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1Kvalitative metoder i organisations- og ledelsesstudierLise Justesen, Nanna Mik-Meyer2010ISBN-13:9788741253800
2Power, Culture and Situated Research MethodologyCecilie Basberg Neumann2017-08-08This book explores the extent to which our lives become an i...ISBN-13:3319592173
3Qualitative Research Methods in Organisation StudiesLise Justesen2013-04-01Thorough and effective, this methodology textbook is designe...ISBN-13:9788741256450
4Making Things ValuableMartin Kornberger2015-08-13What if value is neither an intrinsic quality of an object n...ISBN-13:0191020885
5Geriatric RheumatologyYuri Nakasato2011-06-01The first book dedicated explicitly to the care of elderly p...ISBN-13:9781441957924
6Power and WelfareNanna Mik-Meyer2013When the state punishes criminals, removes children at risk,...ISBN-13:0415534429
7The Power of Citizens and Professionals in Welfare Encounter...Nanna Mik-Meyer2017-08-16This book is about power in welfare encounters. Present-day ...ISBN-13:1526110288
8The Danish Welfare StateMorten Frederiksen2016-04-29The Danish Welfare State analyzes a broad range of areas, su...ISBN-13:1137527315
9Qualitative Research in Business and ManagementMichael D Myers2013-03-21Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here An...ISBN-13:144629028X
10A Thrice-told TaleMargery Wolf1992-04A Thrice-Told Tale is one ethnographer's imaginative and pow...ISBN-13:9780804719803
11Turning Troubles into ProblemsJaber F. Gubrium2013-07-24Human service professionals deal with a wide range of proble...ISBN-13:1135123918
12The Social Pathologies of Contemporary CivilizationKieran Keohane2016-03-03The Social Pathologies of Contemporary Civilization explores...ISBN-13:1317015630
13Strategies in ActionISBN-13:9788759316948
14Sociological ObjectsGeoff Cooper2016-04-01What are the aims of sociology? What are its objects of stud...ISBN-13:1317053117
15Methodological Issues in Accounting ResearchZahirul Hoque2006A major problem confronting a researcher is which theoretica...ISBN-13:1904905129
16Understanding Youth in Late ModernityFrance2007-04-01This illuminating new book embeds our understanding of the y...ISBN-13:0335229743
17The Wellness SyndromeCarl Cederström2015-02-04Not exercising as much as you should? Counting your calories...ISBN-13:0745688713
18Narrative Pleasures in Young Adult Novels, Films and Video G...M. Mackey2011-07-08Stories are told today through many formats and young interp...ISBN-13:023031662X
19Societies under ConstructionDaniel J. Sage2018-05-24This edited collection explores building construction as an ...ISBN-13:3319739964
20Understanding ColorLinda Holtzschue2017-01-30THE PERCEPTION, UNDERSTANDING, AND USES OF COLOR—EXPANDED ...ISBN-13:1118920783
211864Tom Buk-Swienty2015-04-02The Battle of Dybbl, 1864. Prussian troops lay siege to an o...ISBN-13:1782830774
22Media and Communication Research MethodsAnders Hansen2013"Media and Communication Research Methods provides a clear a...ISBN-13:1137589647
23Health and IllnessMichael Bury2005-03-04Michael Bury provides a lively introduction to the sociology...ISBN-13:0745630308
24Accounting in ScandinaviaSten A. Jönsson2005In this book we have tried to bring together a group of inte...IND:30000102879735
25Social Work with Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking ChildrenRavi K.S. Kohli2006-12-08Kohli offers a comprehensive overview of what is known about...ISBN-13:1137226714
26TaxationLynne Oats2012-03-29Taxation is a subject of enquiry that cuts across a range of...ISBN-13:1136333673
27Old Social Movements?2004Describes how the politics of class and the labour movement ...ISBN-13:9781854891587
28A Dictionary of MarketingCharles Doyle2016-04-28A Dictionary of Marketing is an accessible and wide-ranging ...ISBN-13:0191059609
29The Amsterdam SchoolMaristella Casciato1996Overzicht in woord en beeld van deze stroming in de Nederlan...ISBN-13:9789064502460
30Qualitative Research Methods for Media StudiesBonnie Brennen2012-11-12This book introduces the essential qualitative methods used ...ISBN-13:1136200886
31Printed EphemeraAlan Clinton1981UOM:39015004309251
32Psychology and Social WorkGabriela Misca2017-02-27Successful social work practice is underpinned by knowledge,...ISBN-13:0745696341
33Research Methods for Cultural StudiesMichael Pickering2008-02-22This new textbook addresses the neglect of practical researc...ISBN-13:0748631194
34Multicultures and CitiesGösta Arvastson2006In the planning of city development, it is important that di...ISBN-13:9788763503723
35Resource Sharing in LibrariesMarshall Breeding2013Supplementing your local collection through resource sharing...ISBN-13:083895880X
36Truth in MotionMartin Holbraad2012-06-01Embarking on an ethnographic journey to the inner barrios of...ISBN-13:0226349209
37The Frozen ChosenThomas McKelvey Cleaver2016-07-28In November 1950 The US 1st Marine Division was trapped in t...ISBN-13:147281438X
38Life on the OutsideØivind Fuglerud1999'The Fuglerud study is a prototype for any anthropologist or...ISBN-13:9780745314389
39An Ethic for Health PromotionDavid R. Buchanan2000-01-20What is the goal of public health promotion today? If the le...ISBN-13:019513057X
40The Value of Public LibrariesSvanhild Aabø2005For hver skattekrone folkebibliotekene får på landsbasis, ...UOM:39015073589585

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