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1Collaborating Against Child AbuseSusanna Johansson2017-10-18This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This edi...ISBN-13:3319583883
2"Activation Policy in Action"Katarina H. Thorén2008ISBN-13:9789176366417
3Handbook of International Documentation and Information2003ISBN-13:9783598215827
4Poetics of Children's LiteratureZohar Shavit2009-11-01Since its emergence in the seventeenth century as a distinct...ISBN-13:0820334812
5The Future of ChildhoodAlan Prout2004-11-10In this ground-breaking book, Alan Prout discusses the place...ISBN-13:1134518668
6KalejdoskopetMargareta Björndahl2017-09-18Bokens huvudperson blir ensam med en fyraårig dotter under ...ISBN-13:9176995992
7SOU 2004:098 För oss tillsammans2004ISBN-13:9789138222195
8SOU 2006:029 Teckenspråk och teckenspråkiga. Kunskaps- och...2006ISBN-13:9789138225462
9International Handbook of Early Childhood EducationMarilyn Fleer2017-10-10This international handbook gives a comprehensive overview o...ISBN-13:9402409270
10Higher Education PedagogiesWalker, Melanie2005-11-01This book sets out to generate new ways of reflecting ethica...ISBN-13:0335228208
11Education, Professionalization and Social RepresentationsMohamed Chaib2012-01-26This book presents a broad range of research related to how ...ISBN-13:1136868917
12Socioeconomic background and achievementOtis Dudley Duncan1972ISBN-13:9780127851747
13Academic TeachingMaja Elmgren2014-04-10This is a comprehensive, research-based textbook on teaching...ISBN-13:9789144101019
14Svensk bok-katalog1921UOM:39015065358353
15Separation in South AfricaDavid Marshall Smith1976LCCN:76383372
16Mathematics Inside the Black BoxDylan Wiliam2006ISBN-13:9780708716878
17Illegality, Inc.Ruben Andersson2014-08-01In this groundbreaking ethnography, Ruben Andersson, a gifte...ISBN-13:0520958284
18No Education Without RelationCharles Wayne Bingham2004This book is a collective statement about a new approach to ...ISBN-13:9780820468303
19Child Perspectives and Children’s Perspectives in Theory a...Dion Sommer2009-12-24Recent decades have seen a growing emphasis, in a number of ...ISBN-13:9789048133161
20Post-Truth, Fake News and DemocracyJohan Farkas2019-09-17Western societies are under siege, as fake news, post-truth ...ISBN-13:1000507289
21Entering Higher EducationCaroline Berggren2006-01-01STANFORD:36105122452399
22Global pentecostalismDavid Westerlund2009-05-12Pentecostalism is a movement within Christianity placing spe...UOM:39015080828380
23America ReadsJacqueline Edmondson2000-01-01This book examines President Clinton's America Reads Challen...ISBN-13:9780872072602
24Summer ReadingRichard L. Allington2018ISBN-13:0807776696
25Cases on Challenges Facing E-Learning and National Developme...Ugur Demiray2010E-Learning offers many opportunities for individuals and ins...ISBN-13:9789759859091
26Matching Economic Migration with Labour Market NeedsOECD2014-09-18This publication gathers the papers presented at the “OECD...ISBN-13:9264216502
27Educational Encounters: Nordic Studies in Early Childhood Di...Niklas Pramling2011-08-10Qualitative analyses of young children’s learning in natur...ISBN-13:9789400716179
28Protecting Children from Sexual Violence2010Protecting children from sexual violence - A comprehensive a...ISBN-13:9789287169723
29The European Higher Education AreaAdrian Curaj2015-10-12Bridging the gap between higher education research and polic...ISBN-13:3319208772
30Studies in MultilingualismNels Anderson1969
31Health and Elite SportJoe Baker2014-10-17Health and Elite Sport is the first book to critically exami...ISBN-13:1134620012
32Addressing Childhood AdversityDavid Donald2000This guide aims to stimulate the development of effective co...ISBN-13:9780864864499
33My Spiritual AeroplaneAugusta Emma Stetson1919COLUMBIA:CU12135097
34Pedagogy of the CityPaulo Freire1993This book is primarily comprised of interviews that took pla...UTEXAS:059172130213627
35Learning Across CulturesGary Althen1994-01-01UOM:39015017425763
36How to Use Problem-based Learning in the ClassroomRobert Delisle1997Details the problem-based learning process, explores the tea...ISBN-13:0871202913
37The Encyclopedia of ChristianityErwin Fahlbusch1999Containing more than 300 articles, covering the alphabetical...ISBN-13:9780802824165
38Reconstructing IndiaSir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya1920UCAL:$B148093
39The Child's Conception of LearningIngrid Pramling1983The main purpose of this study was to trace the development ...UOM:39015010770843
40Punishment & SentencingMirko Bageric2001-07-01First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1843142465

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