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1Tourism Destination DevelopmentArvid Viken2016-02-24Although blurred and heavily contested, the concept of ’to...ISBN-13:1317009584
2Arctic Ice Shelves and Ice IslandsLuke Copland2017-05-30This book provides an overview of the current state of knowl...ISBN-13:9402411011
3Handy Farm DevicesRolfe Cobleigh1996-02-01Practical projects as useful today as when first published 7...ISBN-13:9781558214323
4The Transparent SocietyDavid Brin1999-05-07In New York and Baltimore, police cameras scan public areas ...ISBN-13:9780465027903
5Landscape and Quaternary Environmental Change in New Zealand...James Shulmeister2016-12-16This book brings together an overview of the recent geologic...ISBN-13:9462392374
6Pickle-Chiffon PieJolly Roger Bradfield2004-11Three very different princes seeking to win the hand of the ...ISBN-13:9781930900301
7The Pacific Arctic RegionJacqueline M. Grebmeier2014-06-10The Pacific Arctic region is experiencing rapid sea ice retr...ISBN-13:9401788634
8Avoiding and Treating Dental ComplicationsDeborah Termeie2016-06-13Complications from dental procedures are inevitable and enco...ISBN-13:1118988027
9The Atmosphere and OceanNeil C. Wells2011-12-08The Atmosphere and Ocean is a fully revised and updated stud...ISBN-13:1119979846
10DesignBernhard E. Bürdek2015-08-31For students of design, professional product designers, and ...ISBN-13:3035603944
11Biology of Polar Benthic AlgaeChristian Wiencke2011This work synthesizes the current state of knowledge on the ...ISBN-13:3110229706
12Permafrost HydrologyMing-ko Woo2012-04-14Permafrost Hydrology systematically elucidates the roles of ...ISBN-13:3642234623
13Place ReinventionArvid Viken2016-04-08Through an interdisciplinary range of case studies from acro...ISBN-13:1317080610
14Mobility and PlaceJørgen Ole Bærenholdt2016-04-15The Northern peripheries of Europe, which are covered by thi...ISBN-13:1317095081
15TransylvaniaCharles Boner1865BSB:BSB10009122
16Insect Vectors and Plant PathogensNachhattar Singh Butter2018-08-14The history of pathogens and vectors, unique symptoms of dis...ISBN-13:0429994516
17Ruminant Nutrition Research1992ISBN-13:9789290392064
18Eyes of the CalculorSean Mcmullen2003-12-07Two thousand years into the future, a vastly changed Earth i...ISBN-13:9780765345127
19One Day, One NightJohn Bird2016-10-26One Day, One Night offers a riveting account of the challeng...ISBN-13:9781530994298
20Payroll AccountingAnne Collins2018ISBN-13:9781760730017
21Banalidades de baseRaoul Vaneigem1975ISBN-13:9789724000268
22Chamois Hunting in the Mountains of Bavaria ...Charles Boner1853NYPL:33433082508049
23The Miocene ArrowSean Mcmullen2003-05-18As war erupts between America and Australia, the American fo...ISBN-13:9780765344557
24A History of the United StatesDaniel Joseph Boorstin2004-01A textbook on the history of the United States up to 1991, i...ISBN-13:9780131815421
25Psychology of Self-RegulationJoseph P. Forgas2011-06-23The ability to regulate and control our behaviors is a key a...ISBN-13:1136874313
26Natural Attenuation for Groundwater RemediationNational Research Council2000-08-31In the past decade, officials responsible for clean-up of co...ISBN-13:0309069327
27Beyond the First AmendmentSamuel P. Nelson2005-07Political theorist Samuel P. Nelson argues that the law of t...ISBN-13:9780801881732
28Souls in the Great MachineSean Mcmullen2002-12-15The great Calculor of Libris was forced to watch as Overmayo...ISBN-13:1466821582
29Shattered SoulsMary Lindsey2012When a Texas high school student starts hearing voices, she ...ISBN-13:0142421901
30Free Will, Consciousness, and SelfPreben Bertelsen2006What is it to be human? How do we relate to the world, to ea...ISBN-13:9781845453138
31Protean poeticMary Lynn Broe1980UOM:39015034648504
32Recapturing a Future for Space ExplorationCommittee for the Decadal Survey on Biological and Physical Sciences in Space2012-01-13More than four decades have passed since a human first set f...ISBN-13:0309163854
33Tales of ProtectionErik Fosnes Hansen2002-07-08Four enthralling tales about chance, by the author of Psalm ...ISBN-13:1466814470
34Psalm at Journey's EndErik Fosnes Hansen1996-08-31This European bestseller tells of seven members ot the Titan...ISBN-13:1466814489
35Seeing BeyondGail McWilliams2013-09-07When Gail McWilliams lost her sight, she began to see clearl...ISBN-13:9780979951282
36Intriguing IndiaHugh Gantzer2011ISBN-13:9788192091273
37Use of Force InvestigationsKevin R. Davis2012Jottings is a collection of poems written over a period of t...ISBN-13:9781470500122
38Cookies & BiscuitsLansdowne Publishing Pty, Limited1996ISBN-13:9781863025065
39Titanic SurvivorViolet Jessop2007A stewardess' unique eyewitness account of life below decks ...ISBN-13:9780750946636
40Hideous KinkyEsther Freud2001-06-28Two little girls are taken by their mother to Morocco on a 1...ISBN-13:0141956127

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