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1Historic House Names of Nova ScotiaJoseph M. A. Ballard2018-10-30Uniacke House, Acacia Grove, Winckworth, Saint's Rest, Spruc...ISBN-13:9781771086684
2The Canadian Almanac and Miscellaneous Directory1920UCAL:B4016220
3The New Royal and Universal English Dictionary ...J. Johnson1763COLUMBIA:0022700960
4A Dictionary of the English Language. By Samuel Johnson, LL....Samuel Johnson1828BL:A0023671060
5Canadian Almanac & Directory1915OSU:32435056187594
6A Compendious Dictionary of the French Language, chiefly des...V. J. PEYTON1764BL:A0019605671
7A Dictionary of the English Language ... Abridged from the R...Samuel Johnson1820BL:A0022442082
8Nutrition and Diet Therapy Reference DictionaryRosalinda T. Lagua1996Completely up-to-date, this newly revised Fourth Edition pro...ISBN-13:9780412070518
9Research Techniques in Animal EcologyLuigi Boitani2000-06-01The present biodiversity crisis is rife with opportunities t...ISBN-13:0231501390
10Eskimo orientation SystemsMichael Fortescue1988-01-01CONTENTS: Introduction; Basic Parameters & Regions; Specific...ISBN-13:9788763511896
11The Canadian Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge1898NYPL:33433056836913
12LebanonWilliam Harris2012-07-11In this impressive synthesis, William Harris narrates the hi...ISBN-13:0199986584
13Heat ConductionLiqiu Wang2007-12-20Many phenomena in social, natural and engineering fields are...ISBN-13:9783540743033
14Anthropology of southern Africa in periodicals to 1950Nicolaas Jacobus Van Warmelo1977STANFORD:36105118582407
15A Dictionary of the English LanguageSamuel Johnson1818ONB:+Z178872907
16Stress Doppler EchocardiographySteve M. Teague2012-12-06For almost 40 years, a small but intense group of cardiovasc...ISBN-13:9400904770
17Elasticity, Fracture and FlowJ. C. Jaeger2012-12-06IN this monograph I have attempted to set out, in as elemen ...ISBN-13:9401160244
18The MacIntyres of Big Pond Center, Cape Breton, Nova ScotiaM. A. (Murdock Andrew) MacPherson1989OCLC:21905122
19A Dictionary of the English Language; in which the Words are...1818IBNF:CF990987808
20Biologists Under HitlerUte Deichmann1999Biologists under Hitler combines exhaustive research with ca...ISBN-13:9780674074057
21Fiber Optics Weekly Update
22Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics1979WISC:89041263294
23Chronology: or, a concise view of the annals of England. ......John TRUSLER1784BL:A0017675735
24The Gardener's Magazine and Register of Rural & Domestic Imp...1838MSU:31293010412801
25A Hebrew Grammar in the English LanguageJoseph Samuel Christian Frederick Frey1813BCUL:1092404503
26An-gim dim-ma1978
27Third Missouri River and North American piping plover and le...South Dakota State University. Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences2005WISC:89086157534
28The Shiites of Lebanon under Ottoman Rule, 1516–1788Stefan Winter2010-03-11The Shiites of Lebanon under Ottoman Rule provides an origin...ISBN-13:1139486810
29Surgery of the Skin E-BookJune K. Robinson2010-04-27Surgery of the Skin: Procedural Dermatology, by Dr. June K. ...ISBN-13:0323080723
30A Loyalist Plantation in Nova Scotia, 1784-1800Catherine M. A. Cottreau-Robins2012ABSTRACT CONT'D: Furthermore, the Loyalist migration represe...OCLC:893187949
31CMOS Current AmplifiersGiuseppe Palmisano1999-02-28CMOS Current Amplifiers presents design strategies for high ...ISBN-13:9780792384694
32The behaviour and design of steel structuresN. S. Trahair1988ISBN-13:9780412294808
33Dictionarium Britannicum Or a More Compleat Universal Etymol...Nathan Bailey1736BCUL:1092247915
34Light Metals—Advances in Research and Application: 2013 Ed...2013-06-21Light Metals—Advances in Research and Application: 2013 Ed...ISBN-13:1481677209
35Rapidly Quenched MaterialsH. Fredriksson2012-12-02The 327 papers in this two-volume set cover a wide range of ...ISBN-13:0080984606
36Annual ReportColumbia-Presbyterian Medical Center1962UIUC:30112108062479
37Annual Report of the California DUI Management Information S...1995UCLA:L0076885136
38Introductory Digital Systems for EngineeringMahomed Rafi Bera1999-01-01This book teaches the principles and techniques of digital s...ISBN-13:9780702144059
39United States Imports for Consumption of Merchandise1949PSU:000072826553
40Abdominal Imaging E-BookDushyant V Sahani2010-10-29Abdominal Imaging, a title in the Expert Radiology Series, e...ISBN-13:1455740330
1The plaine ma[ns] spirituall plough [Elektronisk resurs] Con...Carpenter, John, d. 1621.1607The plaine ma[ns] spirituall plough [Elektronisk resurs] Con...
2Spieghel der zeevaerdt, vande navigatie der Westersche zee, ...Waghenaer, Lucas Jansz., 1534-16061585Spieghel der zeevaerdt, vande navigatie der Westersche zee, ...
3At R. Montagu's book-warehouse, the General Post-Office, tha...Montagu, R. fl. 1718-1749.1738]At R. Montagu's book-warehouse, the General Post-Office, tha...

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