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1Power FoodRens Kroes2016-10-25Pamper yourself with delicious, organic, and energizing Powe...ISBN-13:1631593307
2The Math GeneKeith Devlin2001-05-17Why is math so hard? And why, despite this difficulty, are s...ISBN-13:0786725087
3Adolescents' perceptions of school and reasons for learningJoanna Giota2001STANFORD:36105110506495
4Teaching, Learning and Assessing Science 5 - 12Wynne Harlen2005-11-09`Professor Harlen has, once again, provided the leading text...ISBN-13:9781446245453
5I Love You to the Moon and BackAmelia Hepworth2017-09The sun rises, and a bear and cub begin their day together. ...ISBN-13:9781680105223
6Moral SkepticismDiego E. Machuca2017-10-20Moral skepticism is at present a vibrant topic of philosophi...ISBN-13:131723930X
7Learning and mathematics gamesGeorge W. Bright1985-09UOM:39015017284939
8Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale, Third EditionThelma Harms2014-11-01The long-anticipated new version of the internationally reco...ISBN-13:0807755702
9The Diamond MysteryISBN-13:9789790150072
10Prelude to MathematicsW. W. Sawyer2012-04-19This lively, stimulating account of non-Euclidean geometry b...ISBN-13:0486152774
11Critical Analyses of Educational Reforms in an Era of Transn...Elisabeth Hultqvist2017-10-20This book represents a set of critical analyses of education...ISBN-13:3319619713
12The Art of FictionAyn Rand2000-01-01In 1958, Ayn Rand, already the world-famous author of such b...ISBN-13:1101137231
13The Educational SituationJohn Dewey2007-03PREFACE. THE Author of this very practical treatise on Scotc...ISBN-13:1406764701
14Educational Reform by ExperimentPeder Haug1992ISBN-13:9789176562833
15Shame and Pride: Affect, Sex, and the Birth of the SelfDonald L. Nathanson1994-03-17This is a revolutionary book about the nature of emotion, ab...ISBN-13:0393352129
16Free Voluntary ReadingStephen D. Krashen2011An eye-opening look at the latest research findings about th...ISBN-13:1598848445
17The Social and Applied Psychology of MusicAdrian North2008-04-10The Social and Applied Psychology of Music is the successor ...ISBN-13:0198567421
18The SAGE Handbook of Gender and EducationChristine Skelton2006-10-23The Handbook of Gender and Education brings together leading...ISBN-13:1446206483
19The Essential VygotskyRobert W. Rieber2013-03-20Seventy years after his death, the visionary work of Lev Sem...ISBN-13:0387306005
20Design Thinking for School LeadersAlyssa Gallagher2018-05-23"Design is the rendering of intent." What if education leade...ISBN-13:1416625976
21Learning DisabilitiesBrian J. Cratty2005-09-30This volume examines the field of learning disabilities and ...ISBN-13:1135306192
22Creativity in Primary EducationAnthony Wilson2014-12-04“An alien spaceship crash landed in my playground today”...ISBN-13:1473907179
23Educational Encounters: Nordic Studies in Early Childhood Di...Niklas Pramling2011-08-10Qualitative analyses of young children’s learning in natur...ISBN-13:9789400716179
24The Learning BrainTorkel Klingberg2013Despite all our highly publicized efforts to improve our sch...ISBN-13:0199917108
25The Sociology of ChildhoodWilliam A. Corsaro2014-01-03William A. Corsaro’s groundbreaking work, The Sociology of...ISBN-13:1483321231
26Digital WarsCharles Arthur2014-05-03The first time that Apple, Google and Microsoft found themse...ISBN-13:0749472049
27The Montessori Elementary MaterialMaria Montessori2015-08-13This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally ...ISBN-13:9781297831362
28Interest and Effort in EducationJohn Dewey2009-06-22ISBN-13:0809329409
29Discourse Formation in Comparative EducationJürgen Schriewer2009-01-01New theories and theory-based methodological approaches have...ISBN-13:9783631571293
30Becoming a ReaderJ. A. Appleyard1994-01-28Becoming a Reader studies the psychological development of r...ISBN-13:9780521467568
31Seeing SymmetryLoreen Leedy2013-01-07An introduction to the concept of symmetry as found in natur...ISBN-13:9780823427628
32Play and Learning in Early Childhood SettingsIngrid Pramling Samuelsson2008-11-14This book represents the outcome of the joint activities of ...ISBN-13:1402084986
33MarbackaSelma Lagerlof2016-09-26This fictionalized autobiography from Swedish writer Selma L...ISBN-13:9781909408296
34Who'll Save Alfie Atkins?Gunilla Bergström1979ISBN-13:9780080241975
35Foundation MathsAnthony Croft2016-02-23Foundation Maths has been written for students taking higher...ISBN-13:1292095199
36The Children of Hat CottageElsa Beskow2012When their mother goes to the mainland for the day, the chil...ISBN-13:9780863158551
37A Child Is BornLennart Nilsson2010-11Lennart Nilsson's unique photographic story -- a universal i...ISBN-13:9780224089944
38Uncorporate IdentityDaniel van der Velden2010This book takes an imaginative approach to visual identity. ...STANFORD:36105215361242
39Psychology of LiteracySylvia Scribner2013-10-01ISBN-13:9780674433007
40The Disappearance of ChildhoodNeil Postman2011-06-08From the vogue for nubile models to the explosion in the juv...ISBN-13:0307797228
1Lekfull matematik i förskolan [Elektronisk resurs]Kärre, Anna2015Lekfull matematik i förskolan [Elektronisk resurs]
2Lekfull matematik i förskolanKärre, Anna, 1958-Lekfull matematik i förskolan
3Matte på burk [Ljudupptagning] : en arbetsmetod för försk...Thisner, Annika2011Matte på burk [Ljudupptagning] : en arbetsmetod för försk...
4Numeroarkku [Elektronisk resurs] : Karhuvaarin tietokilpailu...2011Numeroarkku [Elektronisk resurs] : Karhuvaarin tietokilpailu...

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