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1Innovative Approaches to Researching Landscape and HealthCatharine Ward Thompson2010-04-23Our modern lifestyles often cause us to spend more time sitt...ISBN-13:113698836X
2Metod för digitalt omdefinierat lärandeAnders SkanetofthDen tekniska utvecklingen i allmänhet och teknifieringen av...ISBN-13:9792930000
3Consultee-Centered ConsultationNadine M. Lambert2004-05-20This book describes the theory, methods, and contemporary ap...ISBN-13:1135627150
4Self in RelationshipsAstri Johnsen2018-04-24Inspired by Daniel Stern's work on self-development, the aut...ISBN-13:0429918860
5UtvecklingspsykologiLeif Havnesköld1995ISBN-13:9789163400759
6From Chaos to CoherenceElisabeth Cleve2004'...I am flooded with warmth for this little expert on the a...ISBN-13:9781855753457
7Perspektiv på sociala problemAnna Meeuwisse2002Boken riktar sig till studerande i socialt arbete, sociologi...ISBN-13:9789127084094
8Skog Och Forskning1997MINN:31951P00651873F
9YOUR COMPETENT CHILDJesper Juul2011-09-30Readers’ comments: A Fabulous, Important Book. Jesper Juul...ISBN-13:9781452538914
10Key Concepts in Childhood StudiesAllison James2012-07-25"Arranged alphabetically, core ideas about 'Agency' and 'Dev...ISBN-13:1446268055
11Social Work Theories in ContextKaren Healy2014-04-04This innovative text explores current social work theories a...ISBN-13:1137024267
12PsychosynthesisJohn Firman2010-03-20Psychotherapists Firman and Gila were both trained in psycho...ISBN-13:0791487865
13New Vampire CinemaK. Gelder2012-12-21New Vampire Cinema lifts the coffin lid on forty contemporar...ISBN-13:9781844574414
14The Psychology of BabiesLynne Murray2014-06-01An instructive and accessible account of the psychological d...ISBN-13:9781849012935
15A Psychology with a SoulJean Hardy2016-06-10A comprehensive approach to self-realization, psychosynthesi...ISBN-13:1317203410
16Strengthening Couple Relationships for Optimal Child Develop...Marc S. Schulz2010-01This volume presents cutting-edge research and theory on cou...PSU:000067181544
17Essential Biological PsychologyJim Barnes2013-02-01Drawing on the latest exciting research, Essential Biologica...ISBN-13:1446275620
18Attachment Across the LifecourseDavid Howe2011-04-26How do past relationships shape who we are today? Attachment...ISBN-13:0230344763
19Healing GardensClare Cooper Marcus1999-06-15Healing Gardens celebrates renewed interest in nature as a c...ISBN-13:9780471192039
20Exploring AffectSilvan S. Tomkins1995-01-27Silvan Tomkins was one of the most influential theorists on ...ISBN-13:9780521448321
21Restorative GardensNancy Gerlach-Spriggs2004-09Restorative gardens for the sick, which were a vital part of...ISBN-13:9780300107104
22Writings on the General Theory of SignsCharles W. Morris2014-01-02ISBN-13:311081059X
23Design & HealthAlan Dilani2001ISBN-13:9789173329637
24Psychoanalysis and DevelopmentMassimo Ammaniti1994-10A remarkable achievement. Ammaniti and Stern have brought to...ISBN-13:9780814706169
25The Birth Of A MotherDaniel N. Stern1998-12-03As you prepare to become a mother, you face an experience un...ISBN-13:0786724625
26The Global Assault on Teaching, Teachers, and their UnionsL. Weiner2008-03-31Public education's character is increasingly under assault a...ISBN-13:0230611702
27A Bright Red ScreamMarilee Strong1999-10-01ISBN-13:110165578X
28Psychology and Social WorkGabriela Misca2017-02-27Successful social work practice is underpinned by knowledge,...ISBN-13:0745696341
29Mentalizing in Child TherapyJ. E. Verheugt-Pleiter2008Psychoanalysis has always been a developing field. It is bec...ISBN-13:9781855755819
30Twins - From Fetus to ChildAlessandra Piontelli2012-09-10Though much has been written about twins, very little resear...ISBN-13:1134504942
31Embodied TheoriesErnesto Spinelli2001-01Embodied Theories sets out to explore the various ways in wh...ISBN-13:9780826452085
32AffectTheodore Shapiro1992-11Feelings, also known as emotions and affects, intrude on our...UOM:39015029234427
33HarborJohn Ajvide Lindqvist2011-10-11John Ajvide Lindqvist has taken the horror world by storm. H...ISBN-13:1429995696
34Effective Early Childhood EducationLotty Eldering2002-12-24This work examines international strategies of early educati...ISBN-13:1135581010
35Affect, imagery, consciousnessSilvan Solomon Tomkins1992STANFORD:36105001617591
36TheraplayPhyllis B. Booth2009-11-06Theraplay?a pioneering application of attachment theory to c...ISBN-13:9780470535950
37Drive, Ego, Object, And SelfFred Pine2008-08-01In this important new book, the noted theoretician Fred Pine...ISBN-13:9780786723119
38Musculoskeletal ProblemsRichard Davies2006This book is designed to provide the practicing GP with all ...ISBN-13:9780198570585
39Deaf AdolescentsMartha Sheridan2008In her landmark book Inner Lives of Deaf Children: Interview...STANFORD:36105131708427
40Conceptual Foundations of Occupational Therapy PracticeGary Kielhofner2009-06-19PREPARE YOUR OT STUDENTS TO BECOME OT THINKERS. Thoroughly r...ISBN-13:0803623488
1UtvecklingspsykologiHavnesköld, Leif, 1949-Utvecklingspsykologi
2Utvecklingspsykologi : psykodynamisk teori i nya perspektivHavnesköld, Leif, 1949-2002Utvecklingspsykologi : psykodynamisk teori i nya perspektiv
3Utvecklingspsykologi : psykodynamisk teori i nya perspektivHavnesköld, Leif, 1949-Utvecklingspsykologi : psykodynamisk teori i nya perspektiv
4Utvecklingspsykologi [Elektronisk resurs]Havnesköld, LeifUtvecklingspsykologi [Elektronisk resurs]
5Utvecklingspsykologi : psykodynamisk teori i nya perspektivHavnesköld, Leif, 1949-Utvecklingspsykologi : psykodynamisk teori i nya perspektiv
1UtvecklingspsykologiHavnesköld, Leif, 1949- Risholm Mothander, Pia, 1947-, 2009Utvecklingspsykologi

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