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1Kommunikation Lärarhandledning 2:a upplTove Phillips2017ISBN-13:9789140694485
2Kommunikation Lärarwebb Individlicens 12 månTove Phillips2011ISBN-13:9789140675132
3Wirtschaftskommunikation im WandelMartin Nielsen2013-04-17Die Autoren setzen sich mit unterschiedlichen Aspekten und F...ISBN-13:3322813061
4Knowledge Sharing in the Integrated EnterprisePeter Bernus2005-09-20Enterprise Architects, in their endeavor to achieve Enterpri...ISBN-13:0387266089
5The MoominsPhilip Ardagh2017-10-19'It's the most wonderful valley in the world.' - Moomintroll...ISBN-13:9781509810017
6The Dynasty YearsJostein Gripsrud2003-09-02The Dynasty Years documents and analyses in detail 'the Dyna...ISBN-13:1134884907
7Fashionable EncountersTove Engelhardt Mathiassen2014-05-30At the heart of this anthology lies the world of fashion: a ...ISBN-13:1782973834
8How to Talk to AnyoneLeil Lowndes2017-07-26How to Talk to Anyone :92 Little Tricks for Big Success in R...ISBN-13:9781973928782
9Moomin Book EightLars Jansson2013-10-29Get shipwrecked with Moomin on an abandoned island in the ei...ISBN-13:9781770461215
10Spaces and Identities in Border RegionsChristian Wille2015-11-30Spatial and identity research operates with differentiations...ISBN-13:3839426502
11The Position of the German Language in the WorldUlrich Ammon2019-09-15The Position of the German Language in the World focuses on ...ISBN-13:1351654896
12The Art Of Happiness At WorkThe Dalai Lama2005-08-15Following the massive success of The Art of Happiness, the D...ISBN-13:1444713884
13Wirtschaftsalltag und InterkulturalitätChristopher M. Schmidt2013-03-12Unter interkulturellem Postulat stellen die Autoren vielseit...ISBN-13:3322812758
14Healing MantrasThom Ashley-Farrand2008-12-24"Sound is more than simply a medium of artistic expression. ...ISBN-13:9780307556615
15The Handbook of Crisis CommunicationW. Timothy Coombs2012-01-10Written as a tool for both researchers and communication man...ISBN-13:1444361902
16The Rise of Victimhood CultureBradley Campbell2018-03-01The Rise of Victimhood Culture offers a framework for unders...ISBN-13:3319703293
17The Oxford Handbook of Language and LawLawrence Solan2012-03-08This book provides a state-of-the-art account of past and cu...ISBN-13:9780199572120
18International Practice Development in Nursing and Healthcare...Kim Manley2013-05-08International Practice Development in Nursing builds on Prac...ISBN-13:1118693469
19Building the e-World EcosystemTomas Skersys2011-12-09This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conferenc...ISBN-13:3642272606
20Masking momentsIng-Marie Back Danielsson2007STANFORD:36105122570836
21Encounter Images in the Meetings Between Africa and EuropeMai Palmberg2001-01-01Positive images of Africa contrast with negative images of m...ISBN-13:9789171064783
22International Handbook of English Language TeachingJim Cummins2007-12-31This two volume handbook provides a comprehensive examinatio...ISBN-13:0387463011
23History of ViolenceÉdouard Louis2018-06-19History of Violence is international bestselling French auth...ISBN-13:0374170592
24Relationships That WorkDavid B. Wolf2017-042nd EditionISBN-13:9780998484310
25New Literature on Women199703487962
26CalculusRobert A. Adams2013-01-06Classroom proven in Canada and abroad, this text has a reput...ISBN-13:032187742X
27Ancient Death WaysKim von Hackwitz2015ISBN-13:9789150624465
28Science Education Research and Practice in EuropeDoris Jorde2012-12-17Each volume in the 7-volume series The World of Science Educ...ISBN-13:9460919006
29The Devil's SanctuaryMarie Hermanson2013-09-03When Daniel arrives in Himmelstal -- a private Swiss psychia...ISBN-13:1455523887
30International Bibliography of Book Reviews of Scholarly Lite...2010STANFORD:36105211760223
31A Distant FatherAntonio Skarmeta2014-09-16From the prize-winning Chilean novelist Antonio Skármeta, a...ISBN-13:1590516265
32A European Television HistoryJonathan Bignell2008-12-15European Television History brings together television histo...ISBN-13:9781405163408
33Screening ProtestAlexa Robertson2018-07-11Screening Protest brings together a range of scholarly persp...ISBN-13:1351702181
34Count ZinzendorfJanet Benge2006Looks at the life and achievements of the religious reformer...ISBN-13:9781576582626
35Anatomy of DesignSteven Heller2009-03-01DIVAnatomy of Design dissects fifty examples of graphic desi...ISBN-13:1610601580
36Feminism, Epistemology & MoralityCathrine Holst2008Critique is the art of making judgments about something with...ISBN-13:9783836455695
37Handbook of Critical PsychologyIan Parker2015-04-17Choice Recommended Read Critical psychology has developed ov...ISBN-13:1317537181
38Being HearScott Boms2018-01-31A book about being present and listening.ISBN-13:9780996564236
39Northern Knits GiftsLucinda Guy2012-12-11In Northern Knits Gifts, knitwear and textile designer Lucin...ISBN-13:1620331624
40How to Make Animated FilmsTony White2017-07-14Sadly the days of the traditional studio apprenticeship in a...ISBN-13:1136139338
1KommunikationPhillips, Tove, 1972-Kommunikation
2KommunikationPhillips, Tove, 1972-Kommunikation
3Kommunikation [Elektronisk resurs]Phillips, ToveKommunikation [Elektronisk resurs]
4Kommunikation, digital, elevlic, 12 månPhillips, ToveKommunikation, digital, elevlic, 12 mån
5Kommunikation, digital, lärarlic, 12 månPhillips, ToveKommunikation, digital, lärarlic, 12 mån
6Kommunikation Lärarhandledning 2:a upplPhillips, ToveKommunikation Lärarhandledning 2:a uppl
7Kommunikation, lärarwebb, individlicens 12 månPhillips, ToveKommunikation, lärarwebb, individlicens 12 mån

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