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1Who Owns Whom1999NWU:35556028481877
2Who Owns WhomDun & Bradstreet, Limited1999-06-01ISBN-13:9781860711428
4Islam in ProcessJohann P. Arnason2015-07The articles included in this Yearbook of the Sociology of I...ISBN-13:3839404916
5Constance Baker MotleyGary L. Ford2017-09-26When the name Constance Baker Motley is mentioned, more ofte...ISBN-13:0817319573
6Herpetologia BonnensisSocietas Europaea Herpetologica. Ordinary general meeting1997ISBN-13:9783000018084
7Altenglische LegendenCarl Horstmann2018-02-16This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally ...ISBN-13:9781377675886
8The Sociology of IslamArmando Salvatore2016-02-23The Sociology of Islam provides an accessible introduction t...ISBN-13:1118662636
9Thomas SandellThomas Sandell2010Summary: Thomas Sandell is one of Sweden's internationally m...ISBN-13:9789185689361
10Altdeutsches Wörterbuch;Oskar Schade2018-02-08This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally ...ISBN-13:9781377091907
11Corporate Aviation ManagementRaoul Castro2012-07-01In this comprehensive aviation manual, Raoul Castro provides...ISBN-13:0809387867
12Research with the Locus of Control ConstructHerbert M. Lefcourt2013-09-03Research with the Locus of Control Construct, Volume 1: Asse...ISBN-13:1483270416
13Thermophysical Properties of FluidsMarc J Assael1996-07-29This book is concerned with the prediction of thermodynamic ...ISBN-13:1783262710
15Greater than EverDaniel Doctoroff2017-09-12Deputy Mayor Daniel L. Doctoroff led New York's dramatic and...ISBN-13:1610396081
16Vaccine Research and DevelopmentKoff1992-01-22Serving as a complementary series to AIDS Research Reviews -...ISBN-13:9780824786199
17Of Two MindsMichael Joyce1996In Of Two Minds, noted hypertext novelist and writing teache...ISBN-13:9780472065783
18MycoheterotrophyVincent Merckx2012-12-09Over the course of evolution, several plant lineages have fo...ISBN-13:1461452090
20Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher1994UOM:39015049898755
22RHYNCHOTAWilliam Lucas 1845-1922 Distant2016-08-27This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally ...ISBN-13:9781371791919
23The Mental CorpusJohn R. Taylor2012-05-03John Taylor argues that an individual's knowledge of a langu...ISBN-13:0199290806
24Play MattersMiguel Sicart2014-08-15What do we think about when we think about play? A pastime? ...ISBN-13:0262325969
25The Course of Later LifeVern L. Bengtson1989Essays discuss the effects of aging on the brain, age group ...MINN:31951D00634414K
27Introducing LISRELAdamantios Diamantopoulos2013-02-01Introducing Lisrel provides a comprehensive introduction to ...ISBN-13:1446276252
28New Frontiers in Resilient AgingPrem S. Fry2010-07-29A typically pessimistic view of aging is that it leads to a ...ISBN-13:1139490583
29The Amsterdam SchoolMaristella Casciato1996Overzicht in woord en beeld van deze stroming in de Nederlan...ISBN-13:9789064502460
30The Implementation of Health Promoting SchoolsOddrun Samdal2012-11-27Developing a ‘healthy school’ has been a key aim for man...ISBN-13:1136317023
31The Logic of CareAnnemarie Mol2008-05-24**Shortlisted for the BSA Sociology of Health and Illness Bo...ISBN-13:1134053177
32AnimationMaureen Furniss2009-10-05Animation—Art and Industry is an introductory reader cover...ISBN-13:0861969049
33Experimental results for phase equilibria and pure component...John R. Cunningham1991UOM:39015026830706
34An Investigation of the Laws of ThoughtGeorge Boole1854BSB:BSB10042817
35Admiral Byrd's Secret Journey Beyond the PolesMR Tim R. Swartz2007-11-01THE CONCEPT OF A HOLLOW EARTH IS A THEORY THAT REFUSES TO DI...ISBN-13:9780938294986
36Back to the Lab2017-10Independent producers and DJs have been busy creating world ...ISBN-13:9781584236849
37Silver BridgePaul Michael Francis2012The Big Time beckons for Karma frontman Pavlos - but so too ...ISBN-13:9780704372450
38Auditory evoked potentialsLinda J. Hood1986-07ISBN-13:9780890790816
39Unattainable Earth,Czeslaw Milosz1987-09-21Begun in the winter of 1955 and completed in the spring of 1...ISBN-13:9780880011020
40Best Practices in Exploratory Factor AnalysisJason W. Osborne2014-07-23Best Practices in Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) is a pra...ISBN-13:9781500594343

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