
12Understanding Interactions at Science Centers and MuseumsEva Davidsson2012-03-24There is an increasing interest in understanding learning an...ISBN-13:9460917259
13Science Literacy in Primary Schools and Pre-SchoolsHaim Eshach2006-08-12This well-written and thought-provoking book presents the st...ISBN-13:140204674X
14Museums and EducationEilean Hooper-Greenhill2007-12-12At the beginning of the 21st century museums are challenged ...ISBN-13:1134181698
15Asperger's and GirlsTony Attwood2006World-renowned experts join those with Asperger's Syndrome t...ISBN-13:193256540X
16Working Mothers in EuropeUte Gerhard2005-01-01In order to illustrate cross-country variations in mothers' ...ISBN-13:9781781956762
17The Lecturer's ToolkitPhil Race2014-11-27The Lecturer’s Toolkit is a wide-ranging, down-to-earth, p...ISBN-13:1317662954
18The Capacity to CareWendy Hollway2007-01-24Wendy Hollway explores a subject that is largely absent from...ISBN-13:1134148364
19BlushElspeth Probyn2005Exposes shame as a valuable emotion essential to our humanit...ISBN-13:0816627207
20The Meaning Of This LifeBo Yin Ra2006-02-01Ask no longer whether life as such has any "worth", but rath...ISBN-13:9788120730496
21Governing the Child in the New MillenniumKenneth Hultqvist2013-01-11The contributors and editors of this volume begin from the a...ISBN-13:1136057307
22School TroubleDeborah Youdell2010-11-01This book sets out a series of possible approaches to pursui...ISBN-13:1136884181
23Cognitive DevelopmentAleksandr Romanovich Luriia1976Alexander Romanovich Luria, one of the most influential psyc...ISBN-13:9780674137325
24What is Art?Joseph Beuys2004Joseph Beuys's work continues to influence and inspire pract...ISBN-13:9781905570072
25Playing Outdoors: Spaces And Places, Risk And ChallengeTovey, Helen2007-11-01Young children seek adventure and challenge in their outdoor...ISBN-13:0335216412
26Teacher education in transitionJohn Furlong2000-10The 1990s were a period of quite dramatic change for initial...ISBN-13:9780335200405
27PISA PISA 2012 Assessment and Analytical Framework Mathemati...OECD2013-02-11This book presents the conceptual framework underlying the f...ISBN-13:9264190511
28The Definition of a ProfessionJoAnne Brown1992-08-17In the early twentieth century, a small group of psychologis...ISBN-13:9781400820788
29Excluding for inclusion?Eva Hjörne2004ISBN-13:9789173465014
30Policy ActorsStephen J. Ball2018-07-24Policy analysis has always attended to the role of elite act...ISBN-13:135178935X
31ZoontologiesCary Wolfe2003-01-01Those nonhuman beings called "animals" pose philosophical an...ISBN-13:9780816641055
32On Stalin's TeamSheila Fitzpatrick2015-09-15Stalin was the unchallenged dictator of the Soviet Union for...ISBN-13:1400874211
33Semiotics and EducationJay L. Lemke1984OCLC:15967135
34Laptops and literacyMark Warschauer2006-08-30ISBN-13:9780807747278
35Tear Off the Masks!Sheila Fitzpatrick2005-07-05When revolutions happen, they change the rules of everyday l...ISBN-13:1400843731
36Deleuze and EducationInna Semetsky2013-04-30These 13 essays address the broad territory of educational t...ISBN-13:0748669450
37Becoming Fashion-ableOtto von Busch2009STANFORD:36105132355525
38Health Inequalities and Welfare ResourcesJohan Fritzell2007Foreword by Lisa Berkman, Professor of Public Policy, Harvar...ISBN-13:9781861347572
39Young People, Sex and the MediaD. Buckingham2003-12-05Are children today growing up too soon? How do they - and th...ISBN-13:0230508634
40The Body in SocietyAlexandra Howson2013-04-03In everyday life we are not, for the most part, actively con...ISBN-13:0745676367

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