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1Swedish Military IntelligenceGunilla Erikkson2016-08-16Gunilla Eriksson revises our perception of intelligence as c...ISBN-13:1474413455
2Regional Environmental Governance and Avenues for the Ecosys...Sara Söderström2017-01-17This thesis explores the avenues for the ecosystem approach ...ISBN-13:9176856062
3Modern Solid Waste Management in PracticeAnna Bernstad Saraiva Schott2013-12-17This book focuses on sustainable solid waste management in a...ISBN-13:1447162633
4The Future of Journalism: Developments and DebatesBob Franklin2015-09-25The Future of Journalism: Developments and Debates analyses ...ISBN-13:1317392752
5Justifying Interventions in AfricaN. Wilén2012-02-21This new paperback edition of Justifying Interventions in Af...ISBN-13:0230374964
6Comparing Media SystemsDaniel C. Hallin2004-04-12Building on a survey of media institutions in eighteen West ...ISBN-13:9780521543088
7Multi-layered Historicity of the PresentPauli Kettunen2013ISBN-13:9789521089107
8Representation from AbovePeter Esaiasson2017-07-05This book uses Sweden as a test case to analyze how parliame...ISBN-13:1351904221
9Between-Election DemocracyHanne Marthe Narud2013-10-02Acknowledging the elitist character of representative democr...ISBN-13:1907301984
10Postcolonialism and DevelopmentCheryl McEwan2008-11-20While the possibility of producing a de-colonized, postcolon...ISBN-13:1134080816
11The Future of IraqLiam Anderson2014-12-09Reordering Iraq is the lynchpin of America's successful invo...ISBN-13:1466886749
12Fängslande idéerMarianne Danielsson2010STANFORD:36105133329362
13Questionnaires in Second Language ResearchZoltán Dörnyei2014-04-08One of the most common methods of data collection in second ...ISBN-13:1135645973
14Women and StatesAnn E. Towns2010-06-03Examines momentous changes over the last century which have ...ISBN-13:0521768853
15The Perception of the EnvironmentTim Ingold2000-01An integrated approach to understanding how people live, lea...ISBN-13:0415228328
16China into AfricaRobert I. Rotberg2009-10-01Africa has long attracted China. We can date their first cer...ISBN-13:9780815701750
17China and AfricaDavid H. Shinn2012-07-10The People's Republic of China once limited its involvement ...ISBN-13:0812208005
18Patterns of educational philosophyTheodore Burghard Hurt Brameld1971UOM:39015026839723
19The Craft ReaderGlenn Adamson2010-01-15'The Craft Reader' presents an anthology of writings on mode...ISBN-13:1847883036
20Qualitative Text AnalysisUdo Kuckartz2014-01-23How can you analyse narratives, interviews, field notes, or ...ISBN-13:1446297764
21Forceful PersuasionAlexander L. George1991George examines seven cases--from Pearl Harbor to the Persia...ISBN-13:9781878379146
22Iraq's Dysfunctional DemocracyDavid Ghanim2011-09-30This book examines Iraq since 2003 and argues that a new dem...ISBN-13:0313398011
23Security, Identity and InterestsBill McSweeney1999-11-04Bill McSweeney addresses the central problem of internationa...ISBN-13:9780521666305
24Bankrupting NatureAnders Wijkman2012This powerful book shows us that we are in deep denial about...ISBN-13:0415539692
25The Open DoorLatifa al-Zayyat2002-01-01The Open Door is a landmark of women’s writing in Arabic. ...ISBN-13:1617971537
26The Air CampaignJohn A. Warden1998"The Air Force staff quickly came up with an air campaign, t...ISBN-13:1583481001
27Political Leaders and Democratic ElectionsKees Aarts2013-03-14Based on extensive data sets from national election studies ...ISBN-13:019965056X
28International Comparison of Physical EducationUwe Pühse2005Even though Physical Education is considered as a basic righ...ISBN-13:1841261610
29Strategies for Critical ReadingJane L. McGrath2004-04-01This unique book provides instruction on the importance of e...ISBN-13:9780130488756
30Pedagogies of Educational TransitionsNadine Ballam2016-10-04This book presents the latest research on educational transi...ISBN-13:3319431188
31Commercial Real EstateGeltner/Miller/Clayton/Eichholtz2013-02-15Rev. ed. of: Commercial real estate analysis and investments...ISBN-13:1133108822
32Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.tiSusanne Friese2014-03-19Are you struggling to get to grips with qualitative data ana...ISBN-13:1473904080
33Intermediate Financial TheoryJean-Pierre Danthine2014-10-15Targeting readers with backgrounds in economics, Intermediat...ISBN-13:0123868718
34Measuring Women’s Political Empowerment across the GlobeAmy C. Alexander2017-11-16This volume brings together leading gender and politics scho...ISBN-13:3319640062
35Feminism Without BordersChandra Talpade Mohanty2003-01-01Forging vital links between daily life and collective action...ISBN-13:9788186706718
36The HumanitariansDavid P. Forsythe2005-08-11Provides a comprehensive overview of the International Commi...ISBN-13:9780521612814
37The Oxford Handbook of Feminist TheoryLisa Disch2015-12-28The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theory provides a rich overv...ISBN-13:0190623616
38Business, Society and PoliticsAmjad Hadjikhani2012-12-11Looks at interaction between business firms and socio-politi...ISBN-13:1780529910
39Prohibiting PlunderWayne Sandholtz2007-12-31For much of history, the rules of war decreed that "to the v...ISBN-13:9780199725472
40Knowing the EnemyMary R. Habeck2006A penetrating look into the inner logic of al-Qa'ida and lik...ISBN-13:9780300122572

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