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1Omvårdnadens grunderAnna-Karin Edberg2014ISBN-13:9789144083544
2Nursing ResearchDenise F. Polit2012Thoroughly updated and revised to emphasize the link between...ISBN-13:9781451109146
3Statens offentliga utredningar1979UCAL:$B778878
4NursingDorothea Elizabeth Orem1985NURSING: CONCEPTS OF PRACTICE presents a thorough descriptio...UOM:39015007092086
5Nursing Theories: a Framework for Professional PracticeKathleen Masters2014-07-01Nursing Theories: A Framework for Professional Practice, Sec...ISBN-13:1284041409
6Medical Medium Cleanse to HealAnthony William2020William provides "one-stop resource for cleansing of all kin...ISBN-13:9781401958459
7Rowing Without OarsUlla-Carin Lindquist2007-03-27More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming ti...ISBN-13:9781440678639
8Population Health MonitoringMarieke Verschuuren2018-12-17This timely volume presents an in-depth tour of population h...ISBN-13:3319765620
9Contemporary Nursing KnowledgeJacqueline Fawcett2012-11-27The 3rd Edition of this AJN Book-of-the-Year Award-Winner he...ISBN-13:0803637942
10Madness and Democracy: The Modern Psychiatric UniverseMarcel Gauchet2012-05-05How the insane asylum became a laboratory of democracy is re...ISBN-13:1400822874
11Pocket Atlas of Radiographic PositioningTorsten Bert Moeller2011-01-01Praise for this book:Remarkable...a valuable, easy-to-use de...ISBN-13:3131496614
12The Nurse Practitioner's Guide to NutritionLisa Hark2012-09-17The Nurse Practitioner’s Guide to Nutrition is a comprehen...ISBN-13:1118374541
13CDT 2019American Dental Association2018-08-29CDT 2019: Dental Procedure Codes, developed and published by...ISBN-13:1684470315
14Handbook of Disease Burdens and Quality of Life MeasuresVictor R. Preedy2012-12-19This handbook features in-depth reviews of disability-adjust...ISBN-13:9780387786667
15Gender SegregationLena Gonäs2016-12-05This insightful volume asks if, and to what extent, gender d...ISBN-13:1351934570
16The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of NursingBetty R. Ferrell2008-01-10The essence of nursing care continually exposes nurses to su...ISBN-13:0190450428
17Meanings of PainSimon van Rysewyk2019-08-31Experiential evidence shows that pain is associated with com...ISBN-13:3030241548
18Building Continents of Knowledge in Oceans of Data: The Futu...A. Ugon2018-05-18The domain of eHealth faces ongoing challenges to deliver 21...ISBN-13:1614998523
19International Perspectives on Public Health and Palliative C...Libby Sallnow2013-07-03Public health approaches to palliative care have been growin...ISBN-13:1136631992
20Communication Skills in Health and Social CareBernard Moss2012-03-26This thoroughly revised and updated Second Edition of Commun...ISBN-13:1446258602
21The Cause: a Short History of the Women's Movement in Great ...Ray Strachey2016-10-03"The history of the Women's Movement is the whole history of...ISBN-13:9781539098164
22Lifestyle in Heart Health and DiseaseRonald Ross Watson2018-01-31Lifestyle and Heart Health and Disease provides a comprehens...ISBN-13:0128112808
23Fifty Years of the Research and theory of R.s. LazarusRichard S. Lazarus2013-06-17A collection of the articles written by the author throughou...ISBN-13:1134806051
24Intensive One-Session Treatment of Specific PhobiasThompson E. Davis III2012-05-16Whether it’s dogs, spiders, blood, heights or some other f...ISBN-13:1461432537
25The Shape of SnakesMinette Walters2009-04-02A psychological thriller about race, family, and the brutal ...ISBN-13:9780307497840
26Successful Strategies for Teaching Undergraduate ResearchMarta Deyrup2013-09-11Editors Marta Deyrup and Beth Bloom have brought together we...ISBN-13:0810887177
27Ordered to CareSusan M. Reverby1987-08-28An engaging study of the dilemmas faced by American nursing,...ISBN-13:9780521335652
28Nursing PraxisSally E. Thorne1997With the evolution of nursing knowledge and theory, relation...ISBN-13:9780761900115
29Transdiagnostic Group Therapy Training and ImplementationLydia Morris2018-07-19Transdiagnostic Group Therapy Training and Implementation pr...ISBN-13:0128139900
30News CultureAllan, Stuart2010-03-01'News Culture' is an introduction to the forms, practices, i...ISBN-13:0335235654
31Ten Years After HelsinkiKari Mottola2019-07-11Divided between two military alliances, Europe has maintaine...ISBN-13:1000314332
32Palliative NursingElaine Stevens2009-11-16Palliative Nursing is an evidence-based practical guide forn...ISBN-13:9781444322712
33Researching Conflict, Drama and LearningJohn O'Toole2019-02-21This book offers a comprehensive and critical guide to resea...ISBN-13:9811359164
34Personal Hygiene CareLindsay Dingwall2010-01-19Meeting the hygiene needs of patients is a fundamental aspec...ISBN-13:9781444318715
35An Introduction to Human Movement and Biomechanics E-BookAndrew Kerr2019-03-26Now in its seventh edition, this reputable textbook is an id...ISBN-13:0702065005
36The Financial and Economic Crises and Their Impact on Health...Vicente Navarro2016-12-05This volume provides a timely collection of the most germane...ISBN-13:1351851586
37Acute Pain ManagementRaymond S. Sinatra2009-04-27This textbook provides an overview of pain management useful...ISBN-13:0521874912
38Teaching Grammar Creatively with CD-ROMGunter Gerngross2007Teaching Grammar Creatively is a practical new resource book...ISBN-13:9783902504296
39Clinical Child PsychiatryWilliam M. Klykylo2012-03-23Making a psychiatric diagnosis in children can be challengin...ISBN-13:1119967708
40NANDA International Nursing DiagnosesHeather T. Herdman2017-06-28Fully updated and revised by authors T. Heather Herdman, PhD...ISBN-13:1626239304
1Omvårdnadens grunderArrayOmvårdnadens grunder
2Omvårdnadens grunder2014Omvårdnadens grunder
3Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs] ansvar och utveck...2019Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs] ansvar och utveck...
4Omvårdnadens grundercop. 2009Omvårdnadens grunder
5Omvårdnadens grunder : ansvar och utveckling2009Omvårdnadens grunder : ansvar och utveckling
6Omvårdnadens grunder2014Omvårdnadens grunder
7Omvårdnadens grundercop. 2009Omvårdnadens grunder
8Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs]2009Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs]
9Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs]2014Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs]
1Omvårdnadens grunder : Ansvar och utvecklingEhrenberg, Anna, Wallin, Lars, 2014Omvårdnadens grunder : Ansvar och utveckling
2Omvårdnadens grunder : Ansvar och utvecklingEhrenberg, Anna, Wallin, Lars, Friberg, Febe 2009Omvårdnadens grunder : Ansvar och utveckling
3Omvårdnadens grunder : hälsa och ohälsaEdberg, Anna-Karin, 1961-, Wijk, Helle, 2014Omvårdnadens grunder : hälsa och ohälsa
4Omvårdnadens grunder - Perspektiv och förhållningssättÖhlén, Joakim, 1958-, Friberg, Febe, 1950- 2014Omvårdnadens grunder - Perspektiv och förhållningssätt
5Omvårdnad genom kommunikativa handlingarBaggens, Christina, Sandén, Inger, Omvårdnad genom kommunikativa handlingar

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