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1Annuaire statistique de la SuèdeSweden. Statistiska centralbyrån1969SRLF:AA0000038588
2Sociala meddelanden1951MINN:31951001382202E
3Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol1971Includes sections "Activities of the Research Council on Pro...NWU:35556005286091
4Biographiskt Lexicon öfver namnkunnige svenska män1847BSB:BSB10070494
5Biografiskt lexikon öfver namnkunnige svenske män ...1847STANFORD:36105024579034
6Biographiskt lexicon öfver namnkunnige svenska mänVilhelm Fredrik Palmblad1847WISC:89128504834
7Meetings at the CrossroadsAnne Hvenekilde2001ISBN-13:9788270993468
8Ymer1900Includes the society's proceedings and list of members.UCAL:B2956206
9Acta paediatrica scandinavica1939UCAL:B4546769
10De franska sjöfärderna till Söderhafvet i början af ader...Erik Wilhelm Dahlgren1900HARVARD:HNUC53
11Historisk tafla af högstsalig f. d. konung Gustaf IV Adolph...Magnus Jacob Crusenstolpe1837HARVARD:HNQQV3
12Nordisk familjebok1909UCAL:B2926157
13Cumulated Index Medicus1970COLUMBIA:HR01149105
14Allman musikhistoriaTobias Norlind1916COLUMBIA:CU12083852
15ArsbokKarolinska förbundet1928UCAL:$B101166
16ÅrsbokKarolinska förbundet1929IND:30000123996021
17Social tidskrift1971CORNELL:31924071043362
18Sosiaalinen Aikakauskirja. Social Tidskrift. Revue SocialeFinland. Sosiaaliministeriö1971UCAL:B3330144
19Arabic as a Minority LanguageJonathan Owens2000-01-01CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE SOCIOLOGY OF LANGUAGE brings to student...ISBN-13:3110805456
20Learning and Teaching in Physical EducationColin Hardy2012-10-02Designed to fill the space of a course book for BA, PGCE and...ISBN-13:1135707855
21The Wow FactorAnne Bamford2006More than ever before, the arts are shaping and influencing ...ISBN-13:9783830966173
22Learning Another Language Through ActionsJames J. Asher2012-06Learning Another Language Through Actions (New 7th edition) ...ISBN-13:9781560180760
23Researching Higher EducationMalcolm Tight2012-08-01This authoritative book couples an overview of the principal...ISBN-13:0335241840
24The Latent Power of the SoulWatchman Nee1972-06-01The greatest advantage in knowing the difference between spi...ISBN-13:093500825X
25The Research Game In Academic LifeLucas, Lisa2006-10-01What are the implications of an increasingly competitive glo...ISBN-13:0335211917
26JerusalemSelma Lagerlof2014-07-01Inspired by a visit to a religious commune in the U.S., the ...ISBN-13:1776580273
27Realizing the Power of Professional LearningHelen Timperley2011-06-01Developing an approach to professional learning that has mot...ISBN-13:033524405X
28Kinds of LiteratureAlastair Fowler1985ISBN-13:9780198128571
29The Norton Anthology of African American LiteratureHenry Louis Gates (Jr.)2014Provides a survey of African American literature, from 140 w...ISBN-13:9780393923698
30Mending the World?Niclas Blader2017-06-16Religion has played a major role in history, affecting the c...ISBN-13:1532610653
31Hope and Otherness: Christian Eschatology and Interreligious...Jakob W. Wirén2017-10-30In Hope and Otherness, Jakob Wirén explores the place and r...ISBN-13:9004357068
32Open Heart, Open HomeKaren Burton Mains2002-07-05In this classic on Christian hospitality, Karen Mains steps ...ISBN-13:9780830823000
33Innovative PedagogyTatiana Chemi2017-04-18The main purpose of this book is to take a closer look at ho...ISBN-13:946300968X
34Reinventing Childhood After World War IIPaula S. Fass2011-11-29In the Western world, the modern view of childhood as a spac...ISBN-13:0812205162
35Encyclopedia of Children and ChildhoodPaula S. Fass2004This volume, covering entries A-E, examines the social and c...UOM:49015002947597
36The Politics of ExclusionMichal Krzyzanowski2011-12-31In many European countries the extreme right have refined th...ISBN-13:1412812089
37Intercultural Resource PackDerek Utley2004What is 'culture'? How do you tell other people about your n...ISBN-13:9783125335899
38The Linguistics of FootballEva Lavric2008ISBN-13:3823363980
39European folk danceJoan Lawson1970UOM:49015000940438
40Child art and Franz ČižekWilhelm Viola1937UOM:39015032636261

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