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1Klassisk retorik för vår tidJanne Lindqvist Grinde2008ISBN-13:9789144047881
2Klassisk retorik för vår tidJanne Lindqvist2016ISBN-13:9789144099880
3Weight Training for GolfKai Fusser2012-03-01Provides instruction for weight lifting and exercising for g...ISBN-13:1932549773
4Rhetorical CriticismJim A. Kuypers2016-04-21Now in its second edition, Rhetorical Criticism: Perspective...ISBN-13:1442252731
5The Fundamentals of Creative AdvertisingKen Burtenshaw2011-08-31The Fundamentals of Creative Advertising provides an introdu...ISBN-13:2940411565
6Cicero: In Catilinam I and IIMarcus Tullius Cicero1982No Marketing BlurbUCSC:32106005508731
7Rhetoric: A Very Short IntroductionRichard Toye2013-03-28Rhetoric is often seen as a synonym for shallow, deceptive l...ISBN-13:0191653721
8The Worry TrickDavid A Carbonell2016-02-02Are you truly in danger or has your brain simply "tricked" y...ISBN-13:162625320X
9Reading Medieval LatinKeith Sidwell1995-08-24Reading Medieval Latin is an introduction to medieval Latin ...ISBN-13:1107393345
10Classical Rhetoric and Its Christian and Secular Tradition f...George A. Kennedy2003-07-11Since its original publication by UNC Press in 1980, this bo...ISBN-13:0807861138
11Working and Learning in Times of UncertaintySandra Bohlinger2015-11-03"This book analyses the challenges of globalisation and unce...ISBN-13:9463002448
12Eats, Shoots and LeavesLynne Truss2011-05-26Anxious about the apostrophe? Confused by the comma? Stumped...ISBN-13:0007431597
13Matrix TheoryAnders Holst2014-08-20A good understanding of matrices and their properties is a n...ISBN-13:9789144100968
14Essays on Classical Rhetoric and Modern DiscourseRobert J. Connors1984Eighteen essays by leading scholars in English, speech commu...ISBN-13:9780809311347
15An Introduction to Literature, Criticism and TheoryAndrew Bennett2016-03-02Lively, original and highly readable, An Introduction to Lit...ISBN-13:1317313127
16Confessions of Saint AugustineFrank J. Sheed1944-01-01Sheed's classic translation of Augustine's Confessions. True...ISBN-13:0567110052
17Language is SermonicRichard L. Johannesen1985-07-01Richard M. Weaver believed that “rhetoric at its truest se...ISBN-13:9780807112212
18The Booktalker's BibleChapple Langemack2003This lively and light-hearted guide provides all the informa...ISBN-13:9781563089442
19Sourcebook on RhetoricJames Jasinski2001-07-19This book is designed to introduce readers to the language o...ISBN-13:9780761905042
20Readers' Advisory Service in the Public LibraryJoyce G. Saricks2005Do you have anything else like this? In public libraries, re...ISBN-13:9780838908976
21Harry ScheinPer Vesterlund2018-04-03Skapandet av Svenska Filminstitutet 1963 är Harry Scheins m...ISBN-13:9100174815
22The Ethics of RhetoricRichard M. Weaver2017-04-07In The Ethics of Rhetoric, Richard M. Weaver evaluates the e...ISBN-13:1787204146
23Russia and GermanyWalter Laqueur2018-04-24Despite changes in the international constellation since Rus...ISBN-13:1351307061
24FrenchkissAnders Petersen2008World renowned phoptographer Anders Petersen explores the fr...ISBN-13:9781904587583
25Alcohol Strategy and the Drinks IndustryRob Baggott2006The report examines the nature of the drinks industry, its p...ISBN-13:9781859355411
26The Soul of Poetry RedefinedMats Malm2012What is the soul of poetry? The most influential answer was ...ISBN-13:9788763537421
27The NetocractsAlexander Bard2012-02-24History is always written from the perspective of the ruling...ISBN-13:918717300X
28"We're a Peaceful Nation"Brigitte Mral2004ISBN-13:9789185053612
29Maps of MeaningJordan B. Peterson2002-09-11Why have people from different cultures and eras formulated ...ISBN-13:1135961751
30Modern Rhetorical CriticismRoderick P Hart2017-12-06A comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the analysis ...ISBN-13:1351788450
31Rhetoric in Popular CultureBarry Brummett2017-09-20“An accessible introduction to contemporary rhetorical the...ISBN-13:150631564X
32MemoryJonathan K. Foster1999A fascinating and illuminating debate on the cognitive archi...ISBN-13:9780198524076
34Analyzing Text and DiscourseKristina Boréus2017-02-16Clearly setting out the advantages and disadvantages of each...ISBN-13:1473965675
3530-6 DRAMATIC SITUATIONS UPDATGeorges Polti2016-12-21Essential reading for writers and those involved in the dram...ISBN-13:9781585093731
36Responding to CrisisDan Pyle Millar2003-12-08In recent years, researchers and practitioners have explored...ISBN-13:1135640238
37Children of Their CityPer Anders Fogelström2008ISBN-13:9781932043488
38University Grammar of EnglishMaria Estling Vannestål2015-09This text is a corpus-based university grammar with a Swedis...ISBN-13:9789144104997
39The Theory of Moral SentimentsAdam Smith (économiste)1812BCUL:1092833964
40Gender TroubleJudith Butler2011-09-22Since its initial publication in 1990, this book has become ...ISBN-13:1136783245
1Klassisk retorik för vår tid [Ljudupptagning]Lindqvist, Janne2017Klassisk retorik för vår tid [Ljudupptagning]
2Klassisk retorik för vår tidLindqvist Grinde, Janne, 1969-2008Klassisk retorik för vår tid
3Klassisk retorik för vår tidLindqvist Grinde, Janne, 1969-Klassisk retorik för vår tid
1Klassisk retorik för vår tidLindqvist Grinde, Janne, 1969-,2008Klassisk retorik för vår tid
2Klassisk retorik för vår tidLindqvist, Janne, 1969-,2016Klassisk retorik för vår tid
3En Platon för vår tidCullhed, Anders, 1951-,En Platon för vår tid

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