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1Perspektiv på specialpedagogikClaes Nilholm2007ISBN-13:9789144026633
2Marginalization Processes across Different SettingsSangeeta Bagga-Gupta2018-06-11While issues of marginalization and participation have engag...ISBN-13:1527511928
3SOU 2006:029 Teckenspråk och teckenspråkiga. Kunskaps- och...2006ISBN-13:9789138225462
4A Practicum Turn in Teacher EducationMatts Mattsson2012-01-01Challenges to practicum! The authors have explored professio...ISBN-13:9460917119
5Theorising Special EducationCatherine Clark1998The field of special needs education is well established, an...ISBN-13:9780415147507
6Handicapping the HandicappedHugh Mehan1986ISBN-13:9780804713047
7Between East and WestAnne Applebaum2015-03-05A vivid and human glimpse into Europe's borderlands as they ...ISBN-13:0141979232
8Schools and Special NeedsAlan Dyson2000In Schools and Special Needs, the authors provide a critical...ISBN-13:076196441X
9The Unwritten Rules of PhD ResearchMarian Petre2010-01-01This title, from Gordon Rugg and Marian Petre, discusses the...ISBN-13:0335240267
10Evidence-based Practices in Mental HealthJohn C. Norcross2006"Mental health professionals comprise a nation of difference...UCSC:32106019156485
11Social and Personality DevelopmentDavid R. Shaffer2008-09-19The success of this best-selling text lies in the author's b...ISBN-13:1111807264
12Crucial ConversationsJeanne Braham1995More than 40 examples of women's life writings - including m...ISBN-13:9780807762790
13Exploring Inclusive Educational Practices Through Profession...Gordon L. Porter2012-01-01Practitioners, scholars, and teacher education students alik...ISBN-13:9460915582
14Behind Special EducationThomas M. Skrtic1991ISBN-13:9780891082170
15Geographic ThoughtGeorge Henderson2009Without social movements and wider struggles for progressive...ISBN-13:0415471699
16The Battle Over HomeworkHarris M. Cooper2015-02-03Homework is the cause of more friction between schools and h...ISBN-13:1631440128
17Dyslexia in the Foreign Language ClassroomJoanna Nijakowska2010-06-23This book addresses specific learning difficulties in readin...ISBN-13:9781847694003
18Working Mothers in EuropeUte Gerhard2005-01-01In order to illustrate cross-country variations in mothers' ...ISBN-13:9781781956762
19Support Networks for Inclusive SchoolingWilliam C. Stainback1990-01-01UOM:39015015166435
20The Stones of FlorenceMary McCarthy2016-08-09A tribute to the author’s beloved Florence, blending histo...ISBN-13:1787200612
21New Perspectives on Translanguaging and EducationBethAnne Paulsrud2017-05-16This edited collection explores the immense potential of tra...ISBN-13:1783097833
22Japanese for Busy People IIAjalt2012-08-17A workbook designed to meet the needs of students who have s...ISBN-13:9781568364025
23On CritiqueLuc Boltanski2011-04-18Nancy Fraser, New School for Social Research --ISBN-13:0745649645
24Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education: Inclusive...David R. Mitchell2004Demonstrates how the fields of special education and inclusi...ISBN-13:9780415284547
25The Explosive ChildRoss W. Greene, PhD2014-05-20Screaming, swearing, crying, hitting, kicking, spitting, bit...ISBN-13:0062339796
26EmpiresHerfried Münkler2007-06-11Do the politicians in Washington dictate the rules that the ...ISBN-13:0745638716
27Language and Reading Disabilities: Pearson New International...Alan G. Kamhi2013-08-27For courses in speech and language intervention, language di...ISBN-13:1292035196
28Autism and the Family in Urban IndiaShubhangi Vaidya2016-09-30The book explores the lived reality of parenting and caring ...ISBN-13:8132236076
29Lexical Bundles in Native and Non-native Scientific WritingDanica Salazar2014-11-15This book presents an investigation of lexical bundles in na...ISBN-13:9027269521
30Multiprofessional CommunicationGeorgina Glenny2008-08-01What are the features of successful multiprofessional work? ...ISBN-13:0335236413
31Doing Conversation, Discourse and Document AnalysisTim Rapley2008-03-05Introducing the theory and practice of conversation, discour...ISBN-13:1446226794
32Language, Semantics and IdeologyMichel Pecheux1975-01-01ISBN-13:134906811X
33Making Special Education InclusivePeter Farrell2013-05-13The aim of this book is to consider how schools and LEAs can...ISBN-13:1136609474
34Contexts of JusticeRainer Forst2002-02-27"Contexts of Justice is a study that covers and definitely e...ISBN-13:0520232259
35PRAXIS I Exam CramDiana Huggins2009-10-22Succeed with topical reviews, practice exams, and preparatio...ISBN-13:076869163X
36Everyone Here Spoke Sign LanguageNora Ellen GROCE2009-06-30From the seventeenth century to the early years of the twent...ISBN-13:067450397X
37Bad MouthingJenny Corbett2013-11-05The power of language is overwhelming and this is shown in t...ISBN-13:1135400261
38Fabricating Quality in EducationJenny Ozga2011-12-22This book argues that data and their use constitute a form o...ISBN-13:1136824472
39Whisper of ScandalNicola Cornick2010-10-01Lady Joanna Ware has no desire to wed again but that doesn't...ISBN-13:1426868936
40Resistance, Reflection and ChangeAnders Gustavsson2005ISBN-13:9789144037875
1Specialpedagogik - vilka är de grundläggande perspektiven?...Nilholm, Claes2015Specialpedagogik - vilka är de grundläggande perspektiven?...
1Specialpedagogik Vilka är de grundläggande perspektiven?Nilholm, Claes,Specialpedagogik Vilka är de grundläggande perspektiven?

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