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1MaterialläraSven Brennert1989ISBN-13:9789185026333
3Vem är det?Erik Thyselius1996UOM:39015035340523
4Guide to Biomass comminution: material properties, machinery...Lukasz Niedzwiecki2013-07-01This study aims to derive a qualitative model for energy req...ISBN-13:3863419383
7Svenska tandläkare tidskrift1964Includes as separately paged section: Svenska tandläkare-s...UCAL:B3770282
8Teknisk tidskrift1948MINN:31951D00124326M
9Industriell teknik1948CHI:101333847
10MaskinmaterialläraErik Storm1963UOM:39015002022948
11Svensk bokförteckning1989UOM:39015065358296
12The National Union Catalogs, 1963-1964UCSC:32106021025678
13Dudley's Handbook of Practical Gear Design and Manufacture, ...Stephen P. Radzevich2016-09-15Dudley's Handbook of Practical Gear Design & Manufacture, Th...ISBN-13:1498753116
14Getting Started with SolderingMarc de Vinck2017-10-11Getting Started with Soldering not only teaches new makers a...ISBN-13:1680453815
15Learn to WeldStephen Blake Christena2014-01-01DIVMaster MIG welding and the metal fabrication techniques y...ISBN-13:1610589009
16Welding For DummiesSteven Robert Farnsworth2010-09-07Get the know-how to weld like a pro Being a skilled welder i...ISBN-13:9780470648391
17How To Weld2008Thoroughly describes the tools and metals commonly used, pro...ISBN-13:9781616730697
18Building Better Products with Finite Element AnalysisVince Adams1999This book offers a practical view of finite element analysis...STANFORD:36105110394819
19LagomLinnea Dunne2017-07-13Step aside Hygge. Lagom is the new Scandi lifestyle trend ta...ISBN-13:1856753751
20Elementary Linear AlgebraHoward Anton2015ISBN-13:9788126562961
21Metalwork and EnamellingHerbert Maryon2012-12-13Best all-around book. Countless trade secrets. Author was fo...ISBN-13:0486142523
22Stainless Steels for Design EngineersMichael F. McGuire2008The rate of growth of stainless steel has outpaced that of o...ISBN-13:161503059X
23Classic Recipes of SwedenAnna Mosesson2013-10-30The 25 delicious recipes in this little cookbook offer a won...ISBN-13:9780754828723
24Advanced Tolerancing TechniquesHong-Chao Zhang1997-09-30Advanced Tolerancing Techniques is the first book to provide...ISBN-13:9780471145943
25Getting Design RightPeter L. Jackson2009-09-22Filling a new need in engineering education, Getting Design ...ISBN-13:1439811164
26Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle TechnologyVictor Albert Walter Hillier1991This is the fourth edition of a textbook which aims to cover...ISBN-13:9780748705313
27Product DesignMike Baxter1995-01-31The discovery of market needs and the manufacture of a produ...ISBN-13:9780748741977
28Basics CADJan Krebs2007Computer aided design (CAD) is the rendering of architectura...UOM:39015068829574
29Tensile Testing, 2nd EditionJoseph R. Davis2004ISBN-13:1615030956
30Surface and Interfacial ForcesHans-Jürgen Butt2009-12-21This systematic introduction to the topic includes theoretic...ISBN-13:9783527629428
31Swedish TraditionsJan Öjvind Swahn2012ISBN-13:9789174690408
32Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction, 9th Edit...William D. Callister2013-11-20Building on the extraordinary success of eight best-selling ...ISBN-13:1118476549
33Modern Physical MetallurgyR. E. Smallman2013-09-04Modern Physical Metallurgy describes, in a very readable for...ISBN-13:0080982239
34Understanding Materials ScienceRolf E. Hummel2013-06-29This introduction for engineers examines not only the physic...ISBN-13:1475729723
35Cooling Techniques for Electronic EquipmentDave S. Steinberg1991-10-22Details infallible techniques for designing electronic hardw...UOM:39015022055183
36Complicated Watches and Their RepairDonald De Carle1995Dealing with a complicated watch used to be a rare job for t...ISBN-13:9780719800900
37Battling the ElementsHarold A. Winters2001-03-09A geographer and three former U.S. Army officers limn the ro...ISBN-13:9780801866487
38Materials for ConservationC V Horie2013-10-22Materials for Conservation: Organic Consolidants, Adhesives ...ISBN-13:1483182770
39Manufacturing Techniques for Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs...Suresh G Advani2012-07-18Polymer matrix composites are used extensively across a wide...ISBN-13:0857096257
40Principles and Practices of Molecular PropertiesPatrick Norman2018-01-15A comprehensive yet accessible exploration of quantum chemic...ISBN-13:1118794818
1Karlebo Materiallära2014Karlebo Materiallära
2MaterialläraUllman, Erik, 1924-1997Materiallära
3MaterialläraBrennert, Sven, 1904-1993Materiallära
4Materiallära : metaller, plaster, elaster, smörjmedel, ker...Brennert, Sven, 1904-1989Materiallära : metaller, plaster, elaster, smörjmedel, ker...
5MaterialläraUllman, Erik, 1924-2003Materiallära
6Materiallära : metaller, plaster, gummi, smörjmedel, keram...Brennert, Sven, 1904-1985Materiallära : metaller, plaster, gummi, smörjmedel, keram...
7Materiallära [Elektronisk resurs]Ullman, Erik2008Materiallära [Elektronisk resurs]
8Materiallära : metaller, plaster, elaster, träBrennert, Sven, 1904-1959Materiallära : metaller, plaster, elaster, trä
9Materiallära : metaller, plaster, gummi, smörjmedel, keram...Brennert, Sven, 1904-19971980Materiallära : metaller, plaster, gummi, smörjmedel, keram...
10Materiallära [Ljudupptagning]2014Materiallära [Ljudupptagning]
11Materiallära [Ljudupptagning]Ullman, Erik2011Materiallära [Ljudupptagning]
12Materiallära : metaller, konsthartser, gummi, träBrennert, Sven, 1904-1948Materiallära : metaller, konsthartser, gummi, trä
13Materiallära : metaller, polymerer, träBrennert, Sven, 1904-19971964Materiallära : metaller, polymerer, trä
14Materiallära : metaller, plaster, gummi, träBrennert, Sven, 1904-1956Materiallära : metaller, plaster, gummi, trä
15Materiallära : metaller, plaster, gummi, träBrennert, Sven, 1904-19971953Materiallära : metaller, plaster, gummi, trä
16Materiallära : metaller, plaster, elaster, träBrennert, Sven, 1904-1962Materiallära : metaller, plaster, elaster, trä
17Materiallära : metaller, plaster och elaster, smörjmedel, ...Brennert, Sven, 1904-1968Materiallära : metaller, plaster och elaster, smörjmedel, ...
18Materiallära : metaller, plaster, gummi, smörjmedel, keram...Brennert, Sven, 1904-19971973Materiallära : metaller, plaster, gummi, smörjmedel, keram...
19Karlebo handbok : teknisk handbok1986Karlebo handbok : teknisk handbok
20Karlebo handbok : teknisk handbok1977Karlebo handbok : teknisk handbok
21Tribologi : friktion, smörjning och nötningJacobson, Staffan, 1958-1996Tribologi : friktion, smörjning och nötning

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