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1Mein KampfAdolf Hitler1940Mein Kampf (pronounced is an autobiographical manifesto by N...
2Hitler's Second BookAdolf Hitler2013-10-18The unpublished followup to Hitler's autobiography never pub...ISBN-13:1929631618
3Mein Kampf (Vol. 1)Adolf Hitler2018-08-24New English translation of this classic work by Adolf Hitler...ISBN-13:9781732353220
4Mein KampfAdolf Hitler2006-06Mein Kampf is perhaps the only notable work written in two v...ISBN-13:817224164X
5Mein KampfAdolf Hitler1939STANFORD:36105116273108
6My StruggleAdolf Hitler1922-04-20In 1922, just four years after the war to end all wars, an u...ISBN-13:9781682044124
7Mein KampfAdolf Hitler2016-05-30Adolf Hitler wrote this book when he was in prison for his p...ISBN-13:9380914857
8Mein Kampf (Vol. 2)Adolf Hitler2018-12-07New English translation of the classic work by Adolf Hitler....ISBN-13:9781732353244
9Mein KampfAdolf Hitller2017-04-26On April 1st, 1924, I began to serve my sentence of detentio...ISBN-13:9781545567159
10HitlerVolker Ullrich2017-10Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Biography A N...ISBN-13:1101872055
11Hitler TalkColin A. Thomson2009-01-01STANFORD:36105124161717
12On Hitler's Mein KampfAlbrecht Koschorke2017-03-31Hitler's Mein Kampf was banned in Germany for almost seventy...ISBN-13:0262338785
13Mein KampfHitler Adolf2016-05-30Mein Kampf in the original edition (German, presumably print...
14Mein KampfAdolf Hitler1992Hitler's infamous political tract was first published in 192...ISBN-13:9780712652544
15Mein Kampf Volume 2Adolf Hitler2015-12-31Illustrated English translation edition of Mein Kampf (prono...ISBN-13:9781522900832
16Mein KampfAdolf Hitler2011-11At head of title: The Third Reich from original sources.ISBN-13:9781908538697
17Mein KampfAdolf Hitler2010-05-27Adolf Hitler dictated the first half of Mein Kampf in 1923 w...ISBN-13:9781615890217
18DangerousMilo Yiannopoulos2017The liberal media machine did everything they could to keep ...ISBN-13:9780692893449
19Mein KampfDavid Levinthal1996A collection of soft-focus color photographs of toys staged ...ISBN-13:9780944092408
20Hitler's WordsAdolf Hitler1944UOM:39015008608740
211924Peter Ross Range2016-01-26The dark story of Adolf Hitler's life in 1924--the year that...ISBN-13:0316383996
22Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler2016-06-03Mein Kampf ("My Struggle") is a political manifesto written ...ISBN-13:9781533573087
23Mein Kampf. (extracts).Adolf Hitler1939UCAL:$B254853
24Mein Kampf. (extracts).Adolf Hitler1939UCAL:$B254853
25Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf2015-05-17This is the ultimate edition, a compilation of two of the gr...ISBN-13:9781512239355
26Mein Kampf TranslatedAdolf Hitler2016-07-29Mein Kampf This edition is the only German government funded...ISBN-13:9781535574136
27Mein Kampf Bi-Lingual EditionAdolf Hitler2015-05-15For the first time ever, readers can experience both the Ger...ISBN-13:9781937727604
28Autumn LightPico Iyer2019-04-16From one of our most astute observers of human nature, a far...ISBN-13:045149394X
29Adolf Hitler's Mein KampfFelicity J. Rash2006TextbookISBN-13:9780820481876
30Consumable Texts in Contemporary IndiaS. Gupta2015-02-23Through what he terms "bibliographical sociology", Suman Gup...ISBN-13:1137489294
31Hitler's Private LibraryTimothy W. Ryback2008-10-21A Washington Post Notable Book With a new chapter on eugenic...ISBN-13:0307270491
32IfChristopher Benfey2019-07-09A unique exploration of the life and work of Rudyard Kipling...ISBN-13:0735221448
33Hitler'S Lies: An Answer To Hitler's Mein KampfIrene Harand2010-01-01First published in Vienna in 1935, Hitler s Lies by Irene Ha...ISBN-13:9788184950700
34The Hotel YearsJoseph Roth2015-09-29The first overview of all Joseph Roth’s journalism: travel...ISBN-13:0811224880
35Becoming HitlerThomas Weber2017-11-09In Becoming Hitler, Thomas Weber continues from where he lef...ISBN-13:0199664625
36Might is Right, or The Survival of the FittestRagnar Redbeard1910ISBN-13:1387348493
37Memoirs of an Anti-SemiteGregor Von Rezzori2011-12-07The elusive narrator of this beautifully written, complex, a...ISBN-13:1590175506
38Joschka Fischer and the Making of the Berlin RepublicPaul Hockenos2008`mre is both a lively biography of Joschka Fischer and an in...ISBN-13:0195181832
39A Thousand Small SanitiesAdam Gopnik2019-05-14The New York Times-bestselling author offers a stirring defe...ISBN-13:1541699351
40The Language of ViolenceFelicity J. Rash2006This unique linguistic analysis of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf...ISBN-13:9780820488073
1Mein Kampf : eine Bilddokumentation : [nach Erwin Leisers fi...Leiser, Erwin, 1923-19961962Mein Kampf : eine Bilddokumentation : [nach Erwin Leisers fi...
