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1Who Owns Whom1999NWU:35556028481877
2Who Owns WhomDun & Bradstreet, Limited1999-06-01ISBN-13:9781860711428
4Islam in ProcessJohann P. Arnason2015-07The articles included in this Yearbook of the Sociology of I...ISBN-13:3839404916
5Thomas SandellThomas Sandell2010Summary: Thomas Sandell is one of Sweden's internationally m...ISBN-13:9789185689361
6Constance Baker MotleyGary L. Ford2018-07-24When the name Constance Baker Motley is mentioned, more ofte...ISBN-13:9780817359331
7The Sociology of IslamArmando Salvatore2016-02-23The Sociology of Islam provides an accessible introduction t...ISBN-13:1118662636
8Large Carnivore Conservation and ManagementTasos Hovardas2018-07-11Large carnivores include iconic species such as bears, wolve...ISBN-13:1351706802
9Herpetologia BonnensisSocietas Europaea Herpetologica. Ordinary general meeting1997ISBN-13:9783000018084
10System Performance TuningGian-Paolo D. Musumeci2002-02-05System Performance Tuning answers one of the most fundamenta...ISBN-13:9780596552046
12Queer WarsDennis Altman2016-03-21The claim that ï¿1⁄2LGBT rights are human rightsï¿1⁄...ISBN-13:0745698727
13AnimationMaureen Furniss2009-10-05Animation—Art and Industry is an introductory reader cover...ISBN-13:0861969049
14The First Global RevolutionAlexander King1991UOM:39015029554725
15Physics of Highly Charged IonsRatko Janev2012-12-06The physics of highly charged ions has become an essential i...ISBN-13:3642691951
17Rock Fragmentation by BlastingJose A. Sanchidrian2009-08-20This volume contains the papers presented at the 9th Interna...ISBN-13:9780415482967
18Antiseptic Prophylaxis and Therapy in Ocular InfectionsAxel Kramer2002-01-01This volume collects for the first time interdisciplinary fi...ISBN-13:3805573162
19High temperature structural designLars Hannes Larsson1992The papers presented in High Temperature Structural Design, ...ISBN-13:9780852987711
20Play MattersMiguel Sicart2014-08-15What do we think about when we think about play? A pastime? ...ISBN-13:0262325969
21Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher1994UOM:39015049898755
22Best Practices in Exploratory Factor AnalysisJason W. Osborne2014-07-23Best Practices in Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) is a pra...ISBN-13:9781500594343
25Gravitational Systems of Groundwater FlowJózsef Tóth2009-04-16This book recognises groundwater flow as a fundamental geolo...ISBN-13:0521886384
26YeastHorst Feldmann2012-09-06Finally, a stand-alone, all-inclusive textbook on yeast biol...ISBN-13:3527659196
27Natural Groundwater FlowWouter Zijl1993-02-03Natural Groundwater Flow is an important volume focused on p...ISBN-13:9780873718684
28American PrometheusKai Bird2007-12-18J. Robert Oppenheimer is one of the iconic figures of the tw...ISBN-13:0307424731
29Of Two MindsMichael Joyce1996In Of Two Minds, noted hypertext novelist and writing teache...ISBN-13:9780472065783
30Heats of Mixing Data Collection: Binary and multicomponent s...C. Christensen1991-01UOM:39015040347661
32Applied HydrogeologyC. W. Fetter2018-04-23Hydrogeology’s importance has grown to become an integral ...ISBN-13:1478637447
33Experimental results for phase equilibria and pure component...John R. Cunningham1991UOM:39015026830706
34Altenglische LegendenCarl Horstmann2018-02-16This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally ...ISBN-13:9781377675886
35Fleets Go GreenChristoph Herrmann2018-06-11The book presents the results of the research project Fleets...ISBN-13:3319727249
36The Hartree-Fock Method for AtomsCharlotte Froese Fischer1977-01-01MINN:31951000514893N
37Scandinavian Common SenseDominque Cote2015-11-01At a time when austerity is claimed by some to be the only a...ISBN-13:9781771860642
38MéhtelekNándor Kalicz2011Mehtelek lies in the easternmost corner of County Szabolcs-S...ISBN-13:9781407309040
39Introduction to HydrogeologyDavid Deming2002Provides an introduction to hydrogeology. This work is appli...STANFORD:36105111772674
40Out Of The ShelterDavid Lodge2012-02-29The restrictions of a wartime childhood in in London and sub...ISBN-13:1446496724

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