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1Omvårdnadens grunderAnna-Karin Edberg2014ISBN-13:9789144083544
2Omvårdnadens grunder - Ansvar och utveckling (bok + digital...2019ISBN-13:9789144123172
3Ten years after HelsinkiKari Möttölä1986STANFORD:36105038012055
4Nursing ResearchDenise F. Polit2012Thoroughly updated and revised to emphasize the link between...ISBN-13:9781451109146
5Sleep and HealthMichael Grandner2019-04-17Sleep and Health provides an accessible yet comprehensive ov...ISBN-13:0128153741
6Rowing Without OarsUlla-Carin Lindquist2007-03-27More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming ti...ISBN-13:9781440678639
7Oxford Textbook of Cancer BiologyFrancesco Pezzella2019-05-02The study of the biology of tumours has grown to become mark...ISBN-13:0198779453
8Nordiska Livsstilsverkstan. En modell för intersektoriell s...2013ISBN-13:9289324627
9International Perspectives on Public Health and Palliative C...Libby Sallnow2013-07-03Public health approaches to palliative care have been growin...ISBN-13:1136631992
10Worms in My AppleAnna Olsson2018-12-22In the 1950s, the author was a college student working towar...ISBN-13:1984570633
11Nursing PraxisSally E. Thorne1996-12-11With the evolution of nursing knowledge and theory, relation...ISBN-13:9780761900115
12Desk Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria From DSM-5®American Psychiatric Association2014-10-03The Desk Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria From DSM-5® i...ISBN-13:0890425647
13PostmodernityDavid Lyon1999In the second edition of this highly successful text, postmo...ISBN-13:9780816632275
14Clinical Child PsychiatryWilliam M. Klykylo2012-03-23Making a psychiatric diagnosis in children can be challengin...ISBN-13:1119967708
15Connecting Health and HumansKaija Saranto2009The proceedings of the 10th International Nursing Informatic...ISBN-13:1607500248
16NursingDorothea Elizabeth Orem1985-01NURSING: CONCEPTS OF PRACTICE presents a thorough descriptio...UOM:39015007092086
17Crossing StonesHelen Frost2016-09-06Maybe you won't rock a cradle, Muriel. Some women seem to pr...ISBN-13:1466896353
18The CauseRay Strachey1928UOM:39015035306706
19Instrumentation for the Operating RoomShirley M. Brooks Tighe1999Atlas of surgical instruments including those used for abdom...ISBN-13:9780323003506
20Nursing Theorists and Their WorkMartha Raile Alligood2010The most comprehensive of its kind, Nursing Theorists and Th...ISBN-13:9780323056410
21The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of NursingBetty R. Ferrell2008-01-10The essence of nursing care continually exposes nurses to su...ISBN-13:0190450428
22PhysicsJames S. Walker2010ISBN-13:9780321611116
23Crime PreventionSteven P. Lab2013-03-06This book examines several types of crime prevention approac...ISBN-13:1317523458
24The Hammer of GodBo Giertz2004-12A classic Swedish novel about love, faith and spiritual rene...ISBN-13:9780806651309
25Principles of MarketingBrown & Armstrong:Activbook, Adam Kotler2005Provides a concise and accessible introduction to marketing....ISBN-13:9780733971174
26Madness and Democracy: The Modern Psychiatric UniverseMarcel Gauchet2012-05-05How the insane asylum became a laboratory of democracy is re...ISBN-13:1400822874
27Overcoming Medical PhobiasMartin Antony2006-03-03Overcome Your Fear of Doctors, Blood, Needles, and More-You ...ISBN-13:1608823571
28Lifestyle in Heart Health and DiseaseRonald Ross Watson2018-01-31Lifestyle and Heart Health and Disease provides a comprehens...ISBN-13:0128112808
29Nursing Theorists and Their WorkMartha Raile Alligood2013-12-27The most comprehensive of its kind, Nursing Theorists and Th...ISBN-13:0323292917
30Sociology of DiagnosisPJ McGann2011-08-03Offers an introduction to the sociology of diagnosis. This t...ISBN-13:0857245767
31Interpersonal aspects of nursingJoyce Travelbee1971UOM:49015000321985
32Fundamental Aspects of Palliative Care Nursing 2nd EditionRobert Becker2016-06-13This new and expanded edition is aimed directly at the learn...ISBN-13:1856424529
33Essential Guide to Blood CoagulationMargareta Blombäck2011-08-24A practical guide to laboratory diagnosis and treatment of h...ISBN-13:1444357662
34Individualized CareRiitta Suhonen2018-08-22This contributed book is based on more than 20 years of rese...ISBN-13:331989899X
35A Good Death: On The Value Of Death And DyingSandman, Lars2004-09-01·Is there such a thing as a good death? ·Should we be able...ISBN-13:0335227740
36Demystifying Qualitative Research in Pregnancy and Childbirt...Tina Lavender2004This Book Guides Readers Through Qualitative Research. The T...IND:30000101899577
37Patient-Centred Health CareM. Keating2013-11-01There are four core themes developed in this book which deal...ISBN-13:1137308931
38Acting to Manage Conflict and Bullying Through Evidence-Base...Bruce Burton2015-06-15This book offers a complete and detailed account of the evol...ISBN-13:3319178822
39Motivational Interviewing in Nursing PracticeMichelle A. Dart2010-10-22Motivational Interviewing in Nursing Practice: Empowering th...ISBN-13:144961020X
40Management Control SystemsKenneth A. Merchant2007With its unique range of international case studies, real-li...ISBN-13:9780273708018
1Omvårdnadens grunderOmvårdnadens grunder
2Omvårdnadens grunderOmvårdnadens grunder
3Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs] ansvar och utveck...Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs] ansvar och utveck...
4Omvårdnadens grunderOmvårdnadens grunder
5Omvårdnadens grunder : ansvar och utvecklingOmvårdnadens grunder : ansvar och utveckling
6Omvårdnadens grunderOmvårdnadens grunder
7Omvårdnadens grunderOmvårdnadens grunder
8Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs]Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs]
9Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs]Omvårdnadens grunder [Elektronisk resurs]
1Omvårdnadens grunder : Ansvar och utvecklingEhrenberg, Anna, Wallin, Lars, 2014Omvårdnadens grunder : Ansvar och utveckling
2Omvårdnadens grunder : Ansvar och utvecklingEhrenberg, Anna, Wallin, Lars, Friberg, Febe 2009Omvårdnadens grunder : Ansvar och utveckling
3Omvårdnadens grunder : hälsa och ohälsaEdberg, Anna-Karin, 1961-, Wijk, Helle, 2014Omvårdnadens grunder : hälsa och ohälsa
4Omvårdnadens grunder - Perspektiv och förhållningssättFriberg, Febe Öhlén, Joakim, 2014Omvårdnadens grunder - Perspektiv och förhållningssätt
5Omvårdnad genom kommunikativa handlingarBaggens, Christina, Sandén, Inger, Omvårdnad genom kommunikativa handlingar

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