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1Swedish Military IntelligenceGunilla Erikkson2016-08-16Gunilla Eriksson revises our perception of intelligence as c...ISBN-13:1474413455
2Regional Environmental Governance and Avenues for the Ecosys...Sara Söderström2017-01-17This thesis explores the avenues for the ecosystem approach ...ISBN-13:9176856062
3Modern Solid Waste Management in PracticeAnna Bernstad Saraiva Schott2013-12-17This book focuses on sustainable solid waste management in a...ISBN-13:1447162633
4The Future of Journalism: Developments and DebatesBob Franklin2015-09-25The Future of Journalism: Developments and Debates analyses ...ISBN-13:1317392752
5Justifying Interventions in AfricaN. Wilén2012-02-21This new paperback edition of Justifying Interventions in Af...ISBN-13:0230374964
6Comparing Media Systems Beyond the Western WorldDaniel C. Hallin2011-11-28Comparing Media Systems Beyond the Western World offers a br...ISBN-13:1139505165
7Between-Election DemocracyHanne Marthe Narud2013-10-02Acknowledging the elitist character of representative democr...ISBN-13:1907301984
8Transfrontier Conservation AreasJens Andersson2017-07-04The introduction of transfrontier conservation areas (TFCAs)...ISBN-13:1351376748
9Riding the Waves of CultureFons Trompenaars2011-01-11THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT The defini...ISBN-13:1904838405
10Women and StatesAnn E. Towns2010-06-03Examines momentous changes over the last century which have ...ISBN-13:0521768853
11Fängslande idéerMarianne Danielsson2010STANFORD:36105133329362
12New Forms of Citizen ParticipationErik Amnå2010In recent years, representative democracy in Western societi...ISBN-13:9783832952402
13The Water WarsCameron Stracher2011-10-01Welcome to a future where water is more precious than oil or...ISBN-13:1402267606
14Questionnaires in Second Language ResearchZoltán Dörnyei2014-04-08One of the most common methods of data collection in second ...ISBN-13:1135645973
15Event-Driven ArchitectureHugh Taylor2009-02-17Improving Business Agility with EDA Going beyond SOA, enterp...ISBN-13:9780321635150
16Salsa Dancing into the Social SciencesKristin Luker2009-06-30This book is both a handbook for defining and completing a r...ISBN-13:0674040384
17War: A Short HistoryJeremy Black2014-03-04In this concise history of war, Jeremy Black ranges widely, ...ISBN-13:1441179534
18Forceful PersuasionAlexander L. George1991George examines seven cases--from Pearl Harbor to the Persia...ISBN-13:9781878379146
19Pedagogies of Educational TransitionsNadine Ballam2016-10-04This book presents the latest research on educational transi...ISBN-13:3319431188
20Sustainable Development and LearningWilliam Scott2003The book builds on existing work across a number of fields, ...ISBN-13:9780415276474
21The Global TransformationBarry Buzan2015-02-05The 'long nineteenth century' (1776–1914) was a period of ...ISBN-13:131623990X
22A History of Swedish BroadcastingMonika Djerf Pierre2014-02-19ISBN-13:9789186523732
23What is Qualitative Research?Martyn Hammersley2013-01-03This book illuminates the problems and perspectives of quali...ISBN-13:1849666067
24Caeleb’s Perfect GiftMegan Reedy2015-02-26Caeleb is a young boy who wants to find his mother the perfe...ISBN-13:1480814830
25On Craftsmanship: towards a new BauhausChristopher Frayling2012-06-18Craftsmanship has again become fashionable in high places, j...ISBN-13:1849432643
26Patterns of educational philosophyTheodore Burghard Hurt Brameld1971UOM:39015026839723
27Shaping Immigration NewsRodney Benson2013-08-19This book offers a comprehensive portrait of French and Amer...ISBN-13:0521887674
28The Open DoorLatifa Al-Zayyat2002-01-01The Open Door is a landmark of women's writing in Arabic. Pu...ISBN-13:1617971537
29Evaluating Transnational NGOsJ. Steffek2010-04-14Critics question the representativeness of NGOs, the democra...ISBN-13:0230277985
30The Condition of SustainabilityIan Drummond1999This book examines the political economy of sustainable deve...ISBN-13:0415194938
31Mastering Fashion MarketingTim Jackson2008-12-22This is the first book on the subject that combines contempo...ISBN-13:1137213469
32A manual for writers of term papers, theses, and dissertatio...Kate L. Turabian1967ISBN-13:9780226816197
33War and the Red CrossNA NA2016-04-30Wars in the post-Cold War era are overwhelmingly internal or...ISBN-13:113711472X
34Popular DevelopmentJohn Brohman1996-09-20This book provides a critical evaluation of development appr...ISBN-13:9781557863157
35Medusa (Oslo Crime Files 1)Torkil Damhaug2015-10-08'Nothing is as it seems in this sleek and cunning thriller' ...ISBN-13:1472206843
36In a Queer Time and PlaceJudith Halberstam2005-01-01What is the price of a limb? A child? Ethnicity? Love? In a ...ISBN-13:9780814735848
37Elite FamiliesBetty Farrell1993-09-06This book maps the development of a regional elite and its p...ISBN-13:9780791415948
38Pragmatic Muslim Politica2016ISBN-13:9789187833861
39The Globalization of International SocietyTim Dunne2017-01-19The Globalization of International Society re-examines the d...ISBN-13:0192516396
40Behind the Red LineJemera Rone1996Arrest of Church LeadersISBN-13:9781564321640

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