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1Omvårdnadens grunderAnna-Karin Edberg2014ISBN-13:9789144083544
2An Economic History of Twentieth-Century EuropeIvan T. Berend2006-04-20A major history of economic regimes and economic performance...ISBN-13:1139452649
3Rowing Without OarsUlla-Carin Lindquist2007-03-27More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming ti...ISBN-13:9781440678639
4The Nature of Theoretical Thinking in NursingHesook Suzie Kim, PhD, RN2010-05-03Named a 2013 Doody's Core Title! "This is a well-written, th...ISBN-13:9780826105882
5Nursing DiagnosisLynda Juall Carpenito2016-07-27Prepare your students to effectively apply nursing diagnosis...ISBN-13:9781496344946
6Connecting Health and HumansKaija Saranto2009The proceedings of the 10th International Nursing Informatic...ISBN-13:1607500248
7The CauseRay Strachey1928UOM:39015035306706
8Fountain HouseAlan Doyle2013-11-05Since 1948, people suffering from mental health issues, ment...ISBN-13:023115710X
9NursingDorothea Elizabeth Orem1985-01NURSING: CONCEPTS OF PRACTICE presents a thorough descriptio...UOM:39015007092086
10International Perspectives on Public Health and Palliative C...Libby Sallnow2013-07-03Public health approaches to palliative care have been growin...ISBN-13:1136631992
11Sociology of DiagnosisPJ McGann2011-08-03Offers an introduction to the sociology of diagnosis. This t...ISBN-13:0857245767
12Nordiska Livsstilsverkstan. En modell för intersektoriell s...2013ISBN-13:9289324627
13Operative GroupsJuan Tubert-Oklander2004Annotation "In Britain, group analysis developed as a group-...ISBN-13:9781843100942
14Managing Anorexia Nervosa2006Eating disorders comprise a diverse group, which include ano...UCSC:32106019033361
15People with Multiple SclerosisPaul J. Bull2015-09-01Multiple sclerosis is an incurable neurological disease of u...ISBN-13:1137457066
16Overcoming Medical PhobiasMartin Antony2006-03-03Overcome Your Fear of Doctors, Blood, Needles, and More-You ...ISBN-13:1608823571
17Nursing Management of the Patient with PainMargo McCaffery1979-01-01UOM:39015000266976
18WHO Resource Book on Mental Health, Human Rights and Legisla...Melvyn Freeman2005This publication highlights key issues and principles to be ...ISBN-13:9789241562829
19Ordered to CareSusan Reverby1987-08-28An engaging study of the dilemmas faced by American nursing,...ISBN-13:9780521335652
20Coping With Multiple SclerosisCynthia Benz2011-08-31Multiple sclerosis (MS) - a disease of the central nervous s...ISBN-13:1446490602
21Primer to the Immune ResponseTak W. Mak2011-01-26Primer to the Immune Response effectively presents complex i...ISBN-13:0123848881
22Growing Up with AlcoholEmma Fossey1994The use and misuse of alcohol by young people is an establis...ISBN-13:9780415099301
23Person-centred Dementia CareDawn Brooker2007Explaining the four key areas of person-centred care for peo...ISBN-13:1843103370
24The Wellness SyndromeCarl Cederström2015-02-04Not exercising as much as you should? Counting your calories...ISBN-13:0745688713
25Acute PsychiatryMatthew Castle2007This title is has been written by professionals working in t...ISBN-13:0443103054
26Wittgenstein's Philosophy of LanguageJames Bogen2014-04-04First published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1317833392
27Anti-Racist Social WorkLena Dominelli2008-04-21The third edition examines changes in anti-racist practice s...ISBN-13:9780230543010
28Reflective Lifeworld ResearchKarin Dahlberg2008-01-01This book explicates a reflective lifeworld research approac...ISBN-13:9789144049250
29Fundamentals of Nursing Models, Theories and Practice, with ...Hugh McKenna2014-06-23A concise, accessible introduction to the development, appli...ISBN-13:0470657766
30The Palliative PatientCharmaine Jones1994ISBN-13:9780969517320
31ClassUlrika Holgersson2016-08-31There is hardly any discussion of class that does not in som...ISBN-13:1317501373
32Betrayal of the InnocentsTimothy Mitchell1998In recent times, priests charged with sexual abuse have capt...ISBN-13:9780812216592
33Developing Person-Centred PracticeJaqui Hewitt-Taylor2015-03-09Person-centred care is the idea that the healthcare professi...ISBN-13:1137399791
34Coping with AgingRichard S. Lazarus2006-01-19Lazarus examines the experience of aging from the standpoint...ISBN-13:0195173023
35The nursing processCharlotte R. Kratz1979-01-01UOM:39015001608515
36Perioperative Care of the ChildLinda Shields2009-10-23Edited by well-known and highly-regarded children’s nurse ...ISBN-13:9781444314632
37Medical DevicesBertil Jacobson2007Patient safety is important to all health professionals, but...ISBN-13:0443102597
38An Introduction to the European Convention on Human RightsIain Cameron2011-01-01ISBN-13:9789176787779
39Ethnographic Research in Maternal and Child HealthFiona Dykes2015-09-25A unique and innovative resource for conducting ethnographic...ISBN-13:1317647920
40Nursing PraxisSally E. Thorne1996-12-11With the evolution of nursing knowledge and theory, relation...ISBN-13:9780761900115
1Omvårdnadens grunderOmvårdnadens grunder
2Omvårdnadens grunderOmvårdnadens grunder
3Omvårdnadens grunder : ansvar och utveckling2009Omvårdnadens grunder : ansvar och utveckling
4Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs]Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs]
1Omvårdnadens grunder : Ansvar och utvecklingEhrenberg, Anna, Wallin, Lars, 2014Omvårdnadens grunder : Ansvar och utveckling
2Omvårdnadens grunder : Ansvar och utvecklingEhrenberg, Anna, Wallin, Lars, Friberg, Febe 2009Omvårdnadens grunder : Ansvar och utveckling
3Omvårdnadens grunder : hälsa och ohälsaEdberg, Anna-Karin, 1961-, Wijk, Helle, 2014Omvårdnadens grunder : hälsa och ohälsa
4Omvårdnadens grunder - Perspektiv och förhållningssättFriberg, Febe Öhlén, Joakim, 2014Omvårdnadens grunder - Perspektiv och förhållningssätt
5Omvårdnad genom kommunikativa handlingarBaggens, Christina, Sandén, Inger, Omvårdnad genom kommunikativa handlingar

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