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1EnkätbokenJan Trost2007ISBN-13:9789144040462
2Victims, Crime and SocietyPamela Davies2017-04-13This book provides a thorough account of victimisation acros...ISBN-13:1473910919
3Developmental Psychology: The Growth of Mind and BehaviorKeil, Frank2013-10-01Frank Keil 's Developmental Psychology represents his vision...ISBN-13:039393716X
4Personality PsychologyLarsenISBN-13:9781259002540
5Integrated Developmental and Life-course Theories of Offendi...David P. Farrington2017-07-05Developmental and life-course criminology aims to provide in...ISBN-13:1351512234
6Nachhaltigkeit in der WirtschaftskommunikationMartin Nielsen2013-09-03Nachhaltigkeit ist ein Schlüsselbegriff der heutigen Gesell...ISBN-13:3658034521
7Der Bedeutung auf den FersenEva Danielsson2007-01-01STANFORD:36105123600491
8Luck is No AccidentJohn D. Krumboltz2010Unplanned events more often determine life and career choice...ISBN-13:188623003X
9Contemporary Strategy Analysis 9e Text OnlyRobert M. Grant2016-01-26Revised edition of the author's Contemporary strategy analys...ISBN-13:1119120837
10The Adolescent DilemmaHyman Rodman1986This reference book provides information on the family plann...STANFORD:36105038015660
11Skeletons in the ClosetAysan Sev’er2011-01-17Family conflict has traditionally been studied by researcher...ISBN-13:1554583187
12A Mölna Elegy: En Mölna-elegiGunnar Ekelöf1984UVA:X000880936
13The Evaluation SocietyPeter Dahler-Larsen2011-11-09Evaluation—whether called by this name, quality assurance,...ISBN-13:0804778124
14La Place de la Concorde SuisseJohn McPhee2011-04-01La Place de la Concorde Suisse is John McPhee's rich, journa...ISBN-13:0374708533
15Academic WritingLennart A. Björk2003-01-01"Academic Writing" offers a guided process-writing course in...ISBN-13:9789144030746
16Statistics for Evidence-Based Practice and EvaluationAllen Rubin2012-01-06Rubin’s STATISTICS FOR EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE AND EVALUAT...ISBN-13:0840029144
17Doing Your Literature ReviewJill Jesson2011-03-14This highly accessible book guides students through the prod...ISBN-13:1848601530
18Constructing Effective QuestionnairesRobert A. Peterson2000Asking the right questions is at the heart of all successful...ISBN-13:9780761916413
19Commitment in OrganizationsHoward J. Klein2012-11-12Commitment is one of the most researched concepts in organiz...ISBN-13:1135389845
20The Battle Over HomeworkHarris M. Cooper2015-02-03Homework is the cause of more friction between schools and h...ISBN-13:1631440128
21The Hotel Mystery #2Martin Widmark2014-10-16It is Christmas Eve, and the grand Braeburn family has come ...ISBN-13:0698181565
22Swedish: A Comprehensive GrammarPhilip Holmes2013-05-02Winner of the Swedish National Language Council’s Erik Wel...ISBN-13:1134119984
23Social media and public libraries : exploring information ac...Maria Kronqvist-Berg2014ISBN-13:9789517657303
24Beginner's SwedishScott A. Mellor2006This introduction to the native language of Sweden features ...ISBN-13:9780781811576
25Swedish: An Essential GrammarIan Hinchliffe2008-03-10This fully revised second edition of Swedish: An Essential g...ISBN-13:1134048335
26Usable UsabilityEric Reiss2012-06-28The A-to-Z guide to spotting and fixing usability problems F...ISBN-13:111824043X
27Sneaky Kid and Its AftermathHarry F. Wolcott, University of Oregon; (d. 2012)2002-08-15Here, Wolcott presents the full story of his intimate and tu...ISBN-13:0759116571
28A Second Chance at EdenPeter F. Hamilton2008-09-04A Second Chance at Eden by Peter F. Hamilton, the bestsellin...ISBN-13:0330468944
29Are U 4 Real?Sara Kadefors2009-05-14Kyla is exactly the kind of girl Alex could never talk to in...ISBN-13:1101057076
30Evaluating Training ProgramsDonald L. Kirkpatrick2009-04Leaders want to see changes in behavior as a result of what ...ISBN-13:1442955848
31Risk, Uncertainty and ProfitFrank H. Knight2012-03-09DIVThis enduring economics text provided the theoretical bas...ISBN-13:0486147932
32Ict And Special Educational NeedsFlorian, Lani2004-03-01A reference for teachers interested in the uses of ICT as a ...ISBN-13:033521195X
33Healthy workRobert Karasek1990Suggests a strategy for redesigning jobs to reduce unnecessa...UOM:39015015166427
34Knowing and Teaching Elementary MathematicsLiping Ma2010-03-26Studies of teachers in the U.S. often document insufficient ...ISBN-13:1135149496
35Everyday Fashions of the Sixties As Pictured in Sears Catalo...JoAnne Olian2012-07-12Scores of illustrations with their original captions specify...ISBN-13:0486134237
36Medical Aspects of Autism and Asperger SyndromeMohammad Ghaziuddin2018-03-21People with autism are at a higher risk of having additional...ISBN-13:1784507830
37Planning the Modern Public Library BuildingGerard B. McCabe2003This collection of 22 highly informative essays offers impor...ISBN-13:9780313321559
38Thief's CunningSarah Ahiers2017-06-13The companion novel to Assassin’s Heart—an action-packed...ISBN-13:0062363859
39Capturing SoundMark Katz2010-10-07"Roth Family Foundation music in America imprint"--Prelim. p...ISBN-13:0520261054
40The Design ProcessKarl Aspelund2014-12-18Offering a guided tour through the seven major stages of the...ISBN-13:1609018389
1EnkätbokenTrost, Jan, 1935-2018Enkätboken
2EnkätbokenTrost, Jan, 1935-2018.Enkätboken
3EnkätbokenTrost, Jan, 1935-2018.2007Enkätboken
4EnkätbokenTrost, Jan, 1935-2018.2001Enkätboken
5Enkätboken [Elektronisk resurs]Trost, Jan2012Enkätboken [Elektronisk resurs]
6Enkätboken [Elektronisk resurs]Trost, Jan2017Enkätboken [Elektronisk resurs]
7Enkätboken [Elektronisk resurs]Trost, Jan2009Enkätboken [Elektronisk resurs]
8EnkätbokenTrost, Jan, 1935-2018.Enkätboken
1EnkätbokenTrost, Jan, 1935-, Hultåker, Oscar, 1970- 2007Enkätboken
2EnkätbokenTrost, Jan, 1935-,1994Enkätboken
3EnkätbokenTrost, Jan, 1935-,2001Enkätboken
4EnkätbokenTrost, Jan, 1935-,2012Enkätboken

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