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1Literacy og sproglig diversitetHelle Pia Laursen2013-06-21Sproglig diversitet er et vilkar i en globaliseret verden. D...ISBN-13:877124302X
2Læringens fundamenterMikael Jensen (red.)2015-04-15Alle har oplevet læring. Vi har alle tillært os viden og f...ISBN-13:8771296530
3Det goda exemplet1996MINN:31951P004112832
4Läsfärdigheter i Norden2007Læsning og læsefærdigheder i Norden.ISBN-13:9289314796
5Framing EducationLars Wallner2019-01-22Interest in comics as Swedish school material has risen in t...ISBN-13:9176854191
6Datorplattor i en förskolekontextAnna Otterborn2020-09-04Society has undergone major and revolutionary changes in a r...ISBN-13:9179299083
8Läsning i barnperspektivGösta Dahlgren1985UOM:39015050992893
9Svensk bokförteckning1987UOM:39015065358304
10ElöverkänslighetUwe Harlacher1998UOM:39015058143150
11Pedagogies of Educational TransitionsNadine Ballam2016-10-04This book presents the latest research on educational transi...ISBN-13:3319431188
12Riksdagens protokollSweden. Riksdagen2001UCAL:B4554373
13Handbook of Early Childhood LiteracyNigel Hall2003-12-06`This volume examines early literacy research on a global sc...ISBN-13:9780761974376
14Negotiating Critical Literacies With Young ChildrenVivian Maria Vasquez2004-09-15Vivian Vasquez draws on her own classroom experience to demo...ISBN-13:1135640319
15Starting Strong II Early Childhood Education and CareOECD2006-09-14This review of early childhood education and care (ECEC) in ...ISBN-13:926403546X
16The Garden ClassroomCathy James2015James offers a whole year of outdoor play and learning ideas...ISBN-13:1611801648
17The SAGE Handbook of Early Childhood LiteracyJoanne Larson2012-10-11This new edition of the much-loved Handbook of Early Childho...ISBN-13:1473971241
18Storytelling with ChildrenAndrew Wright1995Stories motivate children to listen and learn, and help them...ISBN-13:9780194372022
19Literacy in the New Media AgeGunther R. Kress2003This important and influential book considers how the Intern...ISBN-13:9780415253567
20Learning Theories in ChildhoodColette Gray2015-09-10Focusing on the early philosophies of learning and key behav...ISBN-13:1473933803
21Children Learning Second LanguagesAnnamaria Pinter2011-03-29This comprehensive guide to research and debate centres arou...ISBN-13:0230302297
22SpottyH. A. Rey1997-04-28Tired of being treated differently by his family just becaus...ISBN-13:0547342306
23Children's Collaborative Technology-mediated StorymakingEwa Skantz Åberg2018ISBN-13:9789173469678
24Key Concepts in Early Childhood Education and CareCathy Nutbrown2011-01-18Lecturers, why waste time waiting for the post to arrive? Cl...ISBN-13:1446210189
25Literacy, Place, and Pedagogies of PossibilityBarbara Comber2015-07-30How can teachers ensure a pedagogy of possibility underpinne...ISBN-13:1317564626
26Children Reading Print and Television NarrativeDr Muriel Robinson2020-06-30Contrary to the popular assumption that television viewing i...ISBN-13:1135403139
27Memories Look at Me: A MemoirTomas Transtromer2011-12-17Tomas Tranströmer’s touching memoir. Written a few years ...ISBN-13:0811220192
28One Million ChildrenRobert E. Slavin2001This provides an in-depth discussion of Success for All, a r...ISBN-13:9780803968035
29Literacy and MotivationLudo Verhoeven2001-03-01The central question in this volume is how to create a socie...ISBN-13:1135670765
30What did I write?.Marie M. Clay1975Dr. Clay examines a child's first attempts to write. By trac...OCLC:614464994
31School RestructuringDimmock, Clive2014-01-09This is an examination of restructuring in the context of th...ISBN-13:131794898X
32Children and Their EnvironmentsChristopher Spencer2006-02-23This fascinating book examines theories of children's percep...ISBN-13:9780521546829
33Benny's Had Enough!Barbro Lindgren2005-10-01For use in schools and libraries only. Benny the pig's mothe...ISBN-13:9781417777259
34Language, Power and PedagogyJim Cummins2000-09-22Population mobility is at an all-time high in human history....ISBN-13:1853594741
35Early Years Second Language EducationSandie Mourão2014-11-20The age for early language learning has dropped dramatically...ISBN-13:1134507801
36Art StartersAnde Cook1996-01LEVEL: Key Stage 4 onwards. You will find plenty of uses for...ISBN-13:9780871923035
37Good Night, Alfie Atkins2005Alfie makes so many demands of his father at bedtime that ev...PSU:000056014440
38Envisioning LiteratureJudith A. Langer1995Based on a series of studies of the ways in which literary i...ISBN-13:9780807734643
39Educational Encounters: Nordic Studies in Early Childhood Di...Niklas Pramling2011-08-10Qualitative analyses of young children’s learning in natur...ISBN-13:9789400716179
40Identity TextsJim Cummins2011Jim Cummins is Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Cu...ISBN-13:9781858564784

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