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1Researching Information Systems and ComputingBriony J Oates2006With everything readers need to know about how to execute th...ISBN-13:9781412902243
2Researching Information Systems and ComputingBriony J Oates2006With everything readers need to know about how to execute th...ISBN-13:9781412902243
3Researching Information Systems and ComputingBriony J Oates2005-11-04With everything readers need to know about how to execute th...ISBN-13:1446235440
4Design Research in Information SystemsAlan Hevner2010-06-14It is 5 years since the publication of the seminal paper on ...ISBN-13:9781441956538
5Thesis ProjectsMikael Berndtsson2007-10-25You’re a computing or information student with a huge moun...ISBN-13:1848000081
6Projects in Computing and Information SystemsChristian W. Dawson2009This book is the essential guide for any student undertaking...ISBN-13:9780273721314
7Information Systems DevelopmentRob Pooley2013-10-26Information Systems Development: Reflections, Challenges and...ISBN-13:1461449510
8Research Methodologies, Innovations and Philosophies in Soft...Mora, Manuel2012-02-29Philosophical paradigms, theoretical frameworks, and methodo...ISBN-13:1466601809
9Enterprise Architecture for Global Companies in a Digital IT...Yoshimasa MasudaISBN-13:9811310831
10Doing Real ResearchEric Jensen2016-03-17Challenging the formality and idealized settings of conventi...ISBN-13:1473944287
11Health Care Information SystemsKaren A. Wager2017-02-08BESTSELLING GUIDE, UPDATED WITH A NEW INFORMATION FOR TODAY'...ISBN-13:1119337127
12Information Systems ResearchBonnie Kaplan2006-04-11Information Systems Research: Relevant Theory and Informed P...ISBN-13:1402080956
13Doing Qualitative Research OnlineJanet E. Salmons2015-11-30Lecturers, request your electronic inspection copy Qualitati...ISBN-13:1473934192
14Conducting Focus Groups for Business and Management Students...Caroline J. Oates2017-11-25Part of SAGE’s Mastering Business Research Methods, concei...ISBN-13:1526416123
15Electronic Government and the Information Systems Perspectiv...Kim Normann Andersen2010-08-18In front of you are the proceedings of the First Internation...ISBN-13:364215171X
16Software Architecture in PracticeLen Bass2003• •A thorough introduction to all aspects of software ar...ISBN-13:9780321154958
17Big Data in EducationBen Williamson2017-08-26This cutting-edge overview explores big data and the related...ISBN-13:1526416344
18Introduction to Networks v6 Companion GuideCisco Networking Academy2016-12-10This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include an...ISBN-13:0134655613
19Platform EcosystemsAmrit Tiwana2013-11-12Platform Ecosystems is a hands-on guide that offers a comple...ISBN-13:0124080545
20Software project managementMike Cotterell1995A comprehensive guide to the practical processes of software...UOM:39015032516463
21The Art of RiggingKiaran Ritchie2006ISBN-13:9780976800316
22The Art of Strategic Planning for Information TechnologyBernard H. Boar2002-02-28A revision of the bestselling book that shows IT departments...ISBN-13:047143762X
23Information Systems Action ResearchNed Kock2007-02-05This book uses action research to conduct research activitie...ISBN-13:0387360603
24Research Methodologies, Innovations and Philosophies in Soft...Mora, Manuel2012-02-29Philosophical paradigms, theoretical frameworks, and methodo...ISBN-13:1466601809
25Information Systems: Development, Applications, EducationStanislaw Wrycza2015-09-25This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the SIGSAN...ISBN-13:3319243667
26In Oldenburg's Long ShadowJean-Claude Guédon2001UOM:39015054413433
27Wireless Data TechnologiesVern A. Dubendorf2003-07-07The expansion and popularity of the Internet, along with the...ISBN-13:0470861347
28Project Research in Information SystemsTony Cornford2005-01-01ISBN-13:113706918X
29Compliance Management in Financial IndustriesMathias Eggert2014-01-08Since the peak of the world financial crisis in 2008, compli...ISBN-13:331903913X
30The fourth resourceDavid P. Best1996We are accustomed to thinking of our organizations in terms ...UOM:39015037421594
31Dynamic Enterprise ArchitectureRoel Wagter2005-02-22This book presents an approach to enterprise architecture, w...ISBN-13:0471716510
32Systems ThinkingMichael C. Jackson2017-07-05This updated and expanded second edition of Book provides a ...ISBN-13:9781548587925
33Strategic Operations ManagementDavid Walters2006-11-21The value chain framework has made its way to the forefront ...ISBN-13:0230206778
34Trusted Cloud ComputingHelmut Krcmar2014-11-15This book documents the scientific results of the projects r...ISBN-13:3319127187
35The Logic of Real ArgumentsAlec Fisher2004-09-23This new and expanded edition of The Logic of Real Arguments...ISBN-13:1107079047
36A Practical Guide to Information ArchitectureDonna Spencer2010-12ISBN-13:9780956174048
37Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency TechnologiesArvind Narayanan2016-07-19Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies provides a comprehen...ISBN-13:1400884152
38Information Technology Governance in Public OrganizationsLazar Rusu2017-07-30This book examines trends and challenges in research on IT g...ISBN-13:3319589784
39The Transmigration of Timothy ArcherPhilip K. Dick2011-10-18The final book in Philip K. Dick’s VALIS trilogy, The Tran...ISBN-13:0547601336
40Graphic Medicine ManifestoMK Czerwiec2015-04-29This inaugural volume in the Graphic Medicine series establi...ISBN-13:0271079266
1Researching information systems and computingOates, Briony J.Researching information systems and computing
2Researching information systems and computingOates, Briony J.2006Researching information systems and computing
3Researching information systems and computing [Ljudupptagnin...Oates, Briony J.Researching information systems and computing [Ljudupptagnin...
4Researching information systems and computing [Elektronisk r...Oates, Briony JResearching information systems and computing [Elektronisk r...

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