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1IntervjumetodikAnnika Lantz2007ISBN-13:9789144008325
2Therapeutic Uses of StorytellingCamilla Asplund Ingemark2013-12-03How can stories and legends, written and oral, help people s...ISBN-13:9187351153
3Administrative Reforms and the Quest for Foreign Investment ...Maria Sönne1999STANFORD:36105028771116
4Adjusting state and market in VietnamAnne Jerneck1995UCSD:31822023650179
5Exemplary Practices in Marine Science EducationGéraldine Fauville2018-06-28This edited volume is the premier book dedicated exclusively...ISBN-13:3319907786
6Life AbundantSallie McFague2001In this splendidly crafted work, McFague argues for theology...ISBN-13:9781451417999
7Patterns in Interpersonal InteractionsKarl Tomm2014-05-16In this book we present a comprehensive view of a systemic a...ISBN-13:1134465807
8Surf ShackNina Freudenberger2017-04-04Peek inside the bungalows, trailers, and beach homes where s...ISBN-13:0451496051
9Young People ReadingCharles Sarland1991-01-01ISBN-13:9780335098798
10UnseenMari Jungstedt2007-04-01Swedish crime at its best---dark, atmospheric, and chilling ...ISBN-13:9781429905985
11FörskolereformenHans Bengtsson1995UOM:39015041547236
12Reluctant Victims Into ChallengersCharlotta Zettervall2013ISBN-13:9789174734126
13Operating Under High-Risk Conditions in Temporary Organizati...Matthijs Moorkamp2018-11-13Organizations increasingly use temporary designs. Many tempo...ISBN-13:1351125060
14Copyright and PiracyLionel Bently2010-10-28An understanding of the changing nature of the law and pract...ISBN-13:0521193435
15Sam's BallBarbro Lindgren1983-08-22In this funny picture book, a toddler named Sam, who knows w...ISBN-13:0688023592
16Modern Recording TechniquesDavid Miles Huber2010Focal Press is proud to present a completely updated edition...ISBN-13:0240810694
17Religion in EducationJoyce Miller2013-04-02This volume explores numerous themes (including the influenc...ISBN-13:1135078556
18Everyone Can WritePeter Elbow2000-01-27This collection of essays brings together Elbow's theories o...ISBN-13:0195104153
19Industrial marketing strategyFrederick E. Webster1984-08-10A reader-friendly, manager?s goal-oriented guide to marketin...UOM:35128000882488
20Mirror, MirrorMark Pendergrast2009-04-28As our first technology for contemplation of the self, the m...ISBN-13:9780786729906
21Welfare ConditionalityBeth Watts2018-05-15Welfare conditionality has become an idea of global signific...ISBN-13:131731185X
22The Fourth VictimMari Jungstedt2016-10-06"A violent robbery. A hit-and-run. A brutal murder. In the s...ISBN-13:0857521519
23The Media in Transitional DemocraciesKatrin Voltmer2013-07-10The last quarter of a century has seen an unprecedented wave...ISBN-13:0745656544
24Nursing Research Using EthnographyMary De Chesnay2014-07-28This concise, "how to" guide to conducting qualitative ethno...ISBN-13:0826134653
25Apple Tree YardLouise Doughty2014-01-02'There can't be a woman alive who hasn't once realised, in a...ISBN-13:9780571310173
26University Grammar of EnglishMaria Estling Vannestål2015-09This text is a corpus-based university grammar with a Swedis...ISBN-13:9789144104997
27On Reading Books to ChildrenAnne Van Kleeck, PH.D., CCC-SLP2003-04-02On Reading Books to Children: Parents and Teachers brings to...ISBN-13:1135643741
28Beyond TalentAngela Myles Beeching2005Contrary to the standard joke about how to get to Carnegie H...ISBN-13:9780198037811
29Multiple Intelligences ReconsideredJoe L. Kincheloe2004-01-01Twenty years after the publication of Howard Gardner's "Fram...ISBN-13:9780820470986
30Fiction Treasures by Maritime WritersGwendolyn Davies2015-08-13Though little known today, from 1860 to 1940 Canadian noveli...ISBN-13:1459503767
31A Child's NightmareMarc Sommers1998STANFORD:36105111186495
32Ballet Across BordersHelena Wulff1998-10-01This absorbing book is ballet's 'biography' -- a revealing e...ISBN-13:9781859739938
33A History of European Women's WorkDeborah Simonton2002-09-11The work patterns of European women from 1700 onwards fluctu...ISBN-13:1134936788
34Hazardous Waste ComplianceClifford Florczak2001-08-24Hazardous Waste Compliance concentrates on government regula...ISBN-13:0080533329
35Learning Outside the ClassroomSimon Beames2012-03-22"The first curricular-focused outdoor learning textbook for ...ISBN-13:1136719121
36Enterprise-Scale Agile Software DevelopmentJames Schiel2009-11-18Enterprise-Scale Agile Software Development is the collectiv...ISBN-13:9781439803226
37Designing interactive strategyRichard Normann1998-10-23Strategy is the art of creating value. It provides framework...ISBN-13:9780471986072
38The Reading Group BookJenny Hartley2001-03-01ISBN-13:9780198187776
39Operative Extraction of Wisdom TeethPeter Tetsch1985-01UOM:39015008745096
40Lesbian and Gay StudiesAndy Medhurst1997A major new publication in lesbian and gay studies, this acc...UVA:X006044146
1IntervjumetodikLantz, Annika, 1955-Intervjumetodik
2IntervjumetodikLantz, Annika, 1955-Intervjumetodik
3Intervjumetodik : den professionellt genomförda intervjunLantz, Annika, 1955-Intervjumetodik : den professionellt genomförda intervjun
4Intervjumetodik [Elektronisk resurs]Lantz, Annika, 1955-Intervjumetodik [Elektronisk resurs]
5Intervjumetodik [Elektronisk resurs]Lantz, Annika, 1955-Intervjumetodik [Elektronisk resurs]
6Intervjumetodik [Ljudupptagning] den professionellt genomfö...Lantz, Annika, 1955-Intervjumetodik [Ljudupptagning] den professionellt genomfö...
7Intervjumetodik [Elektronisk resurs] den professionellt geno...Lantz, Annika, 1955-Intervjumetodik [Elektronisk resurs] den professionellt geno...
1IntervjumetodikLantz, Annika, 1955-,2013Intervjumetodik

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