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1El coronel no tiene quien le escribaGabriel García Márquez2009ISBN-13:9783125355675
2Object-oriented Software Development Using JavaXiaoping Jia2003Jia (software engineering, DePaul University) helps readers ...UOM:39076002285273
3Visual Modeling with Rational Rose 2002 and UMLTerry Quatrani2003Thoroughly updated and fully compliant with Rational Rose 20...ISBN-13:9780201729320
4The CRC Card BookDavid Bellin1997CRC cards help project teams act out the various parts of a ...ISBN-13:9780201895353
5JDBCGregory David Speegle20021 -- Introduction to JDBC -- 2 -- Presenting Information to ...ISBN-13:1558607366
6The Unified Modeling Language Reference ManualJames Rumbaugh2010"If you are a serious user of UML, there is no other book qu...ISBN-13:9780321718952
7A Student Guide to Object-Oriented DevelopmentCarol Britton2004-08-21A Student Guide to Object-Oriented Development is an introdu...ISBN-13:9780080542041
8Essentials of Information SystemsJonas Floden2013This book gives a condensed introduction to information syst...ISBN-13:9789144077093
9Reflections on the Teaching of ProgrammingJens Bennedsen2008-05-20ISBN-13:3540779337
10SOA Source BookThe Open Group2009-04-04Software services are established as a programming concept, ...ISBN-13:9087535031
11Application Integration2010-01-05Application integration assembles methods and tools for orga...ISBN-13:0470610255
12Grounded Theory in Management ResearchKaren Locke2001-03-08This book describes the grounded theory approach for organiz...ISBN-13:9780761964285
13Systems ArchitectureStephen D. Burd2015-06-26Discover one of the most comprehensive introductions to info...ISBN-13:1305537378
14Expanding Educational Opportunities Through Partnerships and...IEEE Education Society (New York, N.Y.)2004ISBN-13:9780780385528
15Designing SearchGreg Nudelman2011-05-09Best practices, practical advice, and design ideas for succe...ISBN-13:1118109953
16The Definitive Guide to SugarCRMJohn Mertic2010-01-08SugarCRM is a leading open-source customer relations managem...ISBN-13:1430224401
17Alice in ActionJoel Adams2006This six-chapter supplementary text uses Alice, a three-dime...STANFORD:36105123325214
18Microsoft Visual C# 2013 Step by StepJohn Sharp2013-11-15Your hands-on guide to Visual C# fundamentals Expand your ex...ISBN-13:0735684979
19A Concise Introduction to Software EngineeringPankaj Jalote2008-10-17An introductory course on Software Engineering remains one o...ISBN-13:1848003021
20Effective Methods for Software TestingWilliam E. Perry2007-03-31Written by the founder and executive director of the Quality...ISBN-13:0470040483
21Using CRC CardsNancy M. Wilkinson1995Introduces CRC (Class, Responsibility, Collaborator) cards a...ISBN-13:9780133746792
22Applied Software Project ManagementAndrew Stellman2005-11-18"If you're looking for solid, easy-to-follow advice on estim...ISBN-13:9780596553821
23VB.NET Programming with the Public BetaBilly S. Hollis2001-01-01Offers a preview of Visual Basic programming for .NET--Micro...ISBN-13:9781861004918
24Beginning iPhone SDK Programming with Objective-CWei-Meng Lee2010-01-05ISBN-13:0470620307
25Extreme Programming Pocket GuideChromatic2003Provides information on eXtreme programming, or XP, a softwa...ISBN-13:0596004850
26Programming in Objective-CStephen G. Kochan2012-10-29Programming in Objective-C, Fifth Edition Updated for OS X M...ISBN-13:0133156524
27The Object AdvantageIvar Jacobson1995From the author of the bestselling Object-Oriented Software ...UOM:39015034023773
28Fear and Trembling and the Book on AdlerSøren Kierkegaard1994Now recognized as one of the nineteenth century's leading ps...ISBN-13:0679431306
29Requirements EngineeringRoel Wieringa1996-05-03An analysis of product development. Systems. Product develop...ISBN-13:9780471958840
30Analysis and Testing of Distributed Software ApplicationsHenryk Krawczyk1998-01The spread of network-based development platforms has made p...ISBN-13:9780863802225
31Corporate Environmental ManagementJohn Darabaris2007-08-13Establish an effective environmental performance program in ...ISBN-13:9781420055474
32Web Services EssentialsEthan Cerami2002-02-14As a developer new to Web Services, how do you make sense of...ISBN-13:1449337171
33Agile Software EngineeringOrit Hazzan2009-02-28Overview and Goals The agile approach for software developme...ISBN-13:1848001991
34Design Patterns for Embedded Systems in CBruce Powel Douglass2010-11-03A recent survey stated that 52% of embedded projects are lat...ISBN-13:9780080959719
35Thoughtful Interaction DesignJonas Löwgren2004The authors of Thoughtful Interaction Design go beyond the u...ISBN-13:9780262122719
36The Rust Programming LanguageSteve Klabnik2018-07-10The Rust Programming Language is the official book on Rust; ...ISBN-13:1593278519
37Ceremony and Ritual in ParliamentShirin M. Rai2013-10-18Ceremony and Ritual in Parliament breaks new ground in the s...ISBN-13:1317966589
38Information SystemsSteven Alter2002THE REALITY BEHIND SYSTEM SUCCESS... Steven Alter's "Informa...UVA:X004552927
39Applying Use CasesGeri Schneider2001-03-31Use case analysis is a methodology for defining the outward ...ISBN-13:0789745453
40The Physics of SolidsRichard Turton2000I like the way the book starts with bonds between atoms befo...ISBN-13:9780198503521
1Objektorienterad analys och designObjektorienterad analys och design
2Objektorienterad analys och design : en andra generationens ...Fagerström, Johan, 1959-1999Objektorienterad analys och design : en andra generationens ...
3Objektorienterad analys och design : en andra generationens ...Fagerström, Johan, 1959-Objektorienterad analys och design : en andra generationens ...
4Objektorienterad analys och design1998Objektorienterad analys och design
5Objektorienterad analys och design [Elektronisk resurs]2010Objektorienterad analys och design [Elektronisk resurs]
6Objektorienterad analys och design [Ljudupptagning]2002Objektorienterad analys och design [Ljudupptagning]
7Objektorienterad analys och design [Elektronisk resurs] : en...Fagerström, Johan, 1959-2010Objektorienterad analys och design [Elektronisk resurs] : en...
8Objektorienterad systemutveckling : en introduktionFagerström, Johan, 1959-1993Objektorienterad systemutveckling : en introduktion
9Objektorienterad designs påverkan på förvaltning av distr...Wikström, Nils2000Objektorienterad designs påverkan på förvaltning av distr...

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