2"Mein Kampf" : die Karriere eines deutschen BuchesKellerhoff, Sven Felix, 1971-2015"Mein Kampf" : die Karriere eines deutschen Buches
3Mein Kampf [Ljudupptagning]Hitler, AdolfMein Kampf [Ljudupptagning]
4Mein Kampf : histoire d'un livreVitkine, Antoine, 1977-Mein Kampf : histoire d'un livre
5Mein Kampf : ein Versuch, mit dem authentischen Text, die En...Moreau, Clément, 1903-1975Mein Kampf : ein Versuch, mit dem authentischen Text, die En...
6Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-1945Mein Kampf
7Mein Kampf : the official 1939 editionHitler, Adolf2011Mein Kampf : the official 1939 edition
8Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-1945Mein Kampf
9Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19452010Mein Kampf
10Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19452010Mein Kampf
11Hitlers 'Mein Kampf' : Eine literaturwissenschaftliche Sicht...Koschorke, Albrecht2016Hitlers 'Mein Kampf' : Eine literaturwissenschaftliche Sicht...
12Erwin Leisers Film "Mein Kampf" : eine Bilddokumentation der...Leiser, Erwin1984Erwin Leisers Film "Mein Kampf" : eine Bilddokumentation der...
13Mein Kampf [Elektronisk resurs]Mein Kampf [Elektronisk resurs]
14Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451992Mein Kampf
15Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-1945Mein Kampf
16Mein KampfBasara, Svetislav, 1953-2011Mein Kampf
17Mein Kampf : zwei Bände in einem BandHitler, Adolf.1940Mein Kampf : zwei Bände in einem Band
18Mein KampfLevinthal, David1996Mein Kampf
19Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-1945Mein Kampf
20Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451939Mein Kampf
21Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451933Mein Kampf
22Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451930Mein Kampf
23Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451933Mein Kampf
24Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451931Mein Kampf
25Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-1945[19--]-Mein Kampf
26Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451933-1934Mein Kampf
27Mein Kampf. : Eine AbrechnungHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451925-27Mein Kampf. : Eine Abrechnung
28Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451935Mein Kampf
29Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451999Mein Kampf
30Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-1945Mein Kampf
31Mein Kampf : Zwei Bände in einem Band Ungefürste Ausgabe. ...Hitler, Adolf, 1889-19451933Mein Kampf : Zwei Bände in einem Band Ungefürste Ausgabe. ...
32Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451930Mein Kampf
33Mein Kampf : zwei Bände in einem BandHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451933Mein Kampf : zwei Bände in einem Band
34Mein Kampf : I-IIHitler, Adolf, 1889-1945Mein Kampf : I-II
35Mein Kampf : I-IIHitler, Adolf, 1889-1945Mein Kampf : I-II
36Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-1945Mein Kampf
37Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-1945Mein Kampf
38Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451939Mein Kampf
39Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451933Mein Kampf
40Mein KampfHitler, Adolf, 1889-19451935Mein Kampf
1Mein KampfTännsjö, Torbjörn, 1946-,Mein Kampf
2Gömma eller skärskåda Mein Kampf?Svensson, Carl-Johan, 1977-,Gömma eller skärskåda Mein Kampf?
3Othmar Plöckinger, Geschichte eines Buches: Adolf Hitlers ...Åkerlund, Andreas,Othmar Plöckinger, Geschichte eines Buches: Adolf Hitlers ...
4Nationalisme og modernitetThörn, Håkan, 1961-,Nationalisme og modernitet
5Vårt förakt för svaghet och Mein Kampf. Två böckers bes...Jönson, Håkan,2012Vårt förakt för svaghet och Mein Kampf. Två böckers bes...
6The nation’s body : disability and deviance in the writing...Bengtsson, Staffan, 1970-,The nation’s body : disability and deviance in the writing...
7Självmordsbombare och korsriddare : Martyrideologi som driv...Åkerdahl, Per-Olof, 1948-,2013Självmordsbombare och korsriddare : Martyrideologi som driv...

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