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1Arctic Ice Shelves and Ice IslandsLuke Copland2017-05-25This book provides an overview of the current state of knowl...ISBN-13:9402411011
2Handy Farm DevicesRolfe Cobleigh1996-02-01Practical projects as useful today as when first published 7...ISBN-13:9781558214323
3Landscape and Quaternary Environmental Change in New Zealand...James Shulmeister2016-12-16This book brings together an overview of the recent geologic...ISBN-13:9462392374
4The Pacific Arctic RegionJacqueline M. Grebmeier2014-06-10The Pacific Arctic region is experiencing rapid sea ice retr...ISBN-13:9401788634
5The Transparent SocietyDavid Brin1999-05-07In New York and Baltimore, police cameras scan public areas ...ISBN-13:0465027903
6Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and Ancient EnvironmentsVivien Gornitz2008-10-31One of Springer’s Major Reference Works, this book gives t...ISBN-13:1402045514
7FatsoAnne Bancroft1980ISBN-13:9780345288240
8Marine Community EcologyMark D. Bertness2001-01Marine Community Ecology was written to give advanced underg...ISBN-13:9780878930579
9Pickle-Chiffon PieJolly Roger Bradfield2004-11Three very different princes seeking to win the hand of the ...ISBN-13:9781930900301
10The Shockwave RiderJohn Brunner2014-04-01In a world drowning in data, a fugitive tries to outrun the ...ISBN-13:1497617847
11The History of IcelandGunnar Karlsson2000Iceland is unique among European societies in having been fo...ISBN-13:9780816635894
12Avoiding and Treating Dental ComplicationsDeborah Termeie2016-06-13Complications from dental procedures are inevitable and enco...ISBN-13:1118988027
13Free Will, Consciousness, and SelfPreben Bertelsen2006What is it to be human? How do we relate to the world, to ea...ISBN-13:9781845453138
14Extraordinary Book Of NamesMalcolm Bowers2004-03-03The ultimate book of names! With over 100,000 names, name ge...ISBN-13:9781931275569
15Biology of Polar Benthic AlgaeChristian Wiencke2011This work synthesizes the current state of knowledge on the ...ISBN-13:3110229706
16Eyes of the CalculorSean Mcmullen2003-12-07In Sean McMullen's glittering, dynamic, and exotic world two...ISBN-13:1429977833
17Twenty Greatest Hockey GoalsEric Zweig2010-10Every hockey fan remembers certain goals scored that stand o...ISBN-13:1554887895
18The Miocene ArrowSean Mcmullen2000-08-19Sean McMullen is one of the hottest new writers working toda...ISBN-13:146682199X
19Predictive InferenceSeymour Geisser2017-11-22The author's research has been directed towards inference in...ISBN-13:1351422294
20Dangerous to LoveRexanne Becnel2015-11-24A nobleman of illegitimate birth is determined to give socie...ISBN-13:1504025032
21Psychology of Self-RegulationJoseph P. Forgas2011-06-23The ability to regulate and control our behaviors is a key a...ISBN-13:1136874313
22Are We Free? Psychology and Free WillRoy F. Baumeister2008-02-25Do people have free will, or this universal belief an illusi...ISBN-13:0195189639
23Agriculture and the rural economy in Pakistan: Issues, outlo...Spielman, David J.2017-01-10While policy makers, media, and the international community ...
24Sweet & Maxwell's Property StatutesNigel P. Gravells1997ISBN-13:9780421597204
25Psalm at Journey's EndErik Fosnes Hansen1997Tells the stories of seven musicians and how they came to be...ISBN-13:9780156005272
26Mineral Processing TechnologyB. A. Wills2013-10-22Mineral Processing Technology, Third Edition: An Introductio...ISBN-13:1483182428
27Macaulay and SonCatherine Hall2012-09-14Thomas Babington Macaulay's History of England was a phenome...ISBN-13:0300189184
28Tales of ProtectionErik Fosnes Hansen2016-11-22From nineteenth-century Sweden to Renaissance Italy, Hansen ...ISBN-13:9781784706166
29Chamois Hunting in the Mountains of Bavaria ...Charles Boner1853BSB:BSB10915087
30Judas UnchainedPeter F. Hamilton2009-08-21Judas Unchained is the high-action concluding novel of the C...ISBN-13:0330468162
31DreamscapesClaire Takacs2018-02-06Dreamscapes is a stunning collection of over sixty of the wo...ISBN-13:9781743793527
32Hideous KinkyEsther Freud2001-06-28Two little girls are taken by their mother to Morocco on a 1...ISBN-13:0141956127
33Seeing BeyondGail McWilliams2013-09-07When Gail McWilliams lost her sight, she began to see clearl...ISBN-13:9780979951282
34Natural Attenuation for Groundwater RemediationBoard on Radioactive Waste Management2000-07-31In the past decade, officials responsible for clean-up of co...ISBN-13:0309069327
35The Marrying SeasonCandace Camp2013-04-23The third novel in the New York Times bestselling Legend of ...ISBN-13:1451639554
36Souls in the Great MachineSean Mcmullen2002-12-15The great Calculor of Libris was forced to watch as Overmayo...ISBN-13:1466821582
37TransylvaniaCharles Boner1865BSB:BSB10009122
38A Notorious Countess ConfessesJulie Anne Long2012-10-30“Julie Anne Long reinvents the historical romance for mode...ISBN-13:006211803X
39Bread Upon the WatersPeter Reinhart2001-03-07A personal and inspiring guide to finding sacramental magic ...ISBN-13:9780738204321
40Eileen GrayEileen Gray2013Showcases the best in furniture and object design from some ...ISBN-13:9788434312654

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