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1Dead ExtraSean Carswell2019-05-14A WWII vet wrongly reported dead is on the hunt for his wife...ISBN-13:1945551488
2Manual for Raven's Progressive Matrices and Vocabulary Scale...John C. Raven1998OCLC:968132116
3Wild MercyMirabai Starr2019-04-02Wild Mercy is essential reading for anyone ready to awaken t...ISBN-13:1683643356
4History of New OrleansJohn Smith Kendall1922WISC:89081205288
5Raven's APM KitJohn Carlyle Raven1998ISBN-13:9780158686431
6All Lined UpCora Carmack2014-05-13New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cora Carmack...ISBN-13:006232621X
7The Bible story ...Newton Marshall Hall1906HARVARD:HN4UJ2
8Elfhame's ChildrenVeronica Cummer2018-08-21In Elfhame's Children, Veronica Cummer explores, explains, e...ISBN-13:9781936922918
9Devastating LossesCarol E. Jordan, MS2012-06-20This book fills a critical gap in our scientific understandi...ISBN-13:0826107478
10Collected WritingsSamuel Lover2012-08Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts (1) We have...ISBN-13:9781290548595
11Army Mental TestsRobert Mearns Yerkes1920"This volume, in addition to the "Examiner's Guide," (includ...STANFORD:24503428561
12Abundant HarvestsJohn Dietler2016-05-15This book is no longer in print, but is available for downlo...ISBN-13:9781931901345
13Birds of the Los Angeles RegionKimball L. Garrett2006A pocket-sized photo guide to the 300 birds of the greater L...ISBN-13:9780964081055
14Louisiana Rocks!Tom Aswell2013-04-22An in-depth history of rock and roll's Louisiana roots. Taki...ISBN-13:1455607835
15Advanced Progressive MatricesJohn Carlyle Raven1965OCLC:1109436620
16The BulldogsGeorge Becnel2007-09-01"Lutcher High School Football is football that's an attitude...ISBN-13:1600080634
17Crystal Cove CottagesKaren E. Steen2017-10-16Tucked between the housing developments and golf courses of ...ISBN-13:9780692932148
18An Improbable PairingGary Dickson2019-01-08It began as a simple flirtation . . . In September of 1963, ...ISBN-13:1626345805
19Tristes TropiquesClaude Lévi-Strauss2012-01A milestone in the study of culture from the father of struc...ISBN-13:9780143106258
20Grief After SuicideJohn R. Jordan2011-01-19here are over 38,000 suicide deaths each year in the United ...ISBN-13:1135849269
21ShowtimeJeff Pearlman2014-03-04The New York Times bestselling author of Sweetness delivers ...ISBN-13:0698148614
22The American Football LeagueEd Gruver2011-01-14Unable to buy into an existing team and rebuffed by National...ISBN-13:9780786486601
23To the NFLR. D. Griffith2012-09-01ISBN-13:1434916812
24ABOUT SIXTY: Why Every Sherlock Holmes Story is the BestChristopher Redmond2016-11-14"Sixty original tales of Sherlock Holmes -- which one is the...ISBN-13:1479423734
25League of DenialMark Fainaru-Wada2014Draws on interviews, e-mails, and previously undisclosed doc...ISBN-13:0770437567
26Quran - The Final Testament - Authorized English VersionRashad Khalifa2017-12-22Proclaiming One unifying religion for all the people. The Bo...ISBN-13:9781387457250
27Heckedy PegAudrey Wood1992-09A mother saves her seven children from Heckedy Peg, a witch ...ISBN-13:9780152336790
28Club DeceptionSarah Skilton2017-07-25Welcome to CLUB DECEPTION where nothing is what it seems ......ISBN-13:1455597007
29The Krampus and the Old, Dark ChristmasAl Ridenour2016-09-12The Krampus, a folkloric devil associated with St. Nicholas ...ISBN-13:162731041X
30Food, Economics, and EntitlementsAmartya Sen1987UOM:39015018594427
31Sibley's Birding BasicsDavid Allen Sibley2008-12-18“I wrote and illustrated this book to help every inquisiti...ISBN-13:9780307545978
32What Lies Above the CloudsDavid Alan Arnold2019-07In his second memoir, David Alan Arnold takes us on a Life a...ISBN-13:9781732138735
33Shock Wave 2Florian Louisoder2018-10-10The truth is a lie. Honesty is rebellion. Privacy is decepti...ISBN-13:9781727835021
34The Girl Who Picked Up But Never Put DownMadison J. Girifalco2018-02-02The girl who picked up but never puts down, collects every d...ISBN-13:9781732002777
35The Moon and StarsR Calhoun Sargent2018-05-02Fifteen year old Dakota Dagger is on the fast track to self ...ISBN-13:9780692114223
36The Last SeasonPhil Jackson2005Phil Jackson offers his own take on his 2003-2004 season wit...ISBN-13:9780143035879
37Bobby Ether and the Jade AcademyR. Scott Boyer2019-05-24When Bobby Ether is abducted and brought to the secluded Jad...ISBN-13:9781633937451
38The Artful BirdAbigail Patner Glassenberg2011-01-18Join the flock! Create your own aviary of charming, beautifu...ISBN-13:9781596682382
39The Ballad of Huck and MiguelTim DeRoche2018An American classic becomes a modern adventure. In this rete...ISBN-13:9780999277676
40Just VisitingDahlia Adler2015Place of publication transcribed from publisher's website.ISBN-13:9781633920538

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