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1Movement and Experimentation in Young Children's LearningLiselott Mariett Olsson2009-02-27In contemporary educational contexts young children and lear...ISBN-13:1134032447
2Feminist StudiesNina Lykke2010-04-05In this book, feminist scholar Nina Lykke highlights current...ISBN-13:1136978984
3Early Childhood MattersKathy Sylva2010-01-04This book documents the rapid development of the importance ...ISBN-13:1135189862
4Diary Of A BabyDaniel N. Stern2008-08-01Every new parent desperately wants to know what goes on in t...ISBN-13:0786723076
5The SAGE Handbook of Early Childhood LiteracyJoanne Larson2012-11-09This new edition of the much-loved Handbook of Early Childho...ISBN-13:1473971241
6The Beginnings of Social UnderstandingJudy Dunn1988Explains how children develop an understanding of the social...ISBN-13:9780674064539
7Professional CapitalAndy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan2015-04-24The future of learning depends absolutely on the future of t...ISBN-13:0807771708
8The Matter of ImagesRichard Dyer2013-04-15First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1135135029
9Working Mothers in EuropeUte Gerhard2005-01-01In order to illustrate cross-country variations in mothers' ...ISBN-13:9781781956762
10Playing Outdoors: Spaces And Places, Risk And ChallengeTovey, Helen2007-11-01Young children seek adventure and challenge in their outdoor...ISBN-13:0335216412
11Learning BodiesMalou Juelskjær2008Is the body a mere container of learning processes? Or can w...ISBN-13:9788776842178
12The Imperative of HealthDeborah Lupton1995-06-15In this reappraisal of public health and health promotion in...ISBN-13:1446265846
13ChildhoodCourtney L. Meehan2016-05-01This collection is the first to specifically address our cur...ISBN-13:0826357016
14The Confessing SocietyAndreas Fejes2013-05-02"I highly appreciate the quality of Fejes’ and Dahlstedt...ISBN-13:1136734309
15Art and Creativity in Reggio EmiliaVea Vecchi2010-04-05This book explores the contribution of and art and creativit...ISBN-13:1136992219
16Entering Higher EducationCaroline Berggren2006-01-01STANFORD:36105122452399
17Pedagogical quality in preschoolSonja Sheridan2001STANFORD:36105110488645
18Children's ConversationMichael McTear1985-01-01ISBN-13:9780631142492
19Understanding Interactions at Science Centers and MuseumsEva Davidsson2012-03-24There is an increasing interest in understanding learning an...ISBN-13:9460917259
20Museums and EducationEilean Hooper-Greenhill2007-12-12At the beginning of the 21st century museums are challenged ...ISBN-13:1134181698
21Making Sense of Children's DrawingsAngela Anning2004-08-01This book explores how young children learn to draw and draw...ISBN-13:0335224059
22Beyond LearningGert J. J. Biesta2015-11-17Many educational practices are based upon ideas about what i...ISBN-13:1317263154
23Rethinking Superhero and Weapon PlaySteven Popper2013-02-01This book explores childrenOCOs war, weapon & superhero play...ISBN-13:0335247075
24Devising TheatreAlison Oddey2013-10-11Devising Theatre is a practical handbook that combines a cri...ISBN-13:1136111964
25BlushElspeth Probyn2005Exposes shame as a valuable emotion essential to our humanit...ISBN-13:0816627207
26Approaches to DemocracyW. J. Stankiewicz1980UOM:39015034795644
27Feminist Theatre Practice: A HandbookElaine Aston2005-07-05Feminist Theatre Practice: A Handbook is a helpful, practica...ISBN-13:1134771509
28Beyond the Natural BodyNelly Oudshoorn2003-09-02First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1134873433
29Laptops and literacyMark Warschauer2006-08-30ISBN-13:9780807747278
30Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education: Inclusive...David R. Mitchell2004Demonstrates how the fields of special education and inclusi...ISBN-13:9780415284547
31Social Communication Development and DisordersDeborah A. Hwa-Froelich2014-11-20This new standout volume is the first to describe developmen...ISBN-13:1317564529
32Reforming EducationMortimer Jerome Adler1990A founder of the "great books" movement addresses the contro...IND:30000000185946
33Nomadic TheoryRosi Braidotti2012-01-24Rosi Braidotti's nomadic theory outlines a sustainable moder...ISBN-13:0231525427
34Making Learning VisiblePaola Barchi2011ISBN-13:9788887960679
35Architecture from the OutsideElizabeth Grosz2001-06-22To be outside allows one a fresh perspective on the inside. ...ISBN-13:9780262265362
36A Guide to Qualitative Field ResearchCarol A. Bailey2017-11-21A Guide to Qualitative Field Research provides readers with ...ISBN-13:1506307019
37Young MasculinitiesStephen Frosh2001-10-31How do boys see themselves? Their peers? The adult world? Wh...ISBN-13:1403914583
38Leadership Gender And Culture In EducationCollard, John2004-10-01"This rich explorative book examines the intricacies of gend...ISBN-13:0335214401
39The Unwritten Rules of PhD ResearchMarian Petre2010-01-01This title, from Gordon Rugg and Marian Petre, discusses the...ISBN-13:0335240267
40Learning to LearnIngrid Pramling2012-12-06For eight years, since I began my research, my main concern ...ISBN-13:1461233186

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