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1Perspektiv på specialpedagogikClaes Nilholm2007ISBN-13:9789144026633
2Marginalization Processes across Different SettingsSangeeta Bagga-Gupta2018-06-11While issues of marginalization and participation have engag...ISBN-13:1527511928
3Perspectives On Special EducationDr.L. Govinda RaoISBN-13:9788183161114
4Active Citizenship and Contexts of Special EducationAnastasia Alevriadou2011ISBN-13:9781907675034
5SOU 2006:029 Teckenspråk och teckenspråkiga. Kunskaps- och...2006ISBN-13:9789138225462
6Inclusion: The Dynamic Of School DevelopmentSkidmore, David2004-05-01Inclusion has been adopted as a policy goal in many countrie...ISBN-13:0335227910
7Handicapping the HandicappedHugh Mehan1986ISBN-13:9780804713047
8Schools and Special NeedsAlan Dyson2000-12-14Shortlisted for the Standing Conference on Studies in Educat...ISBN-13:1847876366
9What Really Works in Special and Inclusive EducationDavid Mitchell2014-01-10As teachers around the world deal with the challenges of inc...ISBN-13:1136253440
10A Practicum Turn in Teacher EducationMatts Mattsson2012-01-01Challenges to practicum! The authors have explored professio...ISBN-13:9460917119
11Ideological dilemmasMichael Billig1988A major contribution to the social scientific understanding ...ISBN-13:9780803980969
12Realizing the College Dream with Autism Or Asperger Syndrome...Ann Palmer2006Palmer advises parents and professionals how to prepare the ...ISBN-13:1843108011
13Environmental InteractionDavid V. Canter1976UOM:39015046453372
14Dilemmas of Schooling (RLE Edu L)Ann Berlak2012-04-27This study illuminates how the everyday activity of teachers...ISBN-13:1136471049
15DyslexiaPat Heaton2008-04-15Dyslexia: Students in Need offers a positive approach to stu...ISBN-13:0470777966
16The Explosive ChildRoss W. Greene2005Offers techniques for helping chronically inflexible childre...ISBN-13:006077939X
17Disability and DemocracyThomas M. Skrtic1995The text examines current practice in special education from...ISBN-13:9780807734100
18Children With Learning Problems: Readings in a Developmental...
19Geographic ThoughtGeorge Henderson2009Without social movements and wider struggles for progressive...ISBN-13:0415471699
20The Language of DeceptionISBN-13:0761909168
21No Education Without RelationCharles Wayne Bingham2004This book is a collective statement about a new approach to ...ISBN-13:9780820468303
22Contexts of JusticeRainer Forst2002-02-27"Contexts of Justice is a study that covers and definitely e...ISBN-13:0520232259
23Support Networks for Inclusive SchoolingWilliam C. Stainback1990-01-01UOM:39015015166435
24EmpiresHerfried Münkler2007-06-11Do the politicians in Washington dictate the rules that the ...ISBN-13:0745638716
25Psycholinguistic learning disabilitiesSamuel Alexander Kirk1971STANFORD:36105034015532
26The Language of Inclusive EducationElizabeth Walton2015-12-22The Language of Inclusive Education is an insightful text wh...ISBN-13:1317638670
27Children's Rights in EducationStuart N. Hart2001Providing perspectives, insights and recommendations, this i...ISBN-13:1853029777
28Beyond LearningGert J. J. Biesta2015-11-17Many educational practices are based upon ideas about what i...ISBN-13:1317263154
29Theorising Special EducationCatherine Clark2005-06-23The field of special needs education is well established, an...ISBN-13:1134754779
30Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education: Inclusive...David R. Mitchell2004Demonstrates how the fields of special education and inclusi...ISBN-13:9780415284547
31Excluding for inclusion?Eva Hjörne2004ISBN-13:9789173465014
32The Universal Right to EducationJoel Spring2000-04-01In this book, Joel Spring offers a powerful and closely reas...ISBN-13:1135659559
33Education in Multicultural SocietiesMarie Carlson2007-08-15For more than a century education has been considered the li...ISBN-13:9789186884208
34Fabricating Quality in EducationJenny Ozga2011-12-22This book argues that data and their use constitute a form o...ISBN-13:1136824472
35Listening to Young ChildrenAlison Clark2011The Mosaic approach views children as ‘experts in their ow...ISBN-13:1907969268
36Motivating HumansMartin E. Ford1992-10-06Of Motivational Systems Theory (Rationale for Motivational S...ISBN-13:9780803945296
37Language Awareness and Learning to ReadJ. Downing2012-12-06During the 1970s there was a rapid increase in interest in m...ISBN-13:1461382483
38Entering Higher EducationCaroline Berggren2006-01-01STANFORD:36105122452399
39Special Educator's Consultation HandbookLorna Idol1993-01-01UVA:X002452390
40Media Literacy EducationSirkku Kotilainen2010Digital culture offers different relationships with media to...ISBN-13:9789186523008
1Specialpedagogik - vilka är de grundläggande perspektiven?...Nilholm, ClaesSpecialpedagogik - vilka är de grundläggande perspektiven?...
1Specialpedagogik Vilka är de grundläggande perspektiven?Nilholm, Claes,Specialpedagogik Vilka är de grundläggande perspektiven?

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