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1Film, Religion and Activist CitizensMilja Radovic2017-06-26Film can be a socio-political and artistic-transformative cu...ISBN-13:1315442752
2Water Management, Communities, and EnvironmentHilde Greefs2006ISBN-13:9038209886
3Democratic FuturesMilja Kurki2013-03-05Democracy promotion has been an influential policy agenda in...ISBN-13:1135102287
4Causation in International RelationsMilja Kurki2008-04-03World political processes, such as wars and globalisation, a...ISBN-13:1139470760
5Transnational Cinema and IdeologyMilja Radovic2014-06-13Increasingly, as the production, distribution and audience o...ISBN-13:1135013209
6International Relations TheoriesTimothy Dunne2007-01This cutting-edge textbook is the most comprehensive introdu...ISBN-13:9780199298334
7Modern Solid Waste Management in PracticeAnna Bernstad Saraiva Schott2013-12-17This book focuses on sustainable solid waste management in a...ISBN-13:1447162633
8Förenta nationernas konferens om miljö och utvecklingSweden. Utrikesdepartementet1992ISBN-13:9789138128015
9Democracy PromotionJeff Bridoux2014-03-05This critical introduction to democracy promotion seeks to p...ISBN-13:1135140952
10Economic Analysis and Workers' Management1974CORNELL:31924078639097
11Policy Instruments for Environmental and Natural Resource Ma...Thomas Professor Sterner2010-09-30As Thomas Sterner points out, the economic 'toolkit' for dea...ISBN-13:1136522344
12Sustainable Forest ManagementJ. Bo Larsen1996ISBN-13:9789291209163
13Rethinking Democracy Promotion in International RelationsJessica Schmidt2015-08-20This book traces and conceptualises the changing notion of d...ISBN-13:1317502787
14Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaJules Verne1917An adaptation of the nineteenth-century science fiction tale...UVA:X000842582
15The Political Economy of the Dutch RepublicDr Oscar Gelderblom2013-06-28In the first half of the seventeenth century the Dutch Repub...ISBN-13:1409480232
16The Key Elements of Classroom ManagementJoyce McLeod2003An easy-to-read guide offers an introduction to effective cl...ISBN-13:0871207877
17Solid Waste ManagementRamesha Chandrappa2012-06-30Solid waste was already a problem long before water and air ...ISBN-13:364228681X
18Performing European MemoriesMilija Gluhovic2013-04-23Asking whether a genuinely shared European memory is possibl...ISBN-13:1137338520
19Compost and Fertilizer - Alternatives Or Complementary?2015ISBN-13:9789157684448
20The Conceptual Politics of Democracy PromotionChristopher Hobson2012-03-12How do different meanings of the concept of ‘democracy’ ...ISBN-13:1136643613
21The Polish OfficerAlan Furst2001-11-06September 1939. As Warsaw falls to Hitler’s Wehrmacht, Cap...ISBN-13:9781588361004
22High Five!Ken Blanchard2000-12-26High Five! combines the spellbinding charm of a timeless par...ISBN-13:0688170366
23Cleaner ProductionLennart Nilsson2007ISBN-13:9197552615
24Scientific Realism and International RelationsJ. Joseph2010-07-30Critical and scientific realism have emerged as important pe...ISBN-13:0230281982
25Trafikleding för bättre miljö2003UCAL:$C54449
26Management of Europe's Natural Heritage1987UVA:X001753141
27Radioactive and hazardous waste management in SwedenRolf Lidskog1994ISBN-13:9789155432980
28The Conceptual Politics of Democracy PromotionChristopher Hobson2012-03-12How do different meanings of the concept of ‘democracy’ ...ISBN-13:1136643613
29Night SoldiersAlan Furst2008-11-19Bulgaria, 1934. A young man is murdered by the local fascist...ISBN-13:9780307488817
30Nations, States, and ViolenceDavid D. Laitin2007-07-26A powerfully argued and trenchant examination of the sources...ISBN-13:019922823X
31Nordiska Ministerrådets projekt om miljö- och naturresursr...1933Sammanfattning. - Summary.ISBN-13:9789291203277
32Cover Him with DarknessJanine Ashbless2014-10-14In rural Italy, a priest keeps a dark secret beneath his cha...ISBN-13:1940550017
33The Lazy Project ManagerPeter Taylor2015-10-26The Lazy Project Manager shows how adopting a more focused a...ISBN-13:1910902055
34The Polish OfficerAlan Furst2001In September 1939, as German forces ravage Poland, Captain A...ISBN-13:9780375758270
35Gendering World PoliticsJ. Ann Tickner2001Tickner focuses her distinctively feminist approach on new i...ISBN-13:9780231113663
36Challenging the Innovation ParadigmKarl-Erik Sveiby2012-05-04Innovation is almost always seen as a "good thing". Challeng...ISBN-13:1136324526
37Joint Implementation of Commitments to Mitigate Climate Chan...Books For Life Foundation1996ISBN-13:9789291209118
38Women in Leading Positions1996On cover: Equality. Supplied with correction slip (1p.).ISBN-13:9789291209248
39New Thinking In International Relations TheoryMichael W Doyle2018-06-27This book of ten original essays provides a showcase of curr...ISBN-13:0429978316
40Star JournalMahtava Journals2017-10-21PAPERBACK 8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94cm) 160 PAGE LINED JOURNA...ISBN-13:9781979030694

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