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1Children, Spaces, RelationsGiulio Ceppi1998The aim of this project is to enable a 'meeting of minds' be...UOM:49015003018109
2Child and Youth CareAlan Pence2011-07-01Critical and postmodern perspectives have been largely under...ISBN-13:0774821337
3Children's Philosophy of LifeSven G. Hartman1986UOM:39015029833905
4Doing Physics--doing GenderAnna T. Danielsson2009-06-15ISBN-13:9155474543
5Pedagogical Quality in PreschoolSonja Sheridan2001STANFORD:36105110488645
6Category Theory for the SciencesDavid I. Spivak2014-10-17An introduction to category theory as a rigorous, flexible, ...ISBN-13:0262320533
7The Idea of Nature in Disney AnimationDavid Whitley2016-03-03In the second edition of The Idea of Nature in Disney Animat...ISBN-13:1317028031
8Childhood's SecretsMax Van Manen1996-01This wonderful exploration of the meaning and significance o...ISBN-13:9780807735053
9Children’s Understandings of Well-beingTobia Fattore2016-07-14The book presented here describes an outstanding attempt, no...ISBN-13:9402408290
10Child Care and Preschool Development in EuropeK. Scheiwe2009-01-15This book explains the differences between European countrie...ISBN-13:0230232779
11Princess SylvieElsa Beskow2020-10Princess Sylvie and her father, the king, leave the palace g...ISBN-13:9781782507239
12Mathematics Inside the Black BoxDylan Wiliam2006ISBN-13:9780708716878
13Clinical Perspectives on Reflective ParentingM. Hossein Etezady2012-08-02Clinical Perspectives on Reflective Parenting addresses the ...ISBN-13:0765709023
14Working Mothers in EuropeUte Gerhard2005-01-01In order to illustrate cross-country variations in mothers' ...ISBN-13:9781781956762
15The Red RoomAugust Strindberg2020-10-26Arvid Falk is a young and idealistic government worker who a...ISBN-13:9176392791
16Everyday Life PhilosophersMarianne Gullestad1996Autobiography in Norway. Eng. Universitetsforlaget, 1996. 34...IND:30000053005405
17AlenaVarious2016-09-13Alena’s life is a living hell. Since she arrived at a snob...ISBN-13:1630087580
18Beyond CompareCandace Camp2009-08-01*ISBN-13:1426843860
19Keeping The Baby In MindJane Barlow2009-03-04Keeping the Baby in Mind builds on the expanding evidence po...ISBN-13:1134107005
20Beyond the Competent ChildBarbro Johansson2004This Nordic child is often considered competent: as a family...ISBN-13:9788778672889
21Wolf WinterClare Francis2016-03-22Two Norwegians are murdered in the Soviet wilderness, settin...ISBN-13:1504015886
22Stone CoffinKjell Eriksson2016-11-22International suspense superstar Kjell Eriksson produces ano...ISBN-13:1250025508
23Warwick Rowers - FreedomAngus Malcolm2016-11ISBN-13:9780992652548
24Waiting For DoggoMark Mills2014-11-20It takes one scruffy dog to show a man how to fall in love.....ISBN-13:1472218361
25Merry Ex-MasSheila Roberts2013-10-29Three friends --Cass Wilkes, whose daughter is getting marri...ISBN-13:0778314707
26Operation ChaosMatthew Sweet2018-02-13An untold Cold War story: how the CIA tried to infiltrate a ...ISBN-13:1627794646
27The Hundred-Foot JourneyRichard C. Morais2014-07-08Follows the life journey of chef Hassan Haji, who progresses...ISBN-13:1476765855
28Chestnut StreetMaeve Binchy2014-04-22Maeve Binchy imagined a street in Dublin with many character...ISBN-13:0385351860
29Black Sabbath: Symptom of the UniverseMick Wall2015-04-14Decades before reality television was invented, Ozzy Osbourn...ISBN-13:1466869690
30Two or Three Things I Forgot to Tell YouJoyce Carol Oates2012-08-21Two or Three Things I Forgot to Tell You is renowned author ...ISBN-13:0062110497
31Dream InterpretationsSofia Freiherr2017-01-13Dreaming is common to everyone as it is their daily experien...ISBN-13:9781542497558
32Inventing the VictoriansMatthew Sweet2014-06-03"Suppose that everything we think we know about the Victoria...ISBN-13:1466872713
33Already DeadStephen Booth2014-05-01A summer of endless rain in the Peak District leaves the off...ISBN-13:9780751551723
34The Smiling ManJoseph Knox2019-01-22From the acclaimed author of Sirens, damaged Detective Aidan...ISBN-13:1524763195
35SecretsNuruddin Farah2014-08-05“With Secrets, Nuruddin Farah solidifies his reputation as...ISBN-13:1611457513
36Medusa (Oslo Crime Files 1)Torkil Damhaug2015-10-08'Nothing is as it seems in this sleek and cunning thriller' ...ISBN-13:1472206843
37Shepperton BabylonMatthew Sweet2006A history of British movies which includes the scandals, the...ISBN-13:9780571212989
38The West End FrontMatthew Sweet2011The Ritz, the Savoy, the Dorchester and Claridge's - during ...ISBN-13:9780571234776
39TennisonLynda La Plante2016-04ISBN-13:9781471156175
40Accompanied by GuiltYlva Elvin-Nowak1999ISBN-13:9789171539786
1Nya hissad och dissad : om relationsarbete i förskolanÖhman, Margareta, 1954-ArrayNya hissad och dissad : om relationsarbete i förskolan
2Nya hissad och dissad [Elektronisk resurs] om relationsarbet...Öhman, Margareta2019Nya hissad och dissad [Elektronisk resurs] om relationsarbet...
3Hissad och dissad [Elektronisk resurs] om relationsarbete i ...Öhman, Margareta2010Hissad och dissad [Elektronisk resurs] om relationsarbete i ...
4UR Samtiden - Se barnet i förskolan [Elektronisk resurs] Hi...2012UR Samtiden - Se barnet i förskolan [Elektronisk resurs] Hi...
5Hissad och dissad : om relationsarbete i förskolanÖhman, Margareta, 1954-2009Hissad och dissad : om relationsarbete i förskolan
6Hissad och dissad : om relationsarbete i förskolanÖhman, Margareta, 1954-2009Hissad och dissad : om relationsarbete i förskolan
7Må jeg være med? : relationsarbejde i daginstitutionenÖhman, Margareta, 1954-ArrayMå jeg være med? : relationsarbejde i daginstitutionen

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