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1Handbok i kvalitativa metoderGöran Ahrne2015ISBN-13:9789147112241
2Beyond Public EngagementPedro Ruiz-Castell2015-02-05University collections have unquestionably played a central ...ISBN-13:1443874914
4Social Media and Networking: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools,...Management Association, Information Resources2015-07-31In the digital era, users from around the world are constant...ISBN-13:1466686154
5CeDEM13Peter ParycekISBN-13:3902505311
6Utilisation of Excess Heat Towards a Circular EconomySofia Päivärinne2017-11-23In order to significantly lower the environmental impact fro...ISBN-13:9176854590
7Political Campaigning in the Information AgeSolo, Ashu M. G.2014-05-31Technology and the Internet especially have brought on major...ISBN-13:1466660635
8Meta-organizationsGöran Ahrne2008-01-01A growing number of organizations are meta-organizations; ra...ISBN-13:1848442653
9Collins Bird GuideLars Svensson2011-09-29Written by leading European field ornithologists, this book ...ISBN-13:9780007449026
10Advanced Exercise EndocrinologyKatarina T. Borer2013"Advanced Exercise Endocrinology" provides a comprehensive e...ISBN-13:073607516X
11The Time BindArlie Russell Hochschild2001-04-01The national bestseller that put "work/family balance" in th...ISBN-13:9780805066432
12Migrationens kontrasterJohan Svanberg2016-09-30Migrationen till Sverige tog fart under högkonjunkturen eft...ISBN-13:9188168557
13Political ResearchSandra Halperin2016-12-15Political Research: Methods and Practical Skills is the most...ISBN-13:0198702744
14The Good PaperLotte Rienecker2013This is a handbook for writing research papers, BA and other...ISBN-13:9788759317907
15RacismsSteve Garner2009-10-29"A very clear and engaging introduction to a contemporary an...ISBN-13:1446204812
16Analysis in Qualitative ResearchHennie R Boeije2009-10-16Written for anyone beginning a research project, this introd...ISBN-13:1446205401
17Social Research MethodsAlan Bryman2015-12-01This best-selling introduction to research methods provides ...ISBN-13:0199689458
18Business IntelligenceRamesh Sharda2013-12-06Includes bibliographical references and indexISBN-13:9780133051056
19Research Methods for Sports StudiesIan Jones2014-12-05Research Methods for Sports Studies is a comprehensive, enga...ISBN-13:131774988X
20An Introduction to Qualitative ResearchUwe Flick2014-01-20Lecturers - request an e-inspection copy of this text or con...ISBN-13:1446297721
21Business Research MethodsAlan Bryman2015-03-26A complete introduction to doing business research, Business...ISBN-13:0199668647
22Clinical Oral PhysiologyTimothy S. Miles2004-01This textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the part ...ISBN-13:9781850970910
23Hermes' Dilemma and Hamlet's DesireVincent Crapanzano1992A distinguished anthropologist and a creative force behind p...ISBN-13:9780674389816
24Empty LaborRoland Paulsen2014-08-14The first critical study of 'empty labor', the time during w...ISBN-13:1107066417
25The World of StorytellingAnne Pellowski1990Traces the history of storytelling, describes its format and...IND:30000027331796
26The Potentials of SpacesAlison Oddey2006-01A classic text on the burgeoning fields of scenography and p...ISBN-13:1841501379
27Systematic Reviews in Health CareMatthias Egger2008-04-15The second edition of this best-selling book has been thorou...ISBN-13:0470693142
28Qualitative Content Analysis in PracticeMargrit Schreier2012-02-21Qualitative content analysis is a powerful method for analyz...ISBN-13:1446258750
29Quantitative Data Analysis with IBM SPSS 17, 18 & 19Alan Bryman2012-08-21This latest edition has been fully updated to accommodate th...ISBN-13:1136588892
30Social OrganizationsGöran Ahrne1994-08-23In this lively and wide-ranging essay, Göran Ahrne sketches...ISBN-13:9780803989214
31The Realities of WorkMike Noon2013-02-27The Realities of Work adopts a unique approach providing a c...ISBN-13:1137296429
32Women in IslamAnne Sofie Roald20011. Research on MuslimsISBN-13:9780415248952
33Media, Place and MobilityShaun Moores2012-04-20'Moores rejects the thesis that the world is becoming 'place...ISBN-13:0230360122
34The Audit SocietyMichael Power1999-08-19Since the early 1980s there has been an explosion of auditin...ISBN-13:019103746X
35The Song of LifeHelen Exley2010The Song of Life is a thoughtful collection of peaceful word...ISBN-13:9781846345418
36Delinquent NetworksJerzy Sarnecki2001-10-25This book presents a study of co-offering relations among yo...ISBN-13:9781139430579
37Theories of Violent ConflictJolle Demmers2012-07-26This textbook introduces students of violent conflict to a v...ISBN-13:1135274908
38Signs of SafetyAndrew Turnell1999It focuses on the question, "How can child protection profes...ISBN-13:9780393703009
39Measuring JusticeHarry Brighouse2010-01-28This book brings together a team of leading theorists to add...ISBN-13:1139487442
40Why Read Marx Today?Jonathan Wolff2003-08-28'All too often, Karl Marx has been regarded as a demon or a ...ISBN-13:0191622311
1Handbok i kvalitativa metoder2015Handbok i kvalitativa metoder
2Handbok i kvalitativa metoder2011Handbok i kvalitativa metoder
3Handbok i kvalitativa metoder [Elektronisk resurs]2015Handbok i kvalitativa metoder [Elektronisk resurs]
4Metodpraktikan : konsten att studera samhälle, individ och ...2012Metodpraktikan : konsten att studera samhälle, individ och ...
1Handbok i kvalitativa metoderAhrne, Göran, Svensson, Peter, 2011Handbok i kvalitativa metoder
2Handbok i kvalitativa metoderSvensson, Peter, Ahrne, Göran, 2015Handbok i kvalitativa metoder
3Handbok i kvalitativ analysFejes, Andreas, 1977-, Thornberg, Robert, 1968-, 2009Handbok i kvalitativ analys
4"De är som en handbok i kommunikation" Utvärdering av Skol...Backlund, Åsa, 1970-,2008"De är som en handbok i kommunikation" Utvärdering av Skol...
5Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studierThornberg, Robert, 1968-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studier
6Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studierThornberg, Robert, 1968-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studier
7Metodvalidering – Handbok för laboratoriet : 3:e upplagan...Magnusson, Bertil, Örnemark, Ulf 2017Metodvalidering – Handbok för laboratoriet : 3:e upplagan...
8Analysarbete inom fältforskningElvstrand, Helene, 1971-, Högberg, Ronny, 1977-, Nordvall, Henrik, 1977-, Analysarbete inom fältforskning
9Fenomenologi som teori, metodologi och forskningsmetodSzklarski, Andrzej, 1956-,Fenomenologi som teori, metodologi och forskningsmetod
10DiskursanalysBolander, Eva, 1978-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Diskursanalys
11DiskursanalysBolander, Eva, 1978-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Diskursanalys
12Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analysFejes, Andreas, 1977-, Thornberg, Robert, 1968-, Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analys
13Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analysFejes, Andreas, 1977-, Thornberg, Robert, 1968-, Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analys

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