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1Virtue Ethics and Human EnhancementBarbro Fröding2012-10-24This book shows how pressing issues in bioethics – e.g. th...ISBN-13:9400756720
2Nature, Technology and Cultural Change in Twentieth-Century ...A. Goodbody2007-10-24This book traces shifting attitudes towards science and tech...ISBN-13:0230589626
3Świat człowieka - świat kulturyEwa Nowicka1991STANFORD:36105008788759
4Dictionary Catalog of the Research Libraries of the New York...1979UOM:39015082913586
5Fundamentals of Comparative and Intercultural Philosophy Lin Ma2016-03-25Discusses the conditions of possibility for intercultural an...ISBN-13:1438460155
7Bibliography of Agriculture with Subject Index1960UOM:39015023531638
8St - ZGert Ueding2009-01-01Mehr als 400 Fachwissenschaftler wurden gewonnen, um dieses ...ISBN-13:3110972581
9Orientacja seksualna. Źródła i kontekstyWojciech Łukasz DRAGAN2020-03-11W kwestii uwarunkowań orientacji seksualnej czy też różn...ISBN-13:836539099X
10Prehled Zemedelske Litratury Zahranicni i Domaci1959UOM:39015080046587
11Catalog of the Avery Memorial Architectural Library of Colum...Avery Library1968UOM:39015007173696
12Svensk-engelsk fackordbok för näringsliv, förvaltning, un...Ingvar Emanuel Gullberg1977MINN:31951D02141988Z
13Kürschners deutscher Litteratur-Kalender auf das Jahr ...1917IOWA:31858002742249
14Kürschners deutscher Literatur-Kalender auf das Jahr ...1914UIUC:30112109581410
15Chinese and Buddhist Philosophy in Early Twentieth-Century G...Eric S. Nelson2017-08-24Presenting a comprehensive portrayal of the reading of Chine...ISBN-13:1350002569
16Handbuch der pathogenen mikroorganismenWilhelm Kolle1928UCAL:B2954062
17Türk dili2000IND:30000085210387
18Die West-Ostbewegung in der deutschen GeschichteEkkehart Staritz1935UOM:39015026752975
19Katolická církev a pozemková reforma 1945-1948Milena Janišová1995UOM:39015054320075
20Phenomenology and Intercultural UnderstandingKwok-Ying Lau2016-09-29This book approaches the topic of intercultural understandin...ISBN-13:3319447645
21Kürschners deutscher Literatur-KalenderHeinrich Hart1912STANFORD:36105118914873
22SborníkUniverzita Komenského v Bratislave. Filozofická fakulta1932UOM:39015027939001
23Socialistické Zemědělství1954UCAL:B2919342
24Aspects of Classical Chinese SyntaxChristoph Harbsmeier1981UVA:X000537136
25Help! My Teenager is an AlienSarah Newton2007-03-01It was all so easy in the beginning. There you were with you...ISBN-13:0141900970
26Interface CulturesChrista Sommerer2015-07-31From media art archeology to contemporary interaction design...ISBN-13:3839408849
27Ars Electronica 2019Hannes Leopoldseder2019-09-30Ars Electronica has been following and analyzing the digital...ISBN-13:9783775745765
28International TourismYvette Reisinger, PhD2010-08-27In recent years there has been a considerable interest in th...ISBN-13:1136438890
29Max WeberMarianne Weber2017-07-12A founder of contemporary social science, Max Weber was born...ISBN-13:1351506587
30Principles Of Social PsychologyNicky Hayes2013-10-28This is designed to be a clear and readable introduction to ...ISBN-13:1135064695
31The Haunted GalleryLynda Nead2007This groundbreaking book explores the history of visual medi...ISBN-13:9780300112917
32Survival on Meagre ResourcesLeif O. Manger1996This is the first comprehensive study of Hadendowa Beja past...ISBN-13:9789171063861
33AgritourismMicha? Sznajder2009Agritourism describes the activity of holiday-making in rura...ISBN-13:1845934822
34Wittgenstein and the Limits of LanguageHanne Appelqvist2019-12-02The limit of language is one of the most pervasive notions f...ISBN-13:1351202650
35Understanding Cultural DifferencesEdward T. Hall2000-07-27Human resource management, at home and abroad, means assisti...ISBN-13:9781877864070
36Patterns of CultureRuth Benedict1934A study of the civilizations of the Zuni Indians, the native...CHI:11518273
37Signs of LifeEduardo Kac2009-09-18The theory and practice of bio art, a new art form that uses...ISBN-13:9780262513210
38The District Governor's DaughtersCamilla Collett1992"Considered the first Norwegian feminist novel - timeless in...UOM:39015029459503
39A Canon of Our OwnISBN-13:0615211283
40The Three Billy Goats GruffPeter Christen Asbjørnsen1979-01-01Three clever billy goats outwit a big, ugly troll that lives...ISBN-13:9780893751210
1The neglected ethic : cultural and religious factors in the ...Sampson, A. Chris M.cop. 1982The neglected ethic : cultural and religious factors in the ...

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