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1Linguistic Change under Contact ConditionsJacek Fisiak1995-01-01TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS is a series of books that open new per...ISBN-13:3110885174
2Language DeathNancy C. Dorian1981UCSC:32106005134736
3Redesigning EnglishSharon Goodman1996The rapid development of communications technology is transf...ISBN-13:9780415131247
4Language ContactErnst Håkon Jahr1992TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS is a series of books that open new per...ISBN-13:9783110128024
5Words in AdsGreg Myers1994Advertisements are an element of popular culture we genuinel...ISBN-13:9780340614440
6Heartland ExcursionsBruno Nettl1995In Heartland Excursions, one of today's foremost ethnomusico...ISBN-13:9780252064685
7Research Into Higher Music EducationHarald Jørgensen2009ISBN-13:9788270995387
8EthnomimesisRobert S. Cantwell2000-11-09Wide-ranging and provocative, this book will fascinate all t...ISBN-13:0807860697
9The Power of ToleranceWendy Brown2014-04-01We invoke the ideal of tolerance in response to conflict, bu...ISBN-13:0231170181
10Spatial QuestionsRob Shields2013-08-22"Rob Shields provides here an immensely sophisticated and de...ISBN-13:1446286738
11Health, Medicine and SocietyMichael Calnan2002-09-11Taking as its point of departure recent developments in heal...ISBN-13:1134598254
12Medicine as CultureDeborah Lupton2012-03-22Lupton's newest edition of Medicine as Culture is more relev...ISBN-13:1446258637
13Health, Civilization and the StateDorothy Porter2005-08-10This book examines the social, economic and political issues...ISBN-13:1134637187
14Ritual Healing in Suburban AmericaMeredith B. McGuire1988"One of the more provocative studies of why middle America i...ISBN-13:9780813513133
15Responsibility and Christian EthicsWilliam Schweiker1999-03-11Schweiker develops a powerful new theory of responsibility a...ISBN-13:9780521657099
16Biomedicine ExaminedM. Lock2012-12-06The culture of contemporary medicine is the object of invest...ISBN-13:9400927258
17Music Talent & PerformanceHenry Kingsbury2010-06-17An anthropologist's unusual ethnography of an American conse...ISBN-13:9781439904022
18Modern MedicineSimon J. Williams2013-10-18Do lay people view modern medicine as a fountain of hope or ...ISBN-13:1134219261
19Ethnologia Europaea 36:1Orvar Löfgren2007-06This volume starts out with two contrasting studies of monum...ISBN-13:9788763506915
20Cultural Perspectives in Student Affairs WorkGeorge D. Kuh1993This book describes how student affairs professionals can us...UOM:39015029887992
21Free to Be FoolishHoward M. Leichter2014-07-14Each of us is, to a certain extent, dangerous to his or her ...ISBN-13:1400861993
22Developing Communicative Competence in a Second LanguageRobin C. Scarcella1990UOM:39015024894829
23Religion and IdeologyRobert Bocock1985ISBN-13:9780719018404
24Health and IllnessMichael Calnan1987ISBN-13:9780422794206
25Bertolt BrechtBetty Nance Weber2010-03-01First published in 1980, this collection of fifteen original...ISBN-13:0820334782
26European Religion in the Age of Great CitiesHugh McLeod2005-08-18Europe in the nineteenth century saw spectacular growth in t...ISBN-13:1134867123
27Decentering the CenterUma Narayan2000The essays in this volume bring to their focuses on philosop...ISBN-13:9780253337375
28National History and IdentityMichael Branch1999From the Introduction: The purpose of the conference which p...IND:30000092927999
29Making SaintsKenneth E. Hendrickson1998This study tells the story of how the British army went from...ISBN-13:9780838637296
30BorderingAnders Linde-Laursen2016-04-15What is a border? This seemingly simple question is here ans...ISBN-13:1317173201
31Visions of Past GloryDerek Fewster2006Finland, during both prehistoric and medieval times, has bee...STANFORD:36105124211629
32Cultural Minorities in FinlandJuha Pentikäinen1985IND:30000079536532
33Caring and ResponsibilityJune S. Lowenberg1989June S. Lowenberg examines the symbolic meanings underlying ...UOM:39015015056131
34Caribbean Narratives of BelongingJean Besson2005Contemporary Caribbean society emerged within a complex fram...UVA:X004836989
35The Imperative of HealthDeborah Lupton1995-06-15In this reappraisal of public health and health promotion in...ISBN-13:1446265846
36Analysing PolicyCarol Bacchi2009-06-10This book offers a novel approach to thinking about public p...ISBN-13:1486022367
37Popular ImaginationSven-Erik Klinkmann2002IND:30000087687020
38The ArchivistMartha Cooley2008-11-15A young woman's impassioned pursuit of a sealed cache of T. ...ISBN-13:0316049492
39Gendered NationsIda Blom2000-05In recent years, nations, nationalism, and the nation-state ...STANFORD:36105028622368
40Worlds of IllnessAlan Radley2002-09-11In recent years the study of illness as experienced by patie...ISBN-13:113478936X

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