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1Lärande, skola, bildningUlf P. Lundgren2012ISBN-13:9789127133709
2Discourses of Religion and Secularism in Religious Education...Karin Kittelmann Flensner2017-07-07This book answers the question on how students and teachers ...ISBN-13:3319609491
3Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing:Gretchen Hirsch2012-09-01Presents lessons on sewing and customization techniques that...ISBN-13:9781584799917
4Global Education ReformFrank Adamson2016-03-02Global Education Reform documents the ideologically and educ...ISBN-13:1317396952
5Fandom as Classroom PracticeKatherine Anderson Howell2018-05-15Providing ways to engage students through their popular cult...ISBN-13:1609385683
6Playing as if the World MatteredGabriel Kuhn2015-03-30The world of sports is often associated with commercialism, ...ISBN-13:1629631345
7Learning and DiscourseRoger Säljö1997ISBN-13:9781854332592
8Listening in ClassroomsMary McCaslin Thompson1996-01-01A guide to classroom communication for teachers, focusing on...ISBN-13:9780673468819
9Academic Writing in ContextMartin Hewings2006-08-15Explores a number of themes of interest to those engaged in ...ISBN-13:9780826481313
10Framing Social InteractionAnders Persson2018-07-20This book is about Erving Goffman’s frame analysis as it, ...ISBN-13:1317133536
11There and Back AgainMark Atherton2012-08-20‘Even the smallest person can change the course of the fut...ISBN-13:0857732684
12No Education Without RelationCharles Wayne Bingham2004This book is a collective statement about a new approach to ...ISBN-13:9780820468303
13Educational Research and Innovation Critical Maths for Innov...Mevarech Zemira2014-10-28This report looks at a number of published studies on mathem...ISBN-13:9264223568
14Motivating HumansMartin E. Ford1992-10-06Of Motivational Systems Theory (Rationale for Motivational S...ISBN-13:9780803945296
15The Development of ChildrenMichael Cole2005Development is best understood as a fusion of biological, so...ISBN-13:9780716755555
16Legends Never DieRichard Ian Kimball2017-04-28With every touchdown, home run, and three-pointer, star athl...ISBN-13:0815654057
17Challenging LearningJames Nottingham2015-10-22Challenging Learning offers advice and techniques for helpin...ISBN-13:1317411978
18Adolescents' perceptions of school and reasons for learningJoanna Giota2001STANFORD:36105110506495
19A World to WinSven-Eric Liedman2018The globalised world of the twenty-first century has many pa...ISBN-13:1786635046
20Rethinking indigenous educationCathryn McConaghy2000-02-01Written as part of the author's PhD studies. Argues that cul...STANFORD:36105114687259
21Understanding Interactions at Science Centers and MuseumsEva Davidsson2012-03-24There is an increasing interest in understanding learning an...ISBN-13:9460917259
22Beyond LearningGert J. J. Biesta2015-11-17Many educational practices are based upon ideas about what i...ISBN-13:1317263154
23Genre in the ClassroomAnn M. Johns2001-11-01For the first time, the major theoretical and pedagogical ap...ISBN-13:1135675376
24Rethinking Social InquiryHenry E. Brady2010-09-16With innovative new chapters on process tracing, regression ...ISBN-13:1442203455
25The Education of the ChildEllen Key2004-12-01Purchase one of 1st World Library's Classic Books and help s...ISBN-13:159540628X
26Education by the Numbers and the Making of SocietySverker Lindblad2018-03-19International statistical comparisons of nations have become...ISBN-13:1351586084
27What Really Works in Special and Inclusive EducationDavid Mitchell2014-01-10As teachers around the world deal with the challenges of inc...ISBN-13:1136253440
28Matrix TheoryAnders Holst2014-08-20A good understanding of matrices and their properties is a n...ISBN-13:9789144100968
29Existential Psychology and SportMark Nesti2004-03-01Increasing numbers of professional teams and athletes look f...ISBN-13:113446147X
30A Civilising Mission?Judith A. Simon2001This text uses both oral testimony and documentary resources...ISBN-13:9781869402518
31Transnational Curriculum Standards and Classroom PracticesNinni Wahlström2017-10-31Focusing on the meaning of teaching, Transnational Curriculu...ISBN-13:1351616013
32Sorting Things OutGeoffrey C. Bowker2000-08-25A revealing and surprising look at how classification system...ISBN-13:9780262261609
33Multiprofessional CommunicationGeorgina Glenny2008-08-01What are the features of successful multiprofessional work? ...ISBN-13:0335236413
34Heroicus. Gymnasticus. Discourses 1 And 2Philostratus2014In the writings of Philostratus (ca. 170-ca. 250 CE), the re...ISBN-13:9780674996748
35The Rabbit Hunter (Joona Linna, Book 6)Lars Kepler2018-05-03It begins with a nursery rhyme. Nineteen minutes later you d...ISBN-13:0008205922
36Biochemistry Primer for Exercise SciencePeter M. Tiidus2018-11-15Students trained in traditional exercise physiology have lea...ISBN-13:149258343X
37International Handbook of Research on Teachers and TeachingLawrence J. Saha2009-04-17The International Handbook of Research on Teachers and Teach...ISBN-13:0387733175
38Disclosure and Discretion in Roman AstrologySteven J. Green2014-06-26In light of modern scepticism towards the practice, it is ea...ISBN-13:0191019496
39Life in ClassroomsPhilip Wesley Jackson1990Since its first appearance, Life in Classrooms has establish...ISBN-13:9780807770054
40Educational Encounters: Nordic Studies in Early Childhood Di...Niklas Pramling2011-08-10Qualitative analyses of young children’s learning in natur...ISBN-13:9789400716179
1Lärande, skola, bildning : [grundbok för lärare]Lärande, skola, bildning : [grundbok för lärare]
2Lärande, skola, bildning [Elektronisk resurs] : [grundbok f...2012Lärande, skola, bildning [Elektronisk resurs] : [grundbok f...
3Lärande, skola, bildning : [grundbok för lärare]2012Lärande, skola, bildning : [grundbok för lärare]
1Entreprenörskap och livslångt lärande : utbildningspoliti...Ringarp, Johanna, 1974-,Entreprenörskap och livslångt lärande : utbildningspoliti...
2"Vad är det som ska åtgärdas egentligen?" : : Om dokument...Palla, Linda, 1974-, Barow, Thomas Östlund, Daniel "Vad är det som ska åtgärdas egentligen?" : : Om dokument...
3Länken mellan teori och praktik i lärarutbildningHappstadius, Eva-Lena, 1963-, Udén, Anna, 1962-, Länken mellan teori och praktik i lärarutbildning
4Mediemedborgaren i dagens läroplaner och framtidens klassru...Forsman, Michael, Docent, 1959-,2017Mediemedborgaren i dagens läroplaner och framtidens klassru...

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