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1Handbok i kvalitativa metoderGöran Ahrne2015ISBN-13:9789147112241
2Meta-organizationsGöran Ahrne2008-01-01A growing number of organizations are meta-organizations; ra...ISBN-13:1848442653
3The Ethics of Research with Children and Young PeoplePriscilla Alderson2011-02-09Ethical questions are at the centre of research with childre...ISBN-13:0857021370
4Beyond Public EngagementPedro Ruiz-Castell2015-02-05University collections have unquestionably played a central ...ISBN-13:1443874914
6Political Campaigning in the Information AgeSolo, Ashu M. G.2014-05-31Technology and the Internet especially have brought on major...ISBN-13:1466660635
7Social Media and Networking: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools,...Management Association, Information Resources2015-07-31In the digital era, users from around the world are constant...ISBN-13:1466686154
8Social Media Marketing: Breakthroughs in Research and Practi...Management Association, Information Resources2018-05-04In the digital age, numerous technological tools are availab...ISBN-13:1522556389
9Researching Information Systems and ComputingBriony J Oates2006With everything readers need to know about how to execute th...ISBN-13:9781412902243
10Fundamentals for Becoming a Successful EntrepreneurMalin Brannback2015-11-13This is the complete, up-to-date guide to creating a success...ISBN-13:0133966941
11Handbook of Qualitative Research Techniques and Analysis in ...Helle Neergaard2015-10-30One of the most challenging tasks in the research design pro...ISBN-13:1849809879
12The Polish Peasant in Europe and AmericaWilliam Isaac Thomas1920UVA:X002707161
13The Good PaperLotte Rienecker2013This is a handbook for writing research papers, BA and other...ISBN-13:9788759317907
14Handbook of Safety PrinciplesNiklas Möller2018-01-08Presents recent breakthroughs in the theory, methods, and ap...ISBN-13:1118950712
15Architecture After ModernismDiane Yvonne Ghirardo1996Since the Modern Movement began to be challenged in the late...ISBN-13:9780500202944
16Men Who ManageMelville Dalton2017-07-12This is a classic study of how managers interpret and engage...ISBN-13:1351505807
17Methodological ThinkingDonileen R. Loseke2016-01-29Focused on the underlying logic behind social research, Meth...ISBN-13:1506304729
18Business Research MethodsAlan Bryman2015-03-26A complete introduction to doing business research, Business...ISBN-13:0199668647
19Informal Learning at WorkGerhard Messmann2018-01-22Informal Learning at Work reflects the growing interest in c...ISBN-13:1315441942
20Stand FirmSvend Brinkmann2017-02-27The pace of modern life is accelerating. To keep up, we must...ISBN-13:1509514295
21Clinical Oral PhysiologyTimothy S. Miles2004This textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the part ...UOM:39015058246300
22Good Research GuideMartyn Denscombe2003The Good Research Guidehas been a bestselling introduction t...ISBN-13:9780335224838
23EvolutionSteve Parker2015-08-31Evolution: The Whole Story contains everything you need to k...ISBN-13:9780500291733
24Ground Rules for Good ResearchMartyn Denscombe2002-07-01Amongst the bewildering array of approaches and beliefs abou...ISBN-13:9780335206513
25Case Study Research and ApplicationsRobert K. Yin2017-09-27Recognized as one of the most cited methodology books in the...ISBN-13:1506336175
26Essentials of Visual CommunicationBo Bergström2009-03-04Essentials of Visual Communicationis an inspiring and unique...ISBN-13:9781856695770
27HumanityJonathan Glover2001The twentieth century was the most brutal in human history, ...ISBN-13:0300132980
28Studies in EthnomethodologyHarold Garfinkel1991-01-08This is the first appearance in paper back of one of the maj...ISBN-13:9780745600055
29NetnographyRobert V Kozinets2010With as many as 1 billion people now using online communitie...ISBN-13:1848606451
30Research ProposalsMartyn Denscombe2012-09-01This helpful step-by-step handbook will guide the reader thr...ISBN-13:0335244076
31Medicine & PhilosophyIngvar Johansson2008-01-01This textbook introduces the reader to basic problems in the...ISBN-13:311032136X
32Academic WritingLennart Bjork1997This book offers a guided process-writing course in the most...ISBN-13:9788763000031
33Discourse Analysis as Theory and MethodMarianne W Jørgensen2002-12-26A systematic introduction to discourse analysis as a body of...ISBN-13:9780761971122
34Media, Place and MobilityShaun Moores2012-04-20'Moores rejects the thesis that the world is becoming 'place...ISBN-13:0230360122
35The Logic of Causal OrderJames A. Davis1985-11This monograph is not statistical. It looks instead at pre-s...ISBN-13:9780803925533
36Organization TheoryPENGUIN GROUP (UK)2007-10-04This book spans seventy years of theory from Max Weber's sem...ISBN-13:0141902892
37Identity and the Museum Visitor ExperienceJohn H Falk2016-06-16Understanding the visitor experience provides essential insi...ISBN-13:1315427044
38Oxford Handbook of Internet PsychologyAdam Joinson2009-02-12Over one billion people use the Internet globally. Psycholog...ISBN-13:0191008087
39Analyzing Text and DiscourseKristina Boréus2017-02-16Clearly setting out the advantages and disadvantages of each...ISBN-13:1473965675
40Organization TheoryUlla Eriksson-Zetterquist2011-03-24This new text takes a unique practice-based approach, identi...ISBN-13:0199569304
1Handbok i kvalitativa metoderHandbok i kvalitativa metoder
2Handbok i kvalitativa metoderHandbok i kvalitativa metoder
3Handbok i kvalitativa metoder [Elektronisk resurs]2015Handbok i kvalitativa metoder [Elektronisk resurs]
4Metodpraktikan : konsten att studera samhälle, individ och ...Metodpraktikan : konsten att studera samhälle, individ och ...
1Handbok i kvalitativa metoderAhrne, Göran, Svensson, Peter, 2011Handbok i kvalitativa metoder
2Handbok i kvalitativa metoderSvensson, Peter, Ahrne, Göran, 2015Handbok i kvalitativa metoder
3Handbok i kvalitativ analysFejes, Andreas, 1977-, Thornberg, Robert, 1968-, 2009Handbok i kvalitativ analys
4"De är som en handbok i kommunikation" Utvärdering av Skol...Backlund, Åsa, 1970-,2008"De är som en handbok i kommunikation" Utvärdering av Skol...
5Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studierThornberg, Robert, 1968-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studier
6Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studierThornberg, Robert, 1968-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Kvalitet och generaliserbarhet i kvalitativa studier
7Metodvalidering – Handbok för laboratoriet : 3:e upplagan...Magnusson, Bertil, Örnemark, Ulf 2017Metodvalidering – Handbok för laboratoriet : 3:e upplagan...
8Analysarbete inom fältforskningElvstrand, Helene, 1971-, Högberg, Ronny, 1977-, Nordvall, Henrik, 1977-, Analysarbete inom fältforskning
9Fenomenologi som teori, metodologi och forskningsmetodSzklarski, Andrzej, 1956-,Fenomenologi som teori, metodologi och forskningsmetod
10DiskursanalysBolander, Eva, 1978-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Diskursanalys
11DiskursanalysBolander, Eva, 1978-, Fejes, Andreas, 1977-, Diskursanalys
12Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analysFejes, Andreas, 1977-, Thornberg, Robert, 1968-, Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analys
13Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analysFejes, Andreas, 1977-, Thornberg, Robert, 1968-, Kvalitativ forskning och kvalitativ analys

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