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1Hur moderna organisationer fungerarDag Ingvar Jacobsen2002ISBN-13:9789144022765
2CSR as a Management IdeaMats Jutterstr”m2013-08-30ÔThere is much written about management fashion and about c...ISBN-13:1782544720
3ReOrganizationBengt Karlöf2007-03-11Here is a practical guide for anyone faced with organising a...ISBN-13:3540332731
4New Perspectives on Information Systems DevelopmentHari Harindranath2012-12-06This book is a result of the Tenth International Conference ...ISBN-13:146150595X
5Understanding Management Control and Organisational Sense-ma...Dr Krister Bredmar2016-07-29Summary This book centres around three different areas; mana...ISBN-13:1911033123
6Competitive Intelligence for Information ProfessionalsMargareta Nelke2015-01-27Information professionals should be able to take a proactive...ISBN-13:0081002432
7Searching for the Human in Human Resource ManagementSharon C. Bolton2007-04-30Searching for the Human in Human Resource Management is a hi...ISBN-13:1137020237
8Divided Against ItselfBjørn Hvinden1994A common complaint about agencies which provide social servi...STANFORD:36105006069723
9The Logic of OrganizationsBengt Abrahamsson1993This exploration of organizational theory focuses on the gen...ISBN-13:080395039X
10Assignments in AfricaPer Wästberg1986-03STANFORD:36105081687308
11Salutogenic organizations and changeGeorg F. Bauer2013-07-01New and current approaches to organizational health interven...ISBN-13:9400764707
12Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking OutMizuko Ito2009-10-30Conventional wisdom about young people's use of digital tech...ISBN-13:0262258269
13Strategic Market ManagementDavid A. Aaker2010Strategic Market Management: Global Perspectives is motivate...ISBN-13:0470689757
14The Rise of Common Political OrderJarle Trondal2017-08-25The Rise of Common Political Order brings together leading r...ISBN-13:1786435004
15Agile Project Management with ScrumKen Schwaber2004-02-11The rules and practices for Scrum—a simple process for man...ISBN-13:0735637903
16The Concise Guide to Wine and Blind TastingNeel Burton2016-06-15All the major wine styles and regions are covered in the new...ISBN-13:9780992912758
17Six Sigma The Pragmatic ApproachKjell Magnusson2004-08-01This initiative, first launched by Motorola almost 20 years ...ISBN-13:9789144028033
18Oz Clarke's Grapes and WinesOz Clarke2007Filled with lush artwork, a definitive resource, organized i...ISBN-13:9780156032919
19The Notion of General ManagementKarin Brunsson2007The French industrialist Henri Fayol claimed that organizati...ISBN-13:9788763002172
20Naturvårdsplanering med förankring i det lokalaKristina Thorell2008UCBK:C094989304
22Return to MeaningMats Alvesson2017-06-30This book argues that we are currently witnessing not merely...ISBN-13:0191090786
23The Stupidity ParadoxMats Alvesson2016-06-02Functional stupidity can be catastrophic. It can cause organ...ISBN-13:1782832025
24This Time Is DifferentCarmen M. Reinhart2011-08-07Examines financial crises of the past and discusses similari...ISBN-13:0691152640
25Relevance RegainedH. Thomas Johnson2002-01-15Building on his pathbreaking, award-winning bestseller, Rele...ISBN-13:1439105898
26The Ins and Outs of English PronunciationLiss Kerstin Sylvén2013ISBN-13:9789144079554
27The Triumph of EmptinessMats Alvesson2013-05-30The book views the contemporary economy as an economy of per...ISBN-13:0199660948
28A Very Short Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book Ab...Christopher Grey2008-12-09Relevant across a range of management courses, the Second Ed...ISBN-13:1446241149
29Successful Management by MotivationBruno S. Frey2013-03-09Motivated employees play a crucial role in creating a compan...ISBN-13:3662101327
30Organization Theory and Technocratic ConsciousnessMats Alvesson2018-02-19ISBN-13:3110883910
31Same and OtherMai Palmberg2001The idea of African Otherness has occupied a central role in...ISBN-13:9789171064776
32Managing Corporate Culture, Innovation, and Intrapreneurship...Howard W. Oden1997-01-01This work identifies three essential elements for corporate ...ISBN-13:9781567200478
33The Strategic Management of Corporate ChangeDexter Colboyd Dunphy1991ISBN-13:9780733402180
34Operative GroupsJuan Tubert-Oklander2004Annotation "In Britain, group analysis developed as a group-...ISBN-13:9781843100942
35Modernizing the Public SectorIrvine Lapsley2016-12-08As policymakers and scholars evaluate possible ways forward ...ISBN-13:1317197925
36Understanding Gender and OrganizationsMats Alvesson2009-05-19'Understanding Gender and Organizations' provides an accessi...ISBN-13:1848600178
37Organization TheoryPENGUIN GROUP (UK)2007-10-04This book spans seventy years of theory from Max Weber's sem...ISBN-13:0141902892
38How Philosophy Became SocraticLaurence Lampert2010-07-15Plato’s dialogues show Socrates at different ages, beginni...ISBN-13:0226470970
39Individuals and EnvironmentGustave-Nicolas Fischer1997-01-01ISBN-13:3110806398
40Matrix TheoryAnders Holst2014-08-20A good understanding of matrices and their properties is a n...ISBN-13:9789144100968
1Moderna organisationer [Ljudupptagning] [organisationens må...Etzioni, AmitaiModerna organisationer [Ljudupptagning] [organisationens må...
2Hur moderna organisationer fungerar [Elektronisk resurs]Jacobsen, Dag IngvarHur moderna organisationer fungerar [Elektronisk resurs]
3Hur moderna organisationer fungerar [Elektronisk resurs]Jacobsen, Dag IngvarHur moderna organisationer fungerar [Elektronisk resurs]
4Hur moderna organisationer fungerar [Elektronisk resurs]Jacobsen, Dag IngvarHur moderna organisationer fungerar [Elektronisk resurs]
5Hur moderna organisationer fungerar : introduktion i organis...Jacobsen, Dag IngvarHur moderna organisationer fungerar : introduktion i organis...
6Hur moderna organisationer fungerarJacobsen, Dag IngvarHur moderna organisationer fungerar
7Hur moderna organisationer fungerarJacobsen, Dag IngvarHur moderna organisationer fungerar
8Hur moderna organisationer fungerarJacobsen, Dag IngvarHur moderna organisationer fungerar
1Chefsliv - det ska fan vara chefSveningsson, Stefan, Alvesson, Mats, 2014Chefsliv - det ska fan vara chef
2Ett lärande system en studie av Hargs Bruk i UpplandSödergren, Birgitta, 1957-, Thor, Gunilla, 1950- 2008Ett lärande system en studie av Hargs Bruk i Uppland

